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    Why Canadian Youth Suffer Depression

    We are not as dogmatic as previous generations By Brendan Sorenson I have worked at a typical job for people my age; it’s a service job, nothing fancy, and it is simple. Since the job is simple, I have found it easy to live in the moment. Although I was neither overly joyful nor sad, […]

    GUILTY; Home Grown ISIS Cell Convicted of First Degree Murder

    Three assailants await sentencing in the Chicken Land shooting. By John Goddard It was a murder trial like no other. The crime-scene photos were X-rated, the text messages between suspects obscene, and the police work so superb that nearly every move of the defendants was accounted for. In the end, the jury found all three […]

    Premier Smith did not endorse Marshall Chalmers for Chestermere Mayor

    Chestermere’s mayoral byelection has been quite contentious this past month with the fight between two former Chestermere Mayors Jeff Colvin and Marshall Chalmers. Jeff Colvin was ousted alongside 3 other Chestermere city councilors for alleged misuse of city funds by a unilateral decision by Alberta’s Minister of Municipal Affairs Ric McIvor. Colvin and former councilors […]

    Staley: Was the Freedom Convoy compromised?

    The National Telegraph will revisit several investigative stories about the demise of the Freedom Convoy by highlighting articles and research conducted by the independent news outlet Diverge Media. The first is a series of articles on the topic reported on by Diverge Media. Written On: 2022-11-25 It would be naive to think that a protest the […]

    Second Annual Canadian Bitcoin Conference Focus on Freedom

    By Neil McKenzie-Sutter Following the success of the 1st Canadian Bitcoin Conference hosted in Toronto in 2023, the second legacy event took place this past weekend, May 16-18, this time in Montreal. The organizers have the numbers, and compared to last year, the 2024 conference demonstrated noteworthy growth and success. “It really worked well this […]

    The University of Gaza Toronto

    Entering Canada’s CHAZ Recently, the main campus at the University of Toronto St. George has been under siege by Islamist activists, using all the tropes and rhetoric dating back to mid-century Germans. Robert, from Toronto, decided as an alumnus, he would pay a visit to Canada’s derivative of CHAZ (Capital Hill Autonomous Zone) that hijacked […]

    RCMP Report Questions Bitcoin as Destabilizing

    Despite conflicting research and reports on the health of the global economy, a significant concern now stems from a recently declassified RCMP report. The report predicts a potential for dire economic and social destabilization in the coming years, focusing on several looming challenges that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) anticipates will herald this destabilization. […]

    Four Months and Still No Ruling: Why?

    Details of an attempted mass murder in Canada might never be made public. By John Goddard, April 2, 2024 The crime has no precedent in Canada but might never go to trial. A gunman burst into a Mississauga, Ontario takeout restaurant called Chicken Land almost three years ago to slaughter an entire family at their […]

    On Monday, March 26, 2024, I drove across Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge in just hours before it collapsed. I travel across many bridges in the US, but the Francis Scott Key Bridge was unusual in that there was a steep incline to drive up to the bridge, and the view from the driver’s seat […]

    Championing Gender Equality in the Shadow of Conflict

    As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it’s imperative to shine a spotlight on the plight of women in the Middle East conflict, especially those scarred by the harrowing events of October 7. The #MeToo_Unless_Ur_A_Jew campaign brings these women’s struggles into focus, urging the acknowledgment of their pain amid distorted narratives. The ARCCI’s thorough documentation of […]