Green Party

Liberal, NDP, And Green MPs Hosted A Pro-Terror, Holocaust-Denying, Anti-Semite On Parliament Hill

At this event, a pro-Palestinian media activist with a long history of pushing anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric, as well as blatant Holocaust denial was in attendance and was seemingly never removed. 

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The Green Party is Losing Support to the Liberals by trying to be Less Anti-Semitic

Most Canadians view the federal Green Party as a mostly single-issue party based on wanting to remold the economy into something the environmentalist lobby envisions, but strangely enough that had also always come along with conspiratorial anti-Israel and anti-semitic views as well.

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The Green Party is now more Moderate than the NDP and Liberals

You’d expect the Greens to be fully in favour of an expensive and broad carbon tax, but early this year they’re showing more common sense than the other parties. It is absolutely true farmers were hit badly by the carbon tax last year, but it begs the question: why are the Greens looking sharper on this issue than the Liberals and NDP? 

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