Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on December 23, 2020

Although police across Canada have taken a lot of heat recently from conservative Canadians for the enforcement of COVID laws, one Ontario police officer is speaking out against Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, and the Ontario government for their use of “arbitrary emergency powers.”

In a widely circulated letter directed at citizens of Ontario, police chiefs and associations, Ontario politicians, and public health officials, and the author named only as “Police on Guard for Thee” points to the recent incident in Calgary involving a young adult male being arrested for not handing over ID when being ticketed for breaking COVID gathering restrictions, as peaking his concerns of enforcing these same sort of rules in Ontario.
The unnamed officer states:

After the unfortunate events in Calgary, the time for action is now. I have serious concerns over Premier Ford’s decision to expand further restrictions that put law enforcement officers in an untenable situation that must be avoided. 

The officer goes on to call on stakeholders in the judicial system, independent from politicians and bureaucrats, to come together to discuss the “lawfulness of these measures” alluding to many of the restrictions on social gathering, mandatory mask wearing, and closure of many small businesses.


The officer also demands that until men and women in law enforcement can be given concise and clear directions on the enforcement of COVID laws there needs to be a total moratorium on their enforcement as they see the current laws as being dubious in their legality. 

At one point the author asks the question:

Are police officers supposed to uphold the Charter which they have taken an oath to protect? Ord do Municipal By Laws supersede the Constitution? 

Public trust in police is something the author of the letter notes as one of their key motivations, and going on to say that Ontarians deserve to have transparency from their elected officials and law enforcement officials – a reference to the fly-by-night fashion new restrictions have been put in place, and the lack of evidence showing certain restrictions will have a measurable affect on reducing the increase of COVID cases.

The officer ends the letter stating: “What happened in Calgary cannot happen again. Never in my life did I think I would see police officers threatening to taser and arrest kids playing pond hockey.” 

At the very least the wide circulation this letter has had in Ontario and the rest of Canada shows that it isn’t just members of the general public that are getting frustrated with COVID restrictions, but bubbling under the service may be discontent from a significant portion of Canadian police departments. 

It also is not a very good look for Ford’s government Ontario police departments that the officer who is calling out the new laws as being unconstitutional does not feel comfortable making their identity publicly know, likely fearing punishment for disagreeing with the government’s laws openly

The full statement from the unnamed officer can be found below.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 4.18.06 PM.png

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

33 responses to “Some Police Officers are Pushing back Against Authoritarian Laws”

  1. steve stojanovich says:

    BRAVO! So important for police to not blindly follow orders. We must voice our support for this good constable. This courageous person wishes anonymity out of fear of reprisal, itself evidence of tyranny. We must voice our displeasure with the foolish politicians in every way possible. Constable, you are welcome in my home now and forever. Steve Stojanovich

  2. Billie Corbett says:

    Thank you, so much.
    It takes courage to do what you have done here.
    Peoples charter rights and freedoms are not something to mess with…willy nilly!
    It is very unwise to provoke your citizenry by threatening the security of their country as s democratic nation.

  3. ruben johnson says:

    Thank you officers we need you to keep these politicians in .line who don’t know and or don’t want to know human rights shame shame

  4. Steve Cummmings says:

    These by laws ARE illegal. Basic human rights are being stomped on using false data to frighten everyone in to compliance. Two falsehoods are being used 1) PCR tests are used to show people "with the virus". The PCR test is not appropriate for this, and this sentiment has been expressed by tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and scientists around the world. 2) People can pass on a virus without symptoms. There is NO clinical evidence of this EXCEPT using the results of the aforementioned faulty PCR test! These lockdowns are killing small businesses and putting tha same money into multi-national corporations instead. It is killing people who are not getting the medical resources they need. Suicides are up dramatically because of the isolation people are having. Seniors are being virtually tortured in their last few years of life. Thank you for making this stance; please know many stand behind you!

  5. ruben johnson says:

    WE do not need to see a repeat of Hitler’s killings across Canada we are so blessed to have officers of the law to step forward and remind .all of us history is there to set a standard of behavior, that does not allow for cruelty and abuse to the human beings because someone decided they were the boss or had someone blow in their. ear or place big bucks on their. table or under their table.

  6. Mario Bilusic says:

    I am absolutely puzzled by the incredible fact that a police officer will execute the order that he must know is illegal. At what point a sovereign human will use a brain to make a judgment?
    I certainly understand the job aspect. We are all hired to do some jobs but believe you me when I say that I lost few jobs only because I voiced my concerns over validity of things I was told to do. I will never hesitate to lose a job over what my conscience tells me is wrong.
    Police officer is there to protect me and NOT protect Doug Ford in his incessant thirst for power. This must stop!!!

  7. John Metlewsky says:

    Good for him
    I hope many step forward

  8. Robin says:

    Thank you for standing up against the draconian measures that Ford is imposing. The over reach by his government along with quite a few others is wrong in every way.

  9. No says:

    If I remember correctly in the first few days of these covid lockdowns a man was shot and killed by police in Ontario, a situation that started because of his refusal to wear a mask.
    Now going on ten months later our children are threatened by police with Tasers for what is basically defending their rights while playing pond hockey.
    Our police forces have already lost the respect of thousands of Canadian citizens for not having stepped up in defence of citizens, through their complacency they have allowed this to drag on much too long, yes they are being compared to brown shirts and gestapo

    More and more people are sick and tired of the liberal governments nazi style tactics and will eventually reach a breaking point, it’s a very fine line right now but getting closer to a point where people will have nothing left to lose.
    A day of reckoning will come, either controlled and lawful or extreme and violent, costly to all involved but still avoidable for the moment.
    Time I believe, is running short before a citizen or groups of citizens decide they will defend their families at any and all costs unless these wannabe totalitarians are removed from public office.
    Is this government pushing the people to civil war ?
    Do they want guerilla warfare in our cities ?

  10. SomeCanadian says:

    How do we know it is real? Or that it isn’t a fishing expedition or a honey pot so to speak?

  11. Jordin Pauls says:

    Bravo!! Is right!! I hope the rest of law enforcement chooses to stand up and say NO MORE! How in the world did any of this even happen. I mean i know how but its astounding still. I want my children growing up in a world where they can at least trust their neighbor and a police officer. Its ironic how those that are supposed to uphold the law and have the most courage are failing at those two things so badly

  12. Josh Leakvold says:

    There is a a typo in the quotation “ord do municipal…”

  13. Windgold says:


  14. Al Simpson says:

    Good for you Officer for your concerns. It’s bad enough being locked up for so long, not being able to live normally threw these hards times, not going places and doing things we normally do. Kids playing hockey to pass time and have a little fun for a change. That officers used fowl language unnecessarily. And shame on the neigbor who reported these young adults playing hockey. Shame on you. Thank you OFFICER for standing up to this unpleasant situation.

  15. zak says:

    In a way I can see that in certain situations the police may be required to perform duties that may seem out of place. Every police response needn’t require physical action as these two officers felt necessary and to the point of threatening harm on an individual with their taser. A simple explanation, hand slap with a bit of humor tossed in would have been an easy way to get his attention and probably his understanding as well his compliance. The rules and restrictions change daily with handling this virus so I would think that a Philadelphia lawyer might have problems as well. On the other hand when the police are required to do their duties with the real bad guys they run into a brick wall with the goody two shoes that think their response to the situation is far to harsh. We have to defend the police, when defense is required as far to many good officers are being punished for the way in which they chose to handle their situation. Every situation is different and split second decisions have to be made. In this case I hope the young man gets all charges dropped and able to keep a clean record.

  16. erica says:

    I just turned 14, but in July, September 2020, when I was only 13, I was threatened with OPP from Long Sault, Ontario! They came to our private property 3 times without invitation, did not show IDs, told me / my parents that I / my parents were not allowed to disclose my 19-196 case in Canada ?!
    I was born in Canada, Canadian citizen, Caucasian. My dad was born in Canada, Canadian citizen, Caucasian, engineer. My mom was born in Ukraine, married to my dad for over 20 years, Canadian citizen, Caucasian, Doctor degree, also some degree in psychology. I have very good loving parents, but on my 12th birthday, November 20, I was kidnapped in Germany by german social workers from Deggendorf Jugendamt without a court order, on false claims, in order to profit from my parents by sending my parents an invoice – 9000 euros per month for an unlimited period! Not me or my parents had any ties to anyone in Germany!
    Now in Canada I am not allowed supposedly to expose that:
    We were physically attacked by German homeowners and that the German police refused to protect us, even so I called the emergency number 4 times at the Deggendorf police station, shouting to save Us! I am not allowed to complain that the German police beat up my father unconscious, injured his neck, made fun of it by sending him to a mental hospital, even so, he has a genetic disease and IQ-143, and billed our family for it!
    I am not allowed to complain that the German police and German social workers have sent me on false claims to German foster homes without any signs or any reports of abuse on me under my parents care. I am not allowed to complain that in german group homes I was sexually assaulted, emotionally abused for 7.5 months, but the Global Affairs (C. Freeland), Ottawa, Canadian consular in Munich – Caroline Doucet all refused to intervene still, instead advised my parents to follow orders from german authorities and pay them extortion so that this case is not disclosed! I am not allowed to complain that I was again kidnapped by the same 2 German social workers from my parents near the border between Slovakia and Ukraine, also without a court order, according to false statements and again forced to return to Germany, not obeying the order of the Slovak judge! I am not allowed to complain that the Canadian consulates in Bratislava, Munich, Ukraine refused to intervene in my case as well. I am not allowed to complain about why the Canadian Consulate in Kyiv (Ukraine) denied my mother entry for assistance. I am not allowed to complain about why after I was finally released to Canada due CAS employee in Cornwall, Ontario, who signed fake affidavits, falsified all original German documents and covered up the crime committed against me / my parents in Europe in 2018-2019! I am not allowed to complain about Judge Desormoau from the Superior Court of "Justice" in Cornwall, Ontario for the closure of my case immediately after we have presented evidence of a crime committed against me, my parents in Germany / Slovakia / Canada. Any advice from Canadian police officers on this case? Thank you

  17. erica says:

    I am, 14 years old, forgot to mention in my previous post that Canadian MPs also don’t care about child trafficking, child abuse of Canadian children abroad by German "child protection" services who kidnapped me when I was just 12 years old to profit from my biological and good, loving parents (the bill was 9000 euros per month for unlimited time). My local MP advised me just to forget about it, play the saxophone or, if my parents and I are unhappy with the way Canada is treating us, just move to another country?! Canada also collecting 10,000 Canadian dollars of my child benefit, claiming that I, my parents, have "not enough" ties to Canada, even so, my dad and I were both born and raised in Canada, my mom is over 20 years living and working in Canada, also a Canadian citizen. Canada didn’t care that I was kidnapped on false claims without a court order, just to profit from my biological parents, and lived as a hostage in German foster homes for 7.5 months!
    I used to proudly call myself Canadian, but now I’m NOT!

  18. Rick says:

    I would stand up in solidarity with this officer. The author needs to step up and show himself. He is calling on other officials to take a stand and give clear direction. He needs to show himself as well and risk the consequences. Only that will prove and truth to the validity of the letter. At this point we dont know if it was written by an officer or just someone trying to stir the pot.

    • Loonie Patriot says:

      The police service act prevents officers from speaking out. The officer would need to quit before revealing himself. This was created by law enforcement and these discussions are happening across every police department. The majority at this point refuse to enforce these tyrannical laws. That is why so few make the news. It’s a ticket at best, the public needs to band together and refuse to follow these laws.

  19. ROBERT says:

    Though i do appreciate that this officer is sticking his neck out and pointing out the rot and filth in their associations. This is not a broken system but simply a system showing its roots. There is no ratified constitution, the treaties are in default and the British North America act has never been ratified. Canada only stands in defacto force and only has hired thugs to bring the force to its dictates.
    The real problem is authors refers to servants as authorities and officials, giving some sort of assumed legitimacy to these thugs.
    Police are servants and municipal governments are actually more legitimate then the provincial or federal forces.
    I’d even devolve power to the head of the house. No government loves his family more then the man of the house. We need to return to the principle where every man die in his door in the defense of his loved ones.

  20. James says:

    Hopefully it rallies together law enforcement

  21. Anthony Tasker says:

    We need more Canadians like this officer to stand up right now and take our country for ourselves …

  22. Anonymous says:

    Is it about time that the laws regarding COVID-19 are addressed and are clarified so that we know if these laws are to protect us or to control us. How does health services have authority to make laws. I was under the impression that these had to a federal con census through parliament. Show me where it states in the constitution where “health services” has this authority to make up laws.

  23. Ftereos says:

    Those whose action creates death and destruction are terrorists and also criminals and should be in the prison.

  24. Andrea says:

    It’s a shamdemic people. The information is out there, as is the truth. Open your eyes, use your phones for good purpose and do the research. None of it is a conspiracy. Only those who fear the truth coming out will call it this. Happy to see law enforcement is willing to rise up for the people.

  25. T.M Seguin says:

    Government over reach, it’s tyranny to lock up healthy people. I’d rather take my chances living life and my freedom. Screwing up the economy world wide because the Liberals want to rule.
    So bad they caused ballot OD in the states. Funny, I felt they cheated in Canada. Dominion voting machines need to go.
    Come to find out, it’s been rigged. We the people need to stand up against covid-19. They are going to keep this going until you see is not real. 400 strands of coronavirus and no cure. Having a great immune system. 97% recovery rate. Universal income don’t work , socialism progressive liberalism communism kills thousands and impoverished millions.
    People need to realize that Chinese people just got trained for cold war in Canada.
    Something is so not right.
    The government is going way to far

  26. Maria Cruz says:

    Opportune time to speak up, stand up, fear not, you silent, uninvolved Canadians….know your constitutional rights…..we’re not in communist China…or neither are people encouraged to become snitches and rats under a nazi regime…

  27. ANDRE says:

    Are police officers supposed to uphold the Charter which they have taken an oath to protect or do Municipal By Laws supersede the Constitution?

    ‘No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier,"
    2 Timothy 2:4

  28. Sheila says:

    We no longer live in a democratic society. Our Civil Rights are being eroded at an alarming rate. Police are struggling to to be seen as “good” in the eye of the public yet media bashes them. Now add in Constitutionally unjust laws not voted on nor passed by Parliament that politicians order our Police to follow. It’s not the politician taking the heat for the arrest in Calgary, once again it’s the police while politicians hide. These same dictators will rise up come election time and denounce police for such actions this throwing them under the bus in order to win votes. Dear Officers, stand with the people. Our forefathers fought and won the rights we are guaranteed under OUR Charter

  29. Roy Drinkwater says:

    Concerning what we are witnessing in Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario policing is blatant misuse of police powers of arrest, deployment, accountability and judgement.
    If it wasn’t for certain media organizations, this would continue without restriction. Does it not send a message to Police that rarely has there actually been findings of guilt when they overreach and their enforcement activities are reviewed by the judiciary? It is no excuse to say that they are not making the laws but just doing their jobs. They do have discretion. When you do not use it or refuse to exercise it in protecting the public well being, you are sending the public a message. It says, We will not choose to think; we will act and leave the thinking to someone else. You are fast losing public support.

  30. Gitman says:

    The government is desperate to close as many small and medium sized businesses to usher in the New World Order and Great Reset. The IMF and stakeholders are meeting at the end of January 2021 to decide what they will do next. Note: It won’t be good for the average citizen.