Manitoba Pastor Tobias Tissen is Reopening his Church Despite Threat of Arrest from the RCMP

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on June 13, 2021

Manitoba Pastor Tobias Tissen has for quite a while now has been having to keep a low profile from the RCMP who seek to arrest him for his violations of the draconian provincial public health orders. Today as he has publicly announced he will be holding church service and has even published his church’s address online, after months of having to keep his weekly church services less publicly-known.

Over the past several months Pastor Tissen has held services, but without making announcements of them taking place, and has avoided notice from the RCMP up to this point.

Pastor Tissen made a statement to The National Telegraph explaining his background and the background to the legal threats from the RCMP and Manitoba Health Service (MHS) officials made against him and the Church of God, in Steinbach Manitoba. 

Tissen stated: 

My name is Tobias Tissen and I’m a minister at the Church of God in Steinbach, Manitoba.

I’m a young man, age 26, and moved to Canada with my parents and brothers in 2006 from Germany to escape the persecution that my parents experienced there for homeschooling us. As a child we’ve been in and out of court, at one point the judge removed my parents’ rights to take care of us children and we lived in fear daily of the police and children’s aid coming to take us away from my parents. We moved to another location in Germany until things calmed down. A bit after that out lawyers told my parents that the few rights they had were taken away one by one, that’s when my parents decided to move to Canada.  Further back in my history I have ancestors that lived under the Soviet Union’s oppression and were persecuted and killed for their faith. 

Since November of last year, we as the Church seem to be on the radar of public health enforcement. On November 29, 2020, the local RCMP blocked the entrance to our church parking lot when we attempted to hold a drive-in church. At the same time it was fine for parking lots to be filled at Walmart or Costco and people to exit their vehicle and go into the stores to do their shopping, but here when people came to hear the word of God that is more necessary than our daily bread and they were gonna stay in their vehicles and listen via an FM transmitter that was not allowed.  We saw the Hypocrisy in our government at that point and that there was a target on the church. Since then we have received multiple fines between the Church of God and myself totaling to this time of more than 50k and a court order that is scheduled for July 8 where they are looking to give us a fine of up to 1 million. 

Things have recently intensified when Manitoba Justice officