DEFEAT: Russia’s Embarrassing Retreat From Kherson

In mid-October 2022, Vladimir Putin declared the southern Ukraine city of Kherson annexed and officially part of permanent Russia. In less than a month his army is in full retreat across the Dnipro river under heavy bombardment from Ukrainian troops.

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Putin May Be Planning More Aggressive Moves In East-Europe: Moldova-Transnistria

Prior Russo-Ukrainian War (2014 to present) which is devastating to that nation, the tiny landlocked Moldova was the leading candidate for the most backward country in Europe. Situated between Romania and Ukraine, chief among Moldova’s issues is the unresolved ‘Transnistria war,’ and Russia’s stance on that issue. 

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Has Georgia Become the New Israel in the Caucasus?

Like Israel, Georgia is surrounded by countries that seek to destroy it, are hostile to one another, or are infected with overwhelming corruption and authoritarianism to the point that normalized relations with one another and Georgia seem unattainable over the long term. This of course excluded the additional threats from non-adjacent neighbours like Syria, Iran, and Iraq. 

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