Union Dues Fund Extremist Propaganda at Canadian Universities

For at least a generation, York University in Canada has harboured violent extremist rhetoric on its campus, despite countless complaints and grievances from students filed with the university administration. For at least a generation they were all but ignored, minus the occasional platitude as deep and meaningful as American Express junk mail. The targeted harassment […]

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The Media Doesn’t Care About Radical Communist/Socialist Flags And Signs At Union Protests

Unsurprisingly the legacy media chose not to notice the pervasive presence of socialist and communist flags at the CUPE-organized protest at Queens Park over the weekend.

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Doug Ford Once Again Caves To The Teacher Unions He Has Enabled For Years

Doug Ford in the face of this authoritarian language from the CUPE leadership said that the unions should trust his government to repeal Bill 28 on November 14 (when the next sitting of the legislature begins) because they have “never had a better partner” than his government.

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