Pro-Family activist running in B.C. Election has Facebook accounts suspended

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on October 21, 2020

Jenn Smith a transgender activist who opposes the British Columbia progressive sex-ed curriculum SOGI 123 had been campaigning as an independent candidate in the provincial riding of Victoria-Swan Lake unimpeded up until Facebook decided to throw obstacles in his way very recently.

According to Smith last night Facebook suspended both of his campaign page as well as his personal account not allowing him to post anything new on either, restricted only the use of Messenger in the meantime.

Smith sent messages to supporters reading:

My account is suspended. I can only use messenger. I cannot post to my campaign account or run ads. They suspended me for NOTHING at the most critical time of my campaign. They have NOT suspended those impersonating me and my campaign page who are libeling me, but me they suspend me for NOTHING. This is criminal interference. Please share this message. I have sent Facebook a message threatening to sue them. 

Smith threatening to sue Facebook may not be out of the realm of possibilities in this case as Facebook, by suspending the accounts of someone seeking election, would be by definition interfering in an election.

In this case, Facebook has acted as a publisher, choosing which politicians and political positions can be advocated for on its platform without a violation of the general rules of the website. 

Jenn Smith at a speaking engagement at the University of British Columbia.

Jenn Smith at a speaking engagement at the University of British Columbia.

A potential likely excuse by Facebook for suspended Smith’s accounts would be his opposition to radical gender theory and the transitioning of children, especially those in foster care, to the opposite sex with puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapies. This raises the question of why it is considered beyond the pale to have a different position on those issues than the most radical of activists?

Smith is well known for having an extensive knowledge of how the negative effects and outcomes that come in high rates of children using drugs and other therapies to transition sexes, but Facebook may be so biased to the hard left on this issue even Smith’s well reasoned opinions are too much for the website.

The Victoria Chamber of Commerce had also been attempting to block Smith’s ability to get his message out to the public, only allowing the NDP, Green, and Liberal Party candidates to participate in a debate, excluding Smith and Communist Party candidate Walt Parsons from participating. 

Elections B.C. may want to look into this situation seeing as both Facebook and local groups are excluding candidates from the ability to have access to platforms where they can reach voters. It isn’t fair to have the major parties treated as legitimate and those running for smaller parties, or as independents, considered not worth voters’ time.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

6 responses to “Pro-Family activist running in B.C. Election has Facebook accounts suspended”

  1. Sue says:

    Outrageous bias. Interfering in an election is criminal behaviour. This needs to be exposed fir the evil that it is

  2. Dee says:

    Smith was very abusive when replying to legitimate questions and also was disseminating ideas that could cause potential harm to children. Perhaps this article is biased as it only reports, and barely at that one side. As a matter of fact it is an article based off a screen shot. Facebook and elections B.C have done a good thing for a change. Hate speech, ideas that seek to "reprogram" children, despite the science that say certain conditions do exist and Child exploitation do not belong in social media or in the B.C. government.

  3. mummu/mercury says:

    people need to get back to the very foundation of life- the first covenant when god combined moms 23 & dads 23 chromosomes to create a zygote/by not honouring this fertilization event/date it leaves the door open for mans LEGALsatanic color of law which is the undoing of gods law to abort, harvest and genetically alter the baby – look at us we happily celebrate the first breath day as if one didn’t exist until baby is berthed…

  4. Brynne Miller woman adult human female says:

    Jenn we are still here cheering you and your important work! I hope they fix thos for you and you can come back strong!

  5. Jenn Smith may be petitioning for the right cause & the right reason but, frankly, I see her/him to be a very poor spokesperson for the cause of not allowing children to be coerced/enticed/encouraged to do gender transition. What is Smith saying? She/he regrets what he did? or is she/he saying I did it so that’s OK but don’t you kids do it! Not too convincing one way or the other!! I saw Smith at a rally last year & honestly, I wasn’t convinced of her/his message, AT ALL!!! He/she strutted around the hall, slipping in, slipping out of view, but very obviously there to say ‘something’, which to me was: Look at me, aren’t I attractive/appealing & important. Sorry, Jenn Smith.

  6. April Kitzul says:

    Regardless of where one stands on the issue of transgender ideology and/or the transitioning of children, it is absolutely extraordinary that Facebook would interfere in democracy by shutting down the account of someone running for public office. If the BC public do not like Jenn Smith’s ideas, then they will not elect him. He deserves to have a platform like every other candidate. I have never heard Jenn Smith speak in public but I’ve read an article written by him, and it was not hateful. There is a HUGE difference between being critical and being hateful. Just because you hate what someone says doesn’t make it hate speech.