Media Angry at School Trustee Smoking, Ignores Candidate Sexualizing School Supplies

Written By Jenn Smith, Posted on January 31, 2021

A Tale of Two Scandals in the Chilliwack School Board Election

A left-leaning Chilliwack School Board trustee candidate performs fellatio on a microscope and swings naked on a wrecking ball and receives no critical attention from the media, but when conservative trustee Barry Neufeld lights a cigarette the gates of media hell open and the flames of faux-outrage ensue. A story of egregious media bias.

By Jenn Smith

A strange story appeared in the media on January 14. The writers for Vancouver’s News 1130 and the Chilliwack Progress, Ash Kelly and Jessica Peters, were apparently appalled by the fact that embattled school trustee Barry Neufeld had done something that, in their minds, was almost unspeakably evil. The headline spelled out in stark language the egregious offense: “Asked to resign, Barry Neufeld lights a smoke during Chilliwack School Board meeting.” Despite their reluctance to shock the public with such a disturbing story, Ash and Jessica knew that they had a duty to tell the public about this terrible crime no matter how much it pained them to do so.

Barry Neufeld, who has served his community as an elected and popular school trustee for almost three decades, had been asked to resign so many times by the tyrannical left-leaning majority block on the Chilliwack School Board that yet another request for him to resign was simply too boring for him to endure, so he wandered off and got himself a smoke and a glass of wine and adopted a “give it a rest expression.” This all occurred during an online digital meeting of the School Board during which Barry was broadcasting from his home.

These “scandalous” low-resolution video images of a lock-down wearied Barry Neufeld lighting a smoke and sipping on a drink shocked and outraged the media, who simply could not believe the egregious crime they were witnessing.

These “scandalous” low-resolution video images of a lock-down wearied Barry Neufeld lighting a smoke and sipping on a drink shocked and outraged the media, who simply could not believe the egregious crime they were witnessing.

Barry Neufeld became known in Canada in 2017 for being the first School Trustee to dare to speak out against BC’s controversial new LGBT-focused curriculum resource known as “SOGI 123.” After some analysis, Barry came to the conclusion and announced publicly that he believed materials in SOGI 123 were teaching potentially harmful ideas to youths that might lead them to identify as transgender. He referred to deliberately confusing children in this way as a form of “child abuse.”

The latter statement may seem extreme to some, but not for those who understand the potential consequences of deliberately confusing vulnerable children in regard to their gender identity. There is little doubt that SOGI 123 is influencing children and teens in school to identify as transgender and thus putting them on a path that frequently leads to using highly toxic medications and synthetic hormones that can permanently sterilize them, all of which I as a transgender-identified activist have been pointing out as part of my call for a National Inquiry in Canada.

Evidence of SOGI 123’s role in influencing youths to transition was presented in a case that I was part of in the BC Supreme Court in which a father was being forced by the state to facilitate the medical transitioning of his daughter into a “boy” and hence her possible permanent sterilization. For these reasons and more I appeared before the Chilliwack School Board in 2017 to speak in defense of Barry’s position on SOGI 123, and then subsequently ended up getting entangled in a battle with the tyrannical left-leaning majority of the School Board myself, a story that played out for more than a year and is too long to repeat here.

Jenn Smith at a meeting in January of 2019 trying to reason with the left-leaning tyrannical majority members of the Chilliwack School Board, who were determined not to let alternative views on SOGI 123 be heard.

Jenn Smith at a meeting in January of 2019 trying to reason with the left-leaning tyrannical majority members of the Chilliwack School Board, who were determined not to let alternative views on SOGI 123 be heard.

Suffice it to say, Barry’s concerns regarding SOGI 123 were entirely reasonable. But despite this, the media, LGBT activists, and the left-leaning tyrannical majority on the Chilliwack School Board nearly lost their minds in outrage claiming Barry’s concerns actually constituted “transphobia,” “bigotry,” and “hate speech,” and they launched a seemingly unending series of attacks on him, which might help explain Barry’s need for a smoke and a drink when trying to deal with them.

It is hard not to suspect that the recent media attention given to Barry’s allegedly “scandalous” behavior might actually be motivated by something other than overblown outrage over a senior Trustee’s decision to light a cigarette in his own home. Perhaps this recent assault might actually be part of an effort to influence the Chilliwack School Board byelection that is scheduled to take place on February 13th.

Conservative School Board Trustee candidate Richard Procee.

Conservative School Board Trustee candidate Richard Procee.

After one of the left-leaning trustees resigned from the board recently, the controversy-laden Chilliwack School Board was left in a right versus the left 50/50 deadlock. The upcoming election could thus have serious implications for the future of the board since it features a right-leaning candidate, Richard Procee, whom many associate with Barry Neufeld, and a far left-leaning candidate in the guise of one Carin Bondar. This is where the story gets a little more interesting and somewhat confusing.

The right-leaning candidate, Richard Procee, despite having the support of Barry Neufeld and others on the right side of the political spectrum in Chilliwack, has been relatively low profile in this whole process and has a rather scandal-free background. The conservative business owner and McMaster University graduate is really difficult to dislike, and despite the media’s best efforts, they have been unable to find anything controversial in his past. This may explain the need of parties on the left to make Barry, once again, the center of attention for the by-election, since Barry’s admittedly occasionally “Archie Bunker” ways are easy for unscrupulous journalists and others to attack. By putting Barry front and center they could use Barry’s support of Procee as a way to muddy his otherwise pristine reputation.

Unlike Procee, the other candidate in the Chilliwack School Board election, Carin Bondar, is anything but uncontroversial. The FreshWater Ecology biologist’s claim to fame is authoring a book and doing a web series entitled “Wild Sex,” which is all about the sexual exploits of animals complete with heady episode titles like “You Can’t Rape An Elephant,” and stories about “____ing” like rabbits, penile clitorises, golden showers, and of course tons of animals desperately humping each other while she holds visual-aid dildos and is surrounded by scantily clad men. Bondar appears in the series wearing a T-Shirt that says “legalize everything” and then talks about orgies, and prostitution, and animal sex and how she is “going to go get some of that.” Whatever your feelings about all of this you must admit it is a tad controversial, yet the media has ignored it completely and its implications for how she might influence the boardroom.

Now as a transgender-identified person with a bit of a wild sexual past myself, I am certainly not one to question a person’s sexual inclinations, but when the media is making a scandal out of Barry Neufeld lighting a cigarette and having a drink in his own home, it is hard not to notice the relative silence surrounding Bondar’s bizarre obsession with animal sex and her strange YouTube video (publicly available, not behind an adult paywall, indicating she wants as many people as possible to see it) in which she is seen one moment dancing in her underwear and the next inexplicably swinging on a wrecking ball totally naked, only to drop onto the floor and mimic performing oral sex on a microscope.

Carin Bondar for School Trustee? Screencaps from Bondar’s strange Youtube video which is available for all of the children of Chilliwack to see, unfortunately her series “Wild Sex in the Animal Kingdom” has been made private during the election.

Carin Bondar for School Trustee? Screencaps from Bondar’s strange Youtube video which is available for all of the children of Chilliwack to see, unfortunately her series “Wild Sex in the Animal Kingdom” has been made private during the election.

Now once again I am not interested in the sexual paraphilias of Ms. Bondar, my own background sexually has involved many a curious adventure, the real question is why Barry Neufeld smoking a cigarette is presented as an outrage by the media, while Bondar’s sexual attraction to various school supplies and proclivity for swinging naked on a ball and chain gets no attention whatsoever?

Willow Reichelt, probably the least erudite and least capable member of the Chilliwack Board yet strangely its most authoritarian member, once argued, with full support from the media, that Barry should be barred from entering Chilliwack schools because students might somehow psychically intuit his allegedly anti-LGBT ways and experience immediate trauma. Barry has been a trustee for almost thirty years without incident until his alleged “outrage” of questioning materials that might confuse kids and now his most heinous act of all … lighting a cigarette. The media has been all over Barry Neufeld for these things, yet have written almost nothing about the queen of “wild animal sex” Carin Bondar? Are they not worried that during school tours Bondar might slip into a science lab for a quickie with a microscope or into the gym to swing naked from a climbing rope? What about the COVID-19 implications of her oral attraction to science equipment?

Now I of course would never suggest that Bondar might actually pose a threat to do these things, but a fair and honest person would also know that Neufeld, a long time veteran with more knowledge than anybody on the board about running a school district, is also no threat to children, nor are his opinions or personal proclivities.

When you add all of the negative press Barry Neufeld has received to the complete absence of scrutiny Ms. Bondar’s antics have received, one has to wonder if the media would have just left Barry alone if during the School Board Meeting instead of lighting a cigarette he had chosen instead to sit on an exercise ball naked and lick a banana. Perhaps then the media would have left him alone in the knowledge that he had obviously been fully converted to the ways of the “Wild Animal Sex” queen and hence was now suited to make decisions affecting the children of Chilliwack.


But in the end, none of this recent media attention is really about Barry Neufeld; this became clear to me when I wrote a rather neutral letter to the Editor of the Chilliwack Progress newspaper, in which I simply asked for people to choose the candidate they thought most likely to promote peace in the boardroom and be open to listening to all concerned members of the community, including the religious community. I endorsed no candidate in the letter, but I will concede here, and the media knows perhaps better than anybody, that you do not have to endorse a candidate in order to benefit their campaign. You can simply attack your chosen candidate’s opponent by reporting “scandals” or by engaging in dubious guilt by association arguments or by using deceptive language in your headlines — such as Paul Henderson, editor of the Chilliwack Progress, did when he gave my letter to the editor a patently absurd and deceptive headline describing me, a transgender person, as an “Anti-Trans Activist.”

I would thus suggest the media has attempted to make the Chilliwack election about Barry Neufeld and looked for every way they can to smear him in the hope that they will at the same time smear the decidedly uncontroversial conservative candidate Richard Procee who has remained relatively aloof from all the “scandal.”

So once again I ask the public to ask themselves who they think will be more likely to bring peace to the Chilliwack School Board meeting room: an apparently moderate conservative businessman or a radically left anti-creationist sexually paraphilic exhibitionist swinger?

Jenn Smith

12 responses to “Media Angry at School Trustee Smoking, Ignores Candidate Sexualizing School Supplies”

  1. bev says:

    what a joke poor Barry

  2. TheChild says:

    Hey bev, go back to Tumblr and NPC somewhere else.

  3. Charlene says:

    The Chilliwack Progress is a pitiful newspaper. The bias is disgraceful and they are often downright dishonest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Mona Lisa says:

    I am pro-evolution and an evolutionist myself, but this behaviour by Carin is insane. Richard has my vote all the way!

  5. Sandra Fryer says:

    Wow it makes a difference when you hear both sides to make an intelligent decision.
    My vote is for Barry.

  6. Lisa Marie Begg says:

    you are a great writer; and i have to say it must flabergast the tyrannical left to see you advocate for Barry…you are probably the biggest most unsuspected stumbling block they couldnt imagine… good for you, and hopefully the public will complain enough on behalf of the vulnerable youth to keep him and remove the wrecking ball

  7. Mark says:

    Barry is unhealthy for the school board and he shows this thru his work, period.
    What Ms. Bodnar does in her private life, sobeit.
    Learn to separate professional conduct from personal choice Jenn.

    • Jenn Smith says:

      It is not her private life, what on earth are you talking about? It is her publicly published body of work that she said just this week she is proud of. Her style is to educated using sexualized themes, which is a style and indicates a mindset unlikely to bring peace to this boardroom.

  8. Luke R says:

    What a ridiculous false equivalence. Neufeld’s antics happened while ON THE JOB, after he’d already been under fire for years for his intolerance. Lighting a smoke in a meeting in which he was being taken to task for his previous behavior was nothing short of a middle finger to the institutions he is supposed to represent. At best, he came across as dumb, grumpy and disrespectful. Bondar made a Miley Cyrus parody video (of course you neglected to mention that context) a few years ago as a creative way to educate people about evolution, and she has found a wildly popular niche as a biologist in educating people about the sexual behavior of animals. So Neufeld disrespects while Bondar educates – who do you think is better-suited for a school board role?

    • Jenn Smith says:

      The false equivalence is to make Barry the center of attention during the election when he is not a candidate. Barry was not at work, he was at home during a lock-down being harassed by crazies and waiting for them to rule once again whether they would ask him to resign. He was sick of it and who could blame him. Maybe they should stop harassing him. And the "parody video" is the tame video.

  9. Peter says:

    At the end of the day, this is about the students and nothing more. Ms. Bondar has shown that students may be an easy target for her and her manipulation. Barry lit a freaking smoke and had aa drink of wine, IN HIS OWN HOUSE. This is nothing but the radical left, creating another crisis instead of arguing about the issues. Honestly, if it were truly about the kids, neither would get a vote as they both are terrible role models.

  10. Ellen says:

    If Ms. Bondar was a school teacher posting such a lewd video, complaints would be made to Teacher Regulation Branch for inappropriate conduct. How is such a person even considered viable as a school trustee??? Smoking a cigarette in one’s own home is not an offense worthy of such hyperbolic vitriol.