New Blue Party Stops Mandatory Vaccination in Ontario

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on October 21, 2021

Today, October 21st, 2021, Bill 12 (Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations the education and Healthcare Sectors Act)  in Ontario was defeated in second reading in the Provincial Parliament.

Bill 12 was a private members bill put forward by Liberal MPP John Fraser and included some pretty broad categories of who fell under this act in the education sector. According to the bill, this would not only force public school teachers to get a government-approved COVID-19 vaccine but private school teachers and even parents who homeschool as well.

Despite the bill being of Liberal origin, there was total silence from Doug Ford and the conservative party, who have been relying on their new ally in Justin Trudeau to federally mandated force vaccinations and vaccine passports, so Doug Ford can hide from responsibility on these issues he has flip-flopped on.

That left only Belinda Karahalios as the lone MPP of the New Blue Party to raise public awareness and have constituents lobby their MPPs to shut down the bill. Per the results of today’s vote, she and New Blue were successful in their attempt to stop this massive government overreach as she continues to be a thorn in the side of Doug Ford as he tries to run away from any conservative policy.

Belinda Karahalios was a former Conservative MPP who was thrown out of the party when she voted against Bill 195, which gave Doug Ford unlimited power to bypass parliament.  She was the only MMP to do so; not even MPPs Roman Baber or Randy Hiller, who would later get tossed out of the party, voted with her at the time.

The New Blue Party which is led by Jim Karahalios, who was disqualified from the Federal Conservative party Leadership race for criticisms of Erin O’Toole’s and his team, looks to be an alternative in the next election for Ontarians who are looking for a change to the status quo in the province.

New Blue is looking to run candidates all over Ontario in the next provincial election in 2022 and has already put together several Electoral District Associations.

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

31 responses to “New Blue Party Stops Mandatory Vaccination in Ontario”

  1. Tom for our future says:

    This is awesome news . Keep up the great work . Shut the governments mandates down . They are not law and we the people have rights to what we put in our bodies . Children are now dying from this kill shot administered by the goverment . No proof this vaccine works is even available. The covid 19 strain has not been isolated and tested to be able to come up with a proper vaccine. This has been planed for years . The Ontario governments own web page posted on March 2nd 2016 they where looking for companies to tender out building tear gates and grenades for covid 19 . The population needs to open thier eyes . A Mandate is Not law but if you consent to what the goverment is doing they can make it law . SAY WE DONT CONSENT . I hope at the end of this the PM himself and his congress all are charged with crimes against humanity. When Sars hit .4500 people died due to or from a vaccine that was put in place the FDA stopped the vaccine. Today over 30,000 people have died do to or from the covid vaccine and the FDA is doing nothing

  2. Immanuel says:

    This is awesome news 👏👏👏…. We need this to go viral and spread the word of government overreach in 🇨🇦.

  3. Quirkychelle says:

    I don’t know where you have the idea that this would have included homeschool parents!? I suggest readers double check the provided information and more. Due diligence, is a must.

  4. Seann From The Future says:

    Clearly, Tom For Our Future hasn’t done due diligence. The vaccine is not a kill shot and most importantly, has not been approved for kids. I’m 100% against legislating vaccination because it should be your choice, but I am also absolutely against the kind of misinformation that’s being spread about it. I trust the science, not the politicians, and while I’m bound to get a lot of negative feedback from this, the science is sound. Do your own research, don’t just take my word. Read the medical journals, the scientific community publications, the research and thesis papers, and study the history of vaccines, then draw your own conclusions. It’s not an easy read, and it’s definitely not a quick one, but if you want to make a truly informed decision, it’s the only way. Regurgitation of disproven claims doesn’t make them true.

