Liberal, NDP, And Green MPs Hosted A Pro-Terror, Holocaust-Denying, Anti-Semite On Parliament Hill

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on December 1, 2022

A couple of days ago, a delegation of MPs from the Liberals, NDP, and Green Party hosted a Palestine solidarity reception on Parliament Hill. At this event, a pro-Palestinian media activist with a long history of pushing anti-Israel and antisemitic rhetoric, as well as blatant Holocaust denial was in attendance, and was seemingly never removed. 

This delegation of MPs called the “The Canada-Palestine Parliamentary Friendship Group,” chaired by MP Salma Zahid, included Liberal Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra, Green Party leader Elizabeth May, NDP MPs Niki Ashton, Blake Desjarlais, and multiple others.

The man being hosted in Parliament was none other than Nazih Khatatba, the General Director of Meshwar Media

The Twitter account Documenting Anti-Semitism did an excellent job going over the history of Mr. Khatatba, so for the full thread, find it linked here, or in the embedded tweet above. 

In 2015 Khataba’s Meshwar Media website referred to the Holocaust as the “Holohoax” and called it the “biggest lie in history,” before going on to refer to Judaism as a “terrorist religion,” that promotes killing.

In 2014 Meshwar Media praised a massacre that took place in a synagogue in the Har Nof neighbourhood of Jerusalem; an attack where a Canadian Jew was murdered with an axe. 

In 2022 Meshwar Media praised a nail-bomb attack in Israel as a “quality operation” which ended in the death of a 16-year-old boy named Aryeh Schupak. 

Although some may attempt to argue that the Members of Parliament who met with Mr. Khatatba were unaware of who he was, NDP MP Niki Ashton had already rejected a leadership endorsement from him back in 2017 and acknowledged that he is a Holocaust denier. 

NDP MP Niki Ashton in a photo with Mr. Khatatba during the 2017 NDP leadership race. (Photo from the CBC)

Liberal MP Salma Zahid refused to apologize for having hosted Mr. Katatba in Parliament and pretended she did not know who he was, despite interacting with him several times in more private settings before and even running campaign ads on Meshwar Media.

It was less surprising that Minister Alghabra was present, as he has a history of anti-semitic statements about Israel and has made false accusations of war crimes against Israel. 

On top of all that the nature of the event itself comes with a strong anti-Israel overtone. Elizabeth May on the same day she attended this event posted on Twitter that “I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people living under conditions worse than apartheid,” which is almost always implied to be the fault of Israel. 

Palestinians often do live in poor conditions, but it has far more to do with the fact the Palestinian-controlled areas of Israel and Gaza are ruled by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas who are direct threats to the state of Isreal. The attacks Meshwar Media praised in Israel would likely have been subject to the Palestinian Authority’s terror bounty system, in which they pay out the families of dead terrorists for killing Israeli Jews. 

The “solidarity with Palestine” sloganeering by many of the pro-Palestinian MPs needs to be examined deeper. Do they mean they stand with the Palestinian people who are being oppressed by the Islamist governments in Gaza or the West Bank? Or are they turning a blind eye to the Islamist governments and instead blaming Israel, a country where Arabs and Jews live together, as the cause of the Palestinian people’s plight? 

If it’s the latter, that is edging pretty close to anti-semitism. It is frankly anti-semitic to see Hamas using children as human shields while launching rockets into Israel, and then conclude that this is the fault of the only Jewish state on the planet. 

It is likely that many Liberal, NDP, and Green MPs are just deeply foolish people who see the poor Palestinians and rich Israels, and because they have socialist leanings, or are outright socialists, they conclude that the Israelis must be oppressing the Palestinians, not that the West Bank and Gaza are under the thumb of Iranian-backed terrorists. 

Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Overall this event should prove that just because Canada’s left-wing parties claim to be tolerant and “anti-racist” they are absolutely not immune from perpetuating hatred. They define everyone on their side as good and everyone they are against as evil, so they see nothing wrong with attacking Israel for defending itself against terrorists. 

Now just watch the legacy media either not cover the hosting of Nazih Khatatba in Parliament, or give them a pass and make excuses for his presence and the obvious anti-Israel messaging taking place at the event. 


One Conservative Party MP was present at the event, Larry Brock, who immediately disavowed Mr. Katatba as soon as it was brought to his attention.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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  1. True North says:

    Your tax dollars at work.

  2. Nancy says:

    Anyone in Canada paying attention knew that when we lost PM S. Harper the very last Prime Minister Canada has had. We knew that our country was sold out, by these UN WEF Lieberals/NDP country takeovers happening world wide. This does not surprise me I know it is too late to get Canada back.
    The USA with their corrupted elections now are being taken over from within too. Now Brazil same corruption in progress. So all of the Americas countries are now gone they just need the finishing touches applied, thank the UN WHO and our and many other countries tax dollars given to them for this plannedemic and their 2014 experimental shots being forced around the world, especially here in the west, they are all getting rich from us fools. Yes you will have nothing and they will be happy, it is here, soon their money collapse and control along with energy and food just for them. They just paid a big insect producing "farm" industry millions here in Windsor Ontario, so we can be fed bugs, while they eat steak and lobster.
    No thank you UN and "elites", PM Harper did warn us, Presidents Trump and Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil) who were so demonized and lied about still in our tax paid "One World Order still calling themselves Lieberal/NDP media" warned us too. The UN also hates Russia and Israel or at least are pretending to its all a game for them and who really knows what is happening with all their sick immoral dog and pony shows but the UN and our countries all with their placed puppet governments are not working for their country and our taxes and way too much debt has already been proven to be going in a lot of their puppets pockets, just watch the billions to Nazi Ukraine it is coming back through the block chain, while normal Russians and Ukrainians are dyeing along with many from other countries?