The AHS’ Mismanagement of ICU Beds appears linked to the NDP’s War against Jason Kenney

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on October 6, 2021

I am no fan of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, or the UCP for that matter, and I think his new regime of draconian restrictions and passport system is absolutely abysmal, but at the same time, it would be dishonest to hold Kenney solely responsible for the current situation. There are clearly forces inside and outside of the government pressuring Kenney and the UCP into blowing up the COVID-19 situation into something worse than it really is.  

As soon as Alberta opened for the summer, very quickly the NDP alongside activist doctors/nurses started claiming that Kenney and the UCP lifting all restrictions was irresponsible and that masks mandates, vaccine mandates, and vaccine passports must be put in place.

Joe Vipond is probably the most well-known of these medical professionals who claimed at first to be entirely non-partisan until it was later found that he had donated more than $20,000 to the NDP.

This was happening at the same time during the summer that AHS data was showing that they were very short of beds, and there was no public panic from AHS. The only plausible explanation is that they knew the numbers they were putting out were not accurate to the availability of beds behind the scenes. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 1.50.41 PM.png

The National Telegraph has been doing in-depth reviews of ICU and acute care statistics over the past week which showed that often the data the AHS puts out is flawed. It is one thing if AHS seems to be miscounting the number of beds they have, but it’s another thing for that past data to then be heavily altered days and even months after the fact.

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 3.18.25 PM.png

AHS has been given 1,481 funded ICU beds by the UCP government yet has only been using around 300-400 during the past few weeks. Seeing the ICU bed numbers being changed retroactively to show bed availability was never as strained as first thought, it leads one to believe AHS’ actions may be motivated by more than just the public welfare. 

Albertans remember that conflict between Kenney and the Nurses Union of Alberta (UNA) has existed since he took office and wanted to begin slowing the increase of spending in the province to get the debt under control. 

It was the UNA just back in July of 2021 that villainized Kenney and the UCP for proposing a measly 3 percent pay cut for nurses’ salaries, at a time when a large portion of Albertans were unemployed and private sector workers had already undergone much larger reductions in pay. 

The AHS is inextricably linked with the UNA and other Alberta unions so it would not be shocking if AHS’ portrayal of the situation in the province as a crisis is part of a larger union dispute with the government. Why else would you move to fire unvaccinated nurses and doctors if you were actually concerned about hospitals being understaffed?

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Kenney and the UCP funded more than 3 times as many ICU beds as what is normally provided in any given year. Despite this, the narrative leading into the next negotiations between unions representing healthcare workers, and the government will be framed by the media as Kenney mistreating the ‘hero healthcare workers’ who overcame the ICU bed ‘shortage’ if he doesn’t offer them significant salaries and benefits increases.

From all the information I have looked through, it seems like the most logical conclusion that AHS is staffed with mostly NDP-friendly bureaucrats who would like nothing better than to make Kenney look worse than he already does.

When Rachel Notely was Alberta Premier she radically increased the salaries of AHS higher-ups, so it wouldn’t be much of a shock if AHS CEO Dr. Verna Yiu and other AHS bureaucrats are intentionally not helping Kenney to succeed. What can Kenney even do about it, if it is happening? The media will roast him if he goes after the AHS even if evidence shows they have been pushing out flawed information and failed to expand ICU capacity, despite claiming they could add 1,081 new beds by the end of April 2020 at the begining of that month. 

I think Premier Jason Kenney has done a poor job during the spread of COVID-19 but only because he has bent to the pressure of the NDP and its union activists / front groups. 

The current situation seems to be more complicated than just Kenney wanting to implement vaccine passports and actively discriminate against the unvaccinated. The background political war being waged by AHS and the NDP against Kenney and the UCP seems to be one of the main reasons Albertans are finding their province constantly put under new and deeply draconian restrictions. 


The gross thing is that what the AHS and NDP seem to be doing is deeply hurting normal Albertans. By failing to expand ICU capacity the AHS caused the scheduled surgeries of hundreds of Albertans in desperate need of medical care to be canceled. The NDP and its activists demonizing the unvaccinated has resulted in major social divides forming, as well as the further gutting of small businesses because of the new restrictions keeping some unvaccinated people from being able to access local services.

