Scotiabank Apologizes For Freezing Bank Accounts During The Emergencies Act

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on May 30, 2022

As first reported by Marc Patrone on BJ Dichter’s substack, Soctiabank is the first major bank to apologize for freezing the bank accounts of Freedom Convoy Organizer BJ Dicther.

The most relevant lines are “Please accept our sincere apologies for the frustration and inconvenience this situation may have caused and thank you for your patience while we prepared our response” and “We can confirm that financial institutions acted quickly to unfreeze accounts after the RCMP notified us that it believes that individuals and entities previously identified are no longer engaged in conduct or activities prohibited under the Emergency Measures Regulations.” 

The first quote is the very important apology, now it is not a direct apology for the actions they took, freezing the bank accounts of a Canadian citizen with no criminal record or court order to do so, but it does show that Scotiabank has seen some of the evidence and reasoning (or lack thereof) that the government used to invoke the Emergencies Act and has started to prepare ground for a retreat from their position.

The banks require the confidence of the consumer to survive, and they faced major backlash in the wake of the freezing of assets. TD bank lost nearly 8 billion dollars in market value during the time of the Emergencies act and it’s likely the other 5 major banks did as well. If the Canadian banks can take your money away at any time with no solid justification, then the prospect of keeping your money in them is not that appealing. It is likely that those with the power to move their money to more stable countries did so after the EA was evoked leading to a massive flow of capital out of the country.

This brings up the second important point brought up in the email, Scotiabank seems to be blaming the government for the asset seizures. This is not really surprising, even though the government claimed that it had nothing to do with the accounts being frozen, the banks claim here that this was all directed by the RCMP.  The banks seem to have the more believable story here as it’s unlikely that they would all start targeting the opponents of the government simultaneously, plus the government has been caught lying frequently about this issue.

While it is true that a lot of accounts were unfrozen after the Emergencies Act ended, some people are still having problems. Independent citizen journalist Andy Lee had her assets frozen and is still having trouble to this day, so this story is not over yet.

The Liberal’s narrative on the Emergencies Act continues to crumble as almost everything they have said has been proven to be false. The protest had been ruled legal by a judge in February, the CBC articles they relied on to create the myth of foreign funding were retracted, FINTRAC itself said there was no terrorism or money laundering and now the banks have come out and said this all did come from the RCMP. Now the only people left who do not accept the facts about the Freedom Convoy are Canada’s establishment politicians. It’s only a matter of time before someone in the LPC or NDP breaks ranks and tells the truth, until then apologies from the institutions will have to do.

NOTE: Since the publication of this article, Andy Lee has received an email from her bank reinstating her ability to send E-transfers

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

21 responses to “Scotiabank Apologizes For Freezing Bank Accounts During The Emergencies Act”

  1. Janet Kelson says:

    Hallelujah some justice and order has returned. I do hope it is true because my heart is weary from lies.

  2. Chris says:

    Scotiabank is one of the bigger financial contributors and participants in the WEF and Davos meetings. They don’t admit any wrongdoing, and offer no assurances that it wouldn’t happen again… Far from an apology, and considering who it’s from I don’t buy it 😒

  3. Sandra Jeffrey says:

    There is obviously a LOT MORE due diligence and investigation that needs to be done in regard to this VERY serious matter! If the RCMP are responsible for freezing the accounts of people who financially supported the Freedom Convoy, by what authority did they do so? Surely they can pull something out of their Playbook and highlight it for all of us to read? Bring it on, ladies and gentlemen!! Enlighten us.

  4. Gregory Leblanc says:

    I was fortunate to show my support with my brother on the hill. I did not have my bank frozen. But when I heard that Scotiabank and other banks froze accounts I took all my savings out. About 10 grand from them. An just this week was able to close my account. I let them know why. Lol

  5. Muriel Buhr says:

    Sue, Sue Sue!

    • Kevin says:

      Do you think all criminals should sue for the repercussions of their criminal activities?

  6. H says:

    Okay so we know which country to avoid. Funny how democratic countries could appear as a dictatorship.

  7. Donna Schroeder says:

    Too little, too damn late! Sue if you can for all your inconvenience! I hope win, and don’t forget to sue including all your legal fees!!!!

  8. Henson says:

    Not good enough!
    Sue them!
    Set a precedent for others to also obtain favourable compensation.
    I am sorry this has happened to you.

  9. Althea Lincoln says:

    A positive thing that has come out of the Truckers Convoy and the ensuing Emergency Act is that it has opened enough eyes that I don’t think the Liberals could win the next election with Trudeau as their leader.

  10. Dave Morgan says:

    Just another good reason to buy Bitcoin.
    Cannot be seized by any authority as you hold it personally without an intermediary.

    • Dave Hubbs says:

      Unfortunately, I believe that the government,under Freelands direction under the EA, froze various wallets and made the power to do so permanent. I believe this was the key reason they enacted the EA so they could experiment with shutting down crypto wallets as crypto is a direct threat to the Bank Of Canadas crypto currency they will be launching which will be used to track every dime we make and spend. They dont like citizens having the ability to freely control their own income without them regulating it. Just my opinion..hope I’m wrong.

  11. Michael Thompson says:

    Wrong. The Canadian tyrants did not give the banks an official list of people to freeze. Someone, most likely Canadian Intelligence, hacked into the trucker protest computers, stole the list and released it so banks would know exactly who to freeze.
    If the Canadian banks cared even remotely about you Canadian peasants they would have refused to freeze the names on a stolen list for 2 reasons.
    1) IT’S STOLEN!
    2) The list would be unverified and if I were a bank that was really concerned about my customers I would have had the government send me a detailed OFFICIAL list of people that they specifically wanted me to freeze. This would have followed the law AND given my clients time to pull there money out before the tyrants forced me to freeze them.
    It was the SPEED with which the banks carried out their orders that lets you know they are ALL on board with this Marxist nonsense.

  12. Kevin says:

    When you support or organize terrorist activities, you run the risk of your bank account being frozen by the police…it’s pretty simple.

    • Damian Kenny says:

      You are calling the protest "organize terrorist activities" you must love Chinese loving Trudeau. Wake up

  13. Jordan says:

    Kevin, it’s been deemed by a Supreme Court Judge that the Protest was legal and peaceful. GoFundMe has shown there was no foreign involvement and all donations came from within Canada.

    I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s true, our trust fund baby leader lied again.

    • Kevin says:

      BS. Which Supreme Court Judge was it? Didn’t happen
      GoFundMe has NOT shown there was no foreign involvement.
      "I know, it sounds crazy. But it’s true." You’re right, it sounds crazy. If it’s true you need to provide sources. It’s not true.

  14. Aarn Kloosterman says:

    It is unfortunate that the banks that are supposed to serve the public get derailed by a prime minister who is in a delusional state as to his authority.

  15. rj says:

    You are all missing the most important point of all this…mass money withdrawal by alarmed citizens caused banks
    and government to panic….and yet here you all are with your money still sitting in banks…deciding wether or not to accept their apology….CONTINUE TO REMOVE MONEY FROM THE BANKS!!! It’s one of the few weapons that works! Keep
    up the pressure…why are you all so stupid not to see it…and carry on till he robs you again? Pathetic!

  16. John Vancouver says:

    meaningless.. they’d do it again if Chairman Trudeau told them to. In fact they admit as much with this sentence.. “We can confirm that financial institutions acted quickly to unfreeze accounts after the RCMP notified us that it believes that individuals and entities previously identified are no longer engaged in conduct or activities prohibited under the Emergency Measures Regulations.”

  17. Connie says:

    I see mention that the protest was declared legal by a judge, which occurred on Feb 5 I believe, Week 1, though airhorns were silenced by injunction. However, in Week 3 that changed with the Feb 14 court injunction, and police began clearing trucks, arresting drivers and clearing protesters from the streets. It is not accurate to imply that the protest was always legal, when that wasn’t true in the third week.