    • Amy says:

      Where have you done your research?? If you’ve done your research then you’d know that vaccines are interventions containing dead or attenuated virus to create an immune response, not just antibody response, to a specific virus. These mRNA shots are a therapy using graphene oxide to deliver mRNA to cells to reprogram them to produce only the spike protein of a specific corona virus. This causes the body to only create antibodies, not a robust immune response. If you’d done the research you claim to have done you’d know that phase 2 trials were skipped, which is a HUGE thing as that’s where you see any potential side effects. In the previous trials of corona mRNA therapeutics the majority of phase 2 subjects caught the virus, which is why they know it doesn’t prevent infection, and DIED. Plus, again, if you’ve done the research you’ve claimed you would know that more people have been killed and maimed by these shots in 6 months than in the past 20 yrs from all vaccines combined. So, do you work for one of these companies or have some other financial claim? This settled science bs is a bit of a tip off. Or do you just like to say you’ve done all this research to convince others who are too lazy to do their own of your position?

    • Bartley Ruth says:

      I have done my research although the media is trying to make that impossible.
      There are thousands of virologists, scientists, doctors who are warning of the dangers of this “vaccine”. The doctors, nurses and frontline workers refusing to cooperate speaks volumes to me. When all the animals died during the animal study that should be the first indicator it’s not safe. Any vaccine that has caused the number of death we have seen would have been stopped within the first month.
      All one needs to know is when they are willing to pay people or gift them a “reward” for complying while they go against our charter of rights and the Nuremberg Code, threaten people’s livelihood and their children’s right to an education, all while destroying our economy, something is seriously amiss.
      If I can be so bold as to suggest you go beyond the mainstream media and find the truths they are hiding. It will undoubtedly give you much to ponder.

    • Liz is mad says:

      I agree with Bartley and Amy – if you are following the science that our PM, media, big tech, big Pharma, and health ministers are following, you are either part of this sham or have been duped yourself. Credible doctors have been speaking out against this for close to 2 years – yet they are being censored and discredited by the fake fact checkers, big tech, and the paid off media. (CBC was recently caught in the sham of using manikins as patients, trying to trick people into thinking the hospitals were full. If they were, how can they be taking up bed space with a manikin?). There was also no option for an intelligent debate from real scientists not on the payroll. That alone should give you pause. Hmmmm, should I trust someone who is profiting by spewing this nonsense information or someone who, by speaking against it, stands everything to lose, but whose conscience could not do otherwise? There are so many amazing people standing for truth here and even if by doing so we perish, I am so very honoured to stand beside them. Real people with integrity which cannot be bought. Pretty easy decision really. I’ve seen none of those on the other side, not even one.

    • emma says:

      Seann There is no real science behind this vax …It has been proven over and over …by great scientist saying that the spike protein is dangerous and there will be more death then you can ever imagine …please show me where you got your papers from I would really like to know what you are reading from … A lot of the peer review papers where tampered with and lied about, Lots of big pay offs and the Doctors that came forward have been censored and lost a lot …most of your Doctors are doing what they are told to do for fear of losing their Jobs …and that is sad. This vax killed my cousin my friend and my other cousin stroke …and that is ok …not by my GOD !

  5. Tanya MacIntyre says:

    Nice to see this win! We are more likely to die from a strike of lightning than from COVID-19, so I could never understand why this untested vaccine was approved by the CDC and the FDA. Perhaps it’s because they get paid by the vaccine manufacturers to approve their vaccines? These conflicts-of-interest are criminal and should be treated as such.

  6. Laura Lea says:

    Awesome, Belinda and Jim!

  7. Ruth Morrison says:

    I am so happy this bill did not pass. Teachers of all kinds and now trying to force it on homeschool parents that have already jumped through so many hoops to give their children a great education. They just want to make life impossible, until they have there say in everyone’s lives. If the people who homeschool would not take the vaccination would they go as far to take children out of there homes? Also away from there families, this is a very scary time. Government has WAY over stepped there boundaries, when will it end? How will it be stopped. Ruth

  8. james says:

    Yes to Blue party , we do not consent to forced vaccines,
    It is a covid war ,and war is on we the people ,Ordered by cabal /satanist etc, via Big corp including big pharma, Via CCP who genocide millions of own people ,who also organ harvest millions of own people who so happen to make masks and ppe????What??? are you insane or just paid off???Via our treasonous politicians who sold us out . you are murderers ,premeditated murderers with holding treatment ,you are caught we know now. You have No legal authority to force anyone, spirits operating evil in these people must leave planet now!!!! not a request it is a demand in Jesus name. It is spoken ,so it is .
    Thank you faithful ones

  9. Andres says:

    It’s not a government-approved vaccine.
    The vaccines are authorized under EUA

  10. Mark Paolone says:

    Finally some good news. Premier Ford has forgotten that he is a political leader in a representative democracy, rather than a King of some bygone age – I’ve never been so ashamed to be Canadian as the last 19+ month’s of Communism.

  11. Marc Dennis says:

    My hat is off to Belinda and the New Blue Party of Ontario. Their first member in the Legislature is making a huge difference. Doug the Thug is finding out that he is not King Doug but in fact should be serving the people and not Big Pharma and the Globalists.

  12. Deborah says:

    Thank God for NEW BLUE ! Jim and Belinda, who head up the Party, have rallied the troops in our hour of need. We have narrowly averted becoming a Communist State. We need to build on this Victory !

  13. Yuliya says:

    Thank you to everyone who made it happen! I hope employers strop bulling and assaulting good workers and let them all back to work. I hope also unions step forward and protect those who were wrongfully dismissed.

  14. John Gabreal says:

    Doug Ford can take all his money he made with him straight to HELL! Hopefully he wakes up before the devil comes for him and the rest of the tyrannical government!!! Trust me on this one, NO ONE ESCAPES JUDGEMENT!!!!!!

  15. Diane Garvin says:

    Why wouldn’t you simply join the PPC party who has the same platform? Don’t waste our time and spread out our votes.

    • Emma Jones says:

      PPC is federal, this is a Provincial party. So thankful for new Provincial parties to challenge these fake conservatives I hope Alberta will do this too.

    • Pedro M says:

      The PPC doesn’t have a provincial party. New blue is the next best thing. But I agree, they should join forces!

    • Daniel Harder says:

      The PPC is not a real Party.
      It is a one man Resentment Party who’s only mandate is to insure the Conservatives never win another Federal election.
      And thus far, you fools are making that vision come true for him.
      Think about it…. 🤔🤔🤔
      Why would you place your trust in a slick talking, well groomed politician out of Quebec? That should be your first red flag.
      And another corrupt one at that.
      He does not have your interest at heart whatsoever.
      Bernier only cares about Bernier.
      Twice you have voted for a slick-talking, well groomed politician from Quebec and twice you got your wish.
      Gonna do it again next time?
      Careful what you wish for….
      You are liable to get it again. 🙄

      • Barry says:

        Wwwhuutt??, there’s a federal "conservative" party?? I don’t remember hearing from them during the last election. I know there was some party with a guy named Ernie or Erin th Tool or sumthin… but I thought he was running on Pee.M. Trudopes platform, with some new party called the con-liberals party?

  16. George says:

    FYI Diane…the PPC is a federal party (Canada) while the New BLUE Party is provincial (Ontario) Please get your facts straight and "don’t waste our time."🤦‍♂️

  17. Al S says:

    What virus? Where is the proof?
    Here is a collection of Freedom of information responses and court documents from over 120 institutions (including Public Health Agency of Canada, US CDC, NIAID, UK Depart of Health and Social Care, Indian Council of Medical Research) in >20 countries:

    Every challenged institution has failed to provided or cite even 1 record describing isolation/purification of the alleged "COVID-19 virus" from any patient sample, by anyone, anywhere, or proof of "its" existence.

    V!ru$e$ do not exists as we have been told. It is another hoax, which has now been debunked. What people need to realize is that there is NO tiny bug that can kill them. This whole scamdemic would end overnight if everyone knew this.. No V!ru$e$, therefore NO MORE VAxxCINES. Read the Books Contagion Myth, The Invisible Rainbow, Virus Mania: C-19 edition, What Really Makes You Sick? And Good By Germ Theory, and that’s just a start of the evidence showing the Complete Fraud Pharma and the Medical establishment are.

    The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses Are Not the Cause of Disease.pdf

  18. Carol says:

    Great news!! Can she stand up for us Federal workers now??

  19. John says:

    I’m trying to corroborate this news article and cannot find anything to suggest that this is a verified fact. Has anyone else had any success. Its so sad that today you cannot take for granted what is printed as news is in reality real news.