The Media Doesn’t Care About Radical Communist/Socialist Flags And Signs At Union Protests

Written By admin, Posted on November 10, 2022

Apparently, we were all supposed to be really concerned about the types of flags and banners that show up to protests, particularly if other protesters do not aggressively move to condemn them and push them out of their lines.

During the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, when on the first two days of the protest a couple of confederate flags and a Nazi flag were spotted in the crowd. The holders or the flags were either never seen shortly thereafter or told to leave. Regardless of the truckers and their supporters not wanting those flags near their protest, the legacy media, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government still used the brief presence of the flags to smear the entire Freedom Convoy as “racist” and “extreme”.

Now cut to the CUPE and teacher union protests/strikes that took place in Ontario last week. The legacy media portrayed the strikers as ordinary Ontarians fighting for their Charter rights (apparently negotiating last minute for 11.7 percent raises is a Charter right) against Premier Doug Ford’s back-to-work legislation (Bill 28).

Unsurprisingly the legacy media chose not to notice the pervasive presence of socialist and communist flags at the union protests at Queens Park over the weekend.

There were a large number of flags from “Socialist Action”, the Communist Party of Canada, booths set up by an organization called “Fightback” (which operates a website called, and even some ANTIFA flags. All these radical flags and banners were present and the CUPE-affiliated unions, who had their leaders present, seemed to not be bothered at all.

(The following photos were taken by freelance photographer Donald Smith)

One flag that appeared was the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (PLF) flag from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, which is currently subjecting the country to civil war after they were removed from a federal governing coalition and then dissolved for excessive political violence. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Flag (Photo taken by freelance photographer Donald Smith)

The Tigray PLF flag is not just some old communist flag being misused today, it’s a flag that represents a group currently murdering people in Ethiopia in order to try and wrestle power from the legitimate federal government. 

You may think that a lot of these socialist/communist flags are being held by individuals who just randomly showed up to the protest like the few nuts who showed up with bad flags to the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. There is a group in Ontario called the “Rank-and-File: Toronto Education Workers” also known as the “CUPE 4400 Rank & File Group” which appears to be a group that organizes socialist CUPE members along with Fightback and Socialist Action.

This is not an insignificant faction, and CUPE leaders have seemingly never condemned them as a radical fringe not welcome to CUPE/Ontario teacher union protests.

(Photo post by Fightback on Facebook)

Again, why doesn’t the legacy media find any of this at all concerning, and where is Justin Trudeau to accuse those supporting the strikes of  “standing with communist stars” as he did to MP Melissa Lantsman when he said she was “standing with swastikas”? 

Of course, this is all a big practice of blatant double standards. The legacy media, Justin Trudeau, and even Doug Ford who was originally opposing the unions, before caving after only a week, would not call out the mainstreaming of radicalism in the labour movement. 

There was even a man walking around with a clearly communist-inspired “F***ing Parasites” sign but I guess no member of the legacy media took a violent connotation away from a strike supporter casting those who disagree with the strike as an entity that should be eliminated.

(Photo taken by freelance photographer Donald Smith)

The legacy media and liberal political establishment are enabling real radicalism. The socialists and communists who show up to protests, as well as the union organizers, know the legacy media and Liberal/NDP politicals will never call them out for their associations, likely because many people in our institutions agree with the radical leftists in the protest lines.

Conservative politicians and media should not accept the current state of legacy media coverage in Canada. Every time communist flags show up at left-wing protests, they should be called out and shamed for promoting an ideology that vilifies property rights and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the 20th century.


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  1. Rhonda Leavitt says:

    GREAT report!! Well written, informative and spot on!
    GREAT photography! Clear, concise and proof of report.

  2. John Randall says:

    I wonder how many of them every read the Gulag Archipelago. How anyone today in this country can support communism is beyond belief. Good reporting.