Jason Kenney is not the only one to blame here, Rachel Notely, Dr. Verna Yiu, and the various healthcare worker unions are also culpable for the restrictions due to their roles in the ongoing pressure campaign against the government.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

23 responses to “The AHS’ Mismanagement of ICU Beds appears linked to the NDP’s War against Jason Kenney”

  1. Maria says:

    lol, okay

  2. Guest says:

    You can watch the video of Jason Kenny from April 8th, 2020. He clearly states there are 325 ICU beds with capacity to increase to 1100 and there are 8500 acute care beds?

    What happened to all the beds? Shandro, did you close them???

  3. Guest says:

    Most public sector employees including nurses have not had a raise in years. Most years it was 0% or maybe at max 2%, this dies not even allow them enough to keep up with the cost of living. Many were here during Klein’s Alberta Advantage when wages were rolled back 5%. Did they get that back when the price of oil was over $100/barrel? NO! This province suffers from a revenue problem, they do not take in enough taxes, then turn around and give profitable companies a decrease in taxes. Trickledown economics NEVER works! I don’t know why governments keep trying to make it work. But The Blue Ribbon Panel did not even look at the revenue side of the equation, just expenditures. Both sides need to be examined.

    • Bretr says:

      Servants get a raise every year. Just because you maxed out at your grid and stopped putting in the effort to get promoted doesn’t mean the taxpayer should pay you more. We suffer from a spending problem not a revenue problem. We spend way more and get way less compared to every other province .

    • HH says:

      This is probably because they have always been overpaid in the first place. Nurses need to stop whining and accept the fact that they chose that profession. Unless students have been told that nursing is an easy career with easy money, I’m not sure what they expect when they think of a career in nursing other than a guaranteed job. I honestly can’t recall a time when nurses were not on strike… if they are always so unhappy about their jobs, then why does nursing continue to be one of the most popular post secondary programs? You can’t have it all folks…

    • Trevor says:

      Yeah, cuz how are you supposed to live on 45 bucks an hour to start? The Unions are digging their own grave with the public. Right to work legislation and significant reductions in jobs, pay and benefits will be the crop they enjoy.

  4. visitor says:

    Having beds is only part of the equation .You also need staff to take care of the patients in those beds . The brainstorm to force staff to get vaccinated might be brilliant till you loose the staff you need to run the healthcare system .Maybe some of the high paid management should get out from behind their desks and get on a ward if your going to have forced vaccinations .We certainly don’t need management if we dont have front line workers .

    • Wyatt Claypool says:

      The National Telegraph has been hearing from a lot of nurses and doctors that despite a lot of nurses working in the hospitals these days, many are only working part-time hours and given busy work to do like watching other nurses put on PPE or shuffling beds around the hospital.

  5. Steve says:

    If kenny all along was giving updates, calling out the AHS on their BS, showing numbers, funding, union disagreements with the province…we would have been able to get behind him or at least understand their side of the issues. I agree the AHS and nursing unions have been screaming murder about a pay cut that has never actually happened. But if Kenny doesnt publicly respond to criticism and all you have are union heads and knotley on the news every night condemning the government for what might happen then he cant possbily expect us to understand whats going on. And we have to come to our own conclusions while only hearing one side of the story.

  6. Guest says:

    Alberta has the highest paid nurses in the country, hands down. This BS about pay cuts, even if they got a significant one, would likely only align them with the rest of the country, as it should be.

  7. Deb Murray says:

    This I know, Centennial Hospital Ponoka Alberta renovated a building when covid hit. A million $$ in reno for a Covid Building, sits empty still today. You should look up the Sunshine List in Alberta which was in the news last year, AHS has 900 management positions that make over $132,000 per year. Not Doctors or Nurses but management! What about those that make under $132,000 how many of those? As well we have all heard the stories of the part time nursing staff who cherry pick weekend and holiday jobs on short notice so they get paid more than their usual wage. Our AHS is beyond broken, Notley makes me sick. Bet she is glad she is not in Kenney’s shoes because NO one could run this hell hole we are in.

  8. Shawn says:

    Canada simply needs an o er haul to the healthcare system. There’s no accountability to the patients regarding g diagnosis, care, treatment, no regard for nothing of the humanities. Free healthcare is you getting what you pay for CRAP !!! From the federal to provincial government the healthcare workers are protected from any and all wrong doing to a patient, protected from all liability, there’s is absolutely no recourse or incentive for any of these people to do their jobs correctly or responsibly !! This needs to change and now !!!!

  9. Markalta says:

    I have been saying that Kenney needs to gut the leadership of AHS….they are incompetent and should not be running our lives over this farce!

    • Joseph (JOE) Sisson says:

      AHS are commies; get rid of all of the management who call this in the publics best interests too! Rat Bass tu$$rds

  10. Guest says:

    What nurses will work these 1000 beds. We already have redeployed staff to work the 370 beds.

  11. Joe Soap says:

    AHS Mission:
    To provide a patient-focused, quality health system that is accessible and sustainable for all Albertans. – FAILED

    AHS Values:
    Compassion: We show kindness and empathy for all in our care, and for each other. – FAILED
    Accountability: We are honest, principled and transparent. – FAILED
    Respect: We treat others with respect and dignity. – FAILED
    Excellence: We strive to be our best and give our best. – FAILED
    Safety: We place safety and quality improvement at the centre of all our decisions. – FAILED

    Why are we not using Ivermectin to cure patients and send them home?
    India Government declares most populated state officially COVID free after widespread use of ivermectin:

    Why are they firing doctors for prescribing Ivermectin? This is one of the safest drugs in the world; more than 3.2 billion doses have been taken with almost zero reported problems. WHO keeps track of these. It is safer than Aspirin.

    THEN, there will be no more ICU bed problems as the COVID patients will not need it anymore.

    O, yes, almost forgot: It is all about the money. I bet you that AHS senior management received billions of $$$ to push this experimental gene therapy thing they call a vaccine. They are killing and disabling thousands of people for no good reason… for the love of money.

  12. Loretta Leonhardt says:

    That woman needs to ve brought up on charges and both the NDP and AHS dismantled!!

  13. Marcel Matte says:

    Absolutely nothing special about Notley……she is just another boring predictable deceitful Joe Biden/Kamala Harris/Nancy Pelosi /Chuck Schumer/AOC NWO socialist who has not a clue how to govern… the rest of them, she is just after power…….leftists are all driven by a wicked spirit that drives them to lust for power and control over free citizens. Without the liberal mainstream press to repeatedly hammer home their tyrannical fist pounding, they are feckless and weak in rational debate. They are all anathema to a free and prosperous society. Its high times conservatives stop with the kids gloves and fight to expose these lunatics and drive them out of public office.

  14. HH says:

    This confirms my suspicions from Day 1 of this gong show. It’s always been obvious that our healthcare system favors a more socialist government such as the NDP and now that we’ve "followed the money" so to speak, lo and behold an Alberta physician had donated $20k to the NDP party and they AHS top dogs were grossly overpaid in salary. These greasy ideologies are obviously going to be filtered down from the top to the bottom (frontline workers), who have been fed a load of BS from their higher ups. I understand that everyone has their own agenda, however when your agenda compromises the lives of the majority of the population just so you can make your job easier and get paid more, well then… you’re just a big piece of sh*t.

  15. tracy brason says:

    I returned from vacation in late August and boss informed us that health system was collapsing and no beds available due to Vaxed. Told us to go get vaxed.
    I work(ed) for a Alberta city muni and was very suspicious after thinking this summer everything was normalizing. I went to the AH website and see these exact numbers you show in article. When I mentioned it to the boss he said "you going to question the local health authority of the emergency". So I said well at least they could update their website. It’s blatantly clear the politicians all need to be taken out behind the barn for playing with our lives. They won’t even tell us how many of teh vaccines are placebos, every test needs placebos. I’m nearing 85% in Pfizer first batch. Anyone else here such info?

  16. Kent Jackson says:

    If all of this information is true and there is mass collaboration to get Kenny out, what does this say?? Is the swamp really that deep and wide? Even if Old Ralph was premier, could he stand up to AHS, all the AB Civil Servants, all the MSM, , all the Unions, all the Doctors groups. Then add some members of the UCP are really working for the NDP. Wow…. Who can over come this?? Fact is you can’t. And why is this story not on Rebel News or True North? Hmmm.

  17. Gaius says:

    The doc donating $20,000 to the NDP is within his rights to do so. However, he was using his profession as an appeal to authority on why anything conservative is bad thereby inferring that the NDP is amazing. I keep trying to figure out how to get through to Kenney/AHS/UCP about ivermectin. Our leaders are so inaccessible that the concerns of the average citizen are drowned out. We’re left to fend for ourselves. Luckily sources do exist for human ivermectin tablets. I’ve got a stockpile of my own, and want to pass on the information on how to do the same. Contact for details.