RCMP Stalked Whistlestop Cafe Owner the Day of His Arrest

Written By Paul Mitchell, Posted on May 9, 2021

It was a cold rain-soaked day in Mirror, Alberta. Storm clouds gathered for an imminent showdown at the Whistlestop Cafe. The battle lines formed with about 1500 pro-freedom and anti-lockdown supporters led by Cafe owner Chris Scott on one side and a phalanx of RCMP police on the other.

According to Scott, “there hasn’t been this many police in this area in… ever.” Threats of arrests and back-room court injunctions against all Alberta gatherings, including political protests, with more than 5 people brought out many outraged Albertans from across the province along with a list of prominent speakers who believed their Constitutional rights and freedoms were being trampled, their businesses shuttered and their way of life threatened.


Despite numerous previous run-ins with police and legal threats that he could be held in Contempt of Court, Whistlestop owner Chris Scott didn’t back down. When asked about the size of the turnout for the day he responded, “it’s insane, they’re probably going to see it from the international space station”. 

Scott’s number one question for the day was this: how is it possible that people’s fundamental rights can be “taken away with the stroke of a pen, especially by an unelected official” like Chief Medical Officer Deena Hinshaw:

“Why are you allowed to take away my rights without proving that it’s justified in the first place?”

Asking how far Scott was willing to take his battle, in an exclusive interview with The National Telegraph he took a firm stand,

 If they try to send me to jail on a regulatory offence, that’s going to attract global attention: people are going to be outraged. So, I’ve already made my peace that whatever is supposed to happen, is going to happen.  And, it’s not even in my hands. I won’t stop pushing and fighting to make sure that we have our rights intact when this is over, and if that means going to jail, then I go to jail.

Scott is also planning a longer-term fight by turning to the world of politics and has thrown his hat into the local nomination race to become the riding candidate for the Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta. 

As an elected official your job should first and foremost be to protect the rights and freedoms of your citizens. I know that we need to remove certain pieces of legislation that allow our rights and freedoms to be taken away without due process. We need legislation in place specifically protecting our rights and guaranteeing that it is always the government that has to justify it, not the citizen who has to fight it. It makes zero sense having a government with unlimited resources doing things to people who have no resources to fight back.

All-day Whistlestop owner Chris Scott stood tall, but, as the event wound down dozens of extra police arrived and started handing out tickets. Finally, they arrested Scott and hauled him away to jail. Welcome to Covid-Canada in the formerly “strong and free” province of Alberta.

The RCMP did not want to move in on the protest while there were still over a hundred supporters around, so they chose instead to stalk the protest and nab Scott after the event had already wrapped up, which demonstrates even the police know the event does not pose a great danger to the public, or presumably they would have broken it up before it started.

Paul Mitchell

7 responses to “RCMP Stalked Whistlestop Cafe Owner the Day of His Arrest”

  1. DAVID OPIE says:

    Where are all the comments here? None? Wow, people must be on the way home to dry out and take a hot shower. You know personal opinion only here, but when hundreds in small towns, thousands in small cities, and tens of thousands in large cities march for freedom, they are all ignored by the governments.

    Simply showing up with a high number of protesters is obviously ignored, so we need something that gets their attention.

    So, my suggestion, do what they would do in Texas, or Arkansas, if you get my drift.

  2. Kelsie says:

    There were far more than "over a hundred" people there…

  3. Old Tom Joad says:

    Our government is supposed to be accountable, responsible, transparent, and acting in the best interests of the citizens. NONE of that is happening. That merans the government is INVALID and WITHOUT AUTHORITY. They are CRIMINALS using POWER to coerce behaviour. This is the definition of TYRANNY. ALL MEANS of resistance is justified. ALL MEANS.

  4. Scott Mcintosh says:

    Chris will certainly be getting my vote in the next election! The way Kenny is running this province is just short of communism.

  5. Lisa says:

    Hes got my vote. I was a UCP supporter, not anymore.

  6. Janice Butler says:

    Blessings to you and your family and friends and supportors. I am with in prayer!!! God bless your for your courage!!!
    Janice Butler

  7. Janice Butler says:

    God bless you for your courage and bravery. My prayers are with you.