Union Dues Fund Extremist Propaganda at Canadian Universities

Written By B.J. Dichter, Posted on January 29, 2024

For at least a generation, York University in Canada has harboured violent extremist rhetoric on its campus, despite countless complaints and grievances from students filed with the university administration. For at least a generation they were all but ignored, minus the occasional platitude as deep and meaningful as American Express junk mail.

The targeted harassment on campus dates back to when I was young, and my friends attending York experienced or witnessed the regular the “kill the Jews” marches from student adorned with the Kafir, or Hezbollah flags. The student appeared to be trained by mid-century Germans marching in line, ready to go to battle against anyone drawing a cartoon they didn’t like, or if someone in their general vicinity happened to be Jewish, whether secular or religious; it was immaterial. These alien values were not exactly in line with the Canadian spirit.

However, in the age of rampant subjectivism and propaganda campaigns designed to infuse sympathies with extremists, the latest development is a “toolkit.” Presumably, they mean a propaganda toolkit to help brainwash the Kafir or, as Yuri Bezmenov described it, “the useful idiots.”

Shared with York University’s Teaching Assistants (TAs) who are CUPE members.

If you have children in university, this is some of the non-curricular propaganda they are being subjected to, regardless of their ethnic and religious background. This is against the backdrop of an invasion by Islamic extremists who raped, tortured, and burned young women alive. They entered the homes of some of the most pro-Palestinian people in Israel, shot them in their homes, tortured their children, and felt they were pious in doing so. The barbarism recorded on video reflects that of 7th-century barbarism.

“Let us collectively divert this week’s tutorials to teaching on Palestinian liberation,” reads the 15-page document circulated by CUPE 3903, the union representing York’s contract and part-time faculty. The document adds that tutorials should be diverted to condemnations of the “Zionist Israeli state” regardless of the course that the TA is supposed to be discussing.

“It is a medical issue. An arts issue. A feminist issue. A society issue. A political issue. A cultural issue. A geography issue. An engineering issue. An architecture issue,” it reads.

The document is filled with claims denouncing Israel as a genocidal “colonial project,” and in one of the most telling statements that is often repeated and ignored, Canada is treated much the same, and is referred to alternately as the “Canadian settler state” or “Turtle Island.”

This global political project is not about Israel; it is about you. This is one of the more telling documents highlighting what intelligence experts call “the red-green alliance”, that is, the communist-Islamist collaborations when suitable to subvert the free market west.

The document continues and suggests the mere presence of Jewish groups on campus is also referred to as evidence of York University’s “complicity” in genocide. The pamphlet even provides a script for TAs to read as they inform students that the tutorial will be cancelled in favour of becoming a “teach-in … for liberation.”

“Today, I open up our classroom to bring our attention on Gaza, to speak up, and stand in solidarity with the Palestinian liberation movement, and contribute in ending Canada’s and York’s complicity with genocide and the settler-colonial occupation of Palestinian land and life,” reads one introductory line.

It would be unreasonable to expect all people in Canada to understand the history, nuance and factual misrepresentation of the conflict in the middle east for generations. I am also sympathetic to people who do not care and want to focus on issues in their country, their local government not understanding the degree of political entryism used globally by the red – green alliance across the west. This degree of political entryism is not a symptom but a primary cause of what we often call clown world. However, with all of that, there is a more basic question to be addressed regardless one’s level of understanding of this issue.

Is this what union dues are for?

I’m going to ask that again because it’s so important.

Is this what your union dues are for? Do hard working people trying to put food on the table, who can barely afford a roof over their heads because of inflation and a weak economy pay union dues to finance propaganda for a foreign conflict?

Meanwhile, it was a similar local union representing McMaster University — CUPE 3906 — that became infamous for issuing an overtly pro-terror statement while the Oct. 7 killings were still ongoing. “Palestine is rising, long live the resistance,” read a social media post issued by 3906 just as the first news reports were hitting Canada about mass shootings in southern Israel.

Many people in academia, such as Gad Saad, Stephen Hicks, Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Haidt, Peter Boghossian, and many others, have been vocal about their concerns regarding far-left, postmodern, and, frankly, communist collectivism on university campuses. Is the source the unions themselves, or is it a symptom of something else?

Even CUPE leadership seems to share this obsession with Israel in the wake of the Oct. 7 attacks. A reminder: On October 7th, 1400 Israeli civilians were massacred. The word we used to use for such people is “victim.”

On Oct. 8, CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn posted a Thanksgiving Day message saying that he was thankful for “the power of resistance around the globe.” He added, “resistance brings progress, and for that I’m thankful.” Is Peter Fred Hahn suggesting that he is a proponent of beheading civilians and burning women alive?

As Canadian academia has emerged as a hotbed for figures and organizations publicly excusing or celebrating the actions of Hamas in the current conflict, York University has easily ranked as the post-secondary epicentre of the obsession with Israel. In a widely circulated October statement, the York Federation of Students characterized the Oct. 7 attacks as a “strong act of resistance.” The statement added that “resistance against colonial violence is justified and necessary,” and hinted that Canada would be similarly deserving of such actions. “This is ‘decolonization’ and ‘land-back’ actualized,” it said.  Is the York Federation of Students also suggesting they are a proponent of bedding civilians and burning women alive?

York University has also yielded a disproportionate number of faculty members either making public statements excusing the Oct. 7 massacres, or signing on to petitions saying much the same. Faculty from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, for instance, were heavily represented in a November petition signed by more than 700 Canadian lawyers and law students stating that the attacks needed to be “contextualized.”

The propaganda toolkit circulated by CUPE highlights foreign-funded political entryism fuelling dangerous levels of ideological capture, turning Westerners and your children into adversaries of the free-market West in favour of theocratic authoritarianism. Much of the tactics we are seeing today have been successful in places like Iran, Bosnia & Venezuela.

Your politicians are not leaders they are followers.  It’s time for everyone to speak up and lead to show the political class the silent majority will be silent no more. It’s time to put an end to collectivist ideological capture.

Benjamin J. Dichter is a Podcaster, the Author of “Honking For Freedom,” and was the spokesperson of the 2022 Canadian Freedom Convoy. Sign up for The National Telegraph news at the TNT website.

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