Edmonton Eskimos name change is driven by activists patronizing Inuit Canadians

Inuit Canadians do not need to be talked down to, and the Edmonton Eskimos name change will be remembered by many as a patronizing and useless decision made in the midst of the crazy, woke world of 2020. What a shame. 

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Edmonton Eskimos not considering name change after year-long review

The detailed study period, entailing conversations with Innuit leaders, and interviews and telephone surveys with the Innuit population of Canada at large, could not conclude any consensus with the Innuit community on a desire for a name change, so the football club has concluded it is keeping the name. 

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Canadian Alphonso Davies named Rookie of the Year in German Football League

Davies turned heads this season as he set a speed record during the final match of the Bundesliga season, which was a hair raising 1 – 0 win for Bayern over SV Werder Bremen, claiming the 8th straight championship win for the club.

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