Are The Mask Zealots Killing Kids?

The current cry from the media-sanctioned health experts is the current presence of three different respiratory illnesses: COVID, RSV, and the flu. There is also a very worrying trend we have seen of an increased child mortality rate in flu and RSV cases. All of this is true, but the problem may be that the rhetoric and solutions offered by the expert class may indeed be driving the current problem.

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Why People Should Not Comply With New Mask Mandates

So when you are pushing back against COVID policy, do so in a way that the CBC can not bring on some “science” mercenary to dismiss with their expertise. My body, my choice, the importance of informed consent, the dangers of government overreach, and the need to be able to live in a society that respects each other’s opposing views and is not forced to snitch on each other are a lot more effective than any data point you can find. 

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