FBI Released Report on Pelosi’s Father, Originally Ordered by JFK

Written By Doug Holt, Posted on January 18, 2021

While the attention of the entire planet was directed at the ‘Storming of the Capitol’ on Jan. 6th, the FBI quietly released to the public a report which had been ordered by historical President John F. Kennedy into Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., father of current day Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. 

It’s unclear what exactly prompted the FBI to release this report at this time, and why media outlets were slow to catch the full significance of the release, with The Gateway Pundit breaking the story only on Jan. 13th? Nevertheless, the report carried a few interesting revelations. You can check it out here

For decades, rumors had existed that D’Alesandro Jr. was entwined with Italian mafia activity, but was only confirmed as fact in 2018 by The Federalist Papers

That report by The Federalist Papers referred to an FBI report made into Mr. D’Alesandro Jr. requested and presented to President John F. Kennedy, however that report wasn’t available to the general public until Jan. 6th 2021. 


Some of the before unknown revelations brought to light, though, were that Pelosi’s brother Franklin D’Alesandro was charged with rape of two underage girls. Franklin D’Alesandro was among 12 young men tried for this crime, however notably he was the only one of these twelve. These charges were dropped at the time back in 1953, and Franklin himself passed away in 2007

One additional revelation revealed in the report was that apparently Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., in addition to alleged mob ties, was known to have been involved with several communist groups in at least the 1940s. 

It is difficult to ascertain just how negatively to view D’Alesandro Jr.’s communist connections, however, because at least for a period during WWII in the 1940s, the Soviet Union and the United States were militarily allied.


That being said, by the time of the report, the Cold War had begun and this communist connection raised some eyebrows. It was noted in the report that D’Alesandro Jr’s connections to these groups could be seen as a national security risk. 

The last major revelation to be revealed in the report was the findings had indeed been presented to then President John F. Kennedy and brother Bobby Kennedy, then U.S. Attorney General, in 1961. 

It appears the FBI investigation was ordered by JFK as Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. was being considered for a potentially sensitive government position. 

It isn’t explicit at all what specific position D’Alesandro was being considered for, however later in 1961, he was appointed to the Federal Renegotiating Board, where he served until 1969.

Doug Holt

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    What do you expect from any politician? They all think just like Nancy and Hillary that they are the "ruling claas" and above the law and don’t have to be decent humans.