Why People Should Not Comply With New Mask Mandates

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on November 17, 2022

Ontario’s “top doctor” Kiren Moore has come out and moved up the COVID/flu measures to masks being “strongly recommended” indoors. This has caused a predictably histrionic reaction from those pundits that have been granted expert status on covid, as nothing short of full-on mandates and harsh lockdown will satisfy them.

I want to take a bit of a heterodox approach to the covid conversation and advocate for a conversation that completely avoids any mention of the science, for a few reasons. 

Dr. Kiren Moore.

First, we have to realize that since 2020 when politicians say the word “science” they do not mean the testing of empirical data in order to find the truth. The political definition of science is: ‘what the internal party polling data says about the public perception of covid measures’. The evidence in support of this theory is the success of the Freedom Convoy in changing the “science”. In mid-January, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was very clear on the “science” dictating that we need to update the vaccine passport to include the booster shot. But by mid-February, the “science” now showed that mandates and vaccine passports had an insignificant effect on the spread of covid. This massive shift in scientific reality was caused by truckers and not doctors.

Not to dismiss all the doctors, nurses, and scientists who bravely stood up and risked their careers to bring an alternative perspective on covid. My second point is that scientific whistleblowers are in a double no-win scenario. First, we need to cut the doctors who have stayed silent some slack. The Ontario College of Medical Professionals, which regulates doctors, have taken the crazy authoritarian step to punish anyone who dissents from the mainstream view with the loss of their licence. This basically makes it impossible for any young doctor to speak up since their entire life would be destroyed and left with piles of debt with no way to make a living to match those debts.

More importantly, if the doctors do speak up it does not matter. A group of doctors and researchers can come out with a pile of irrefutable empirical data about the failure of a specific covid policy. It will not matter because the government-media establishment can produce 5 times the amount of “experts” who will publicly contest these findings and will get 95% of the media attention. The best-case scenario for an actual scientific pushback to the covid “science” is a draw.

We have seen that when it comes to the COVID radicals, nothing can change their minds. The asymptomatic spread was the main justification for lockdowns. It was debunked, and that did not result in the lifting of lockdowns, not even an apology by the people who pushed it. The fact that we now know that the vaccines were never tested on disease transmission, hasn’t affected any media “experts”. So how do we change public policy?

(Photo from the University of Chicago News)

To accomplish any shift in public policy, we must do things that counter the government’s version of “science”. The expansion of the COVID measures is in turn an expansion of government power and that provides the motivation (outside of the trillions of dollars on the line for COVID funding) for these policies. To undermine them you must understand their most powerful weapon: manufactured consent.

Like most government policies, COVID policy is primarily justified on the basis of public popularity. To achieve this the government relies on polling firms, which work hand in hand with the government. They often ask poorly constructed questions that lead people to respond in a way that favours a government position. These results will be pushed through the media to manufacture a narrative that said the policy is widely popular. This plays on the basic human psychology that a lot of people want to stick with the herd and will back the position that they feel the majority holds as a social safety mechanism.

There are ways to counter this, outside of massive convoys that capture the world’s attention. 

Mockery of the COVID protocols is a powerful tool as it counterbalances the media’s manufactured consent polls as scares the more cowardly among us who are looking to avoid social backlash. 

Stalwart non-compliance is also a very important way to stop the further erosion of our rights and freedoms and finally put an end to the COVID pandemic. Governments want to put in place policies that they know will be followed as it conditions the population to comply with the next set of increasingly restrictive measures. However, governments are terrified of enacting policies that they feel like will not be followed for the same reason. If people get used to defying government orders they are more likely to ignore the next order from the government.

This is why it is so important at this stage to send a strong message to the government that if they mandate anything they will see way more people defy them than obey them. So if you are not sick, take off your mask and encourage your friends and family to do the same. We know that there are tons of people that think these measures are ridiculous but just don’t want to stand out. Help build a world where no one would notice an individual who is riding the bus unmasked.

I would reiterate that non-compliance is stronger when backed up with a moral/ethical stance than a scientific one. Unless you actually have a condition like asthma, don’t say that you are exempt from masking. Just forcefully, but politely say you won’t do it if someone asks you to. 

The harm of the mask mandates is not just the enabling of the massive expansion of government power and the erosion of individual rights that go along with it, but also the damage to the social fabric of society it does. Yes, maks stunt the social growth of young children in language and emotional development, but that is not the great evil I am talking about.

These mandates are the governments using fear and force to pit the citizenry against each other. Back in 2020, I did not want to start a fight with some teenagers making minimum wage only doing what their manager told them to do, because the government is threatening their business. But we are now at the point where if we do not push back these measures they will be instituted indefinitely. Since it is unfair that random citizens are put in the position to enforce government policy, we should act in a way that minimizes these interactions. At this stage, that is by saying “no” and forcing minor conflict in the short term to discourage major conflicts in the long term.

Any medical policy that requires the police to enforce is a failure, and any policy that puts the enforcement of it on the citizenry and not the police is a failure. COVID policy does both.

So when you are pushing back against COVID policy, do so in a way that the CBC can not bring on some “science” mercenary to dismiss with their expertise. My body, my choice, the importance of informed consent, the dangers of government overreach, and the need to be able to live in a society that respects each other’s opposing views and is not forced to snitch on each other are a lot more effective than any data point you can find. 

But above all else, just say “no”. Contrary to the “expert” opinion we actually can fight COVID by just ignoring it. The disease will always exist and there are risks to just stepping out of your door each day, no one can create a world without death or tragedy. But we can build a better world, and if you want to live in a free place like Florida, just start acting like you already do. People will follow.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

3 responses to “Why People Should Not Comply With New Mask Mandates”

  1. KB Pulfer says:

    Bravo! The government actually broke the PHIPA law when they mandated citizens not only wear masks, but demanded they put their own personal private medical information on an app and reveal that info to some 17 year old waitress at East Side Marios! The government used regular citizens and turned them into vigilanties and social justice warriors, accosting people in malls and restaurants who were not masked, and neighbours calling the police on neighbours because they were visiting family! This is what happens when politicians practice medicine, but the medical profession in Canada knew this was propaganda, and allowed it, knowing the virus was not EBOLA, and went along with it, even to the detriment of those who spoke out! Where is the justice in this? The lawsuits have already begun!

  2. Jeff Fischer says:

    Not only should we resist these measures outright, but they should be resisted with extreme violence if need be. If those polls are true, it’s going to take some knee removals to move the needle

  3. MW says:

    Someone needs to do some investigating into all these so called “polls” and “experts” that the legacy media use in their propaganda.

    The money trail also needs to be investigated with the doctors, politicians and policy makers in this country. Peoples pockets have been massively lined over the last two and a half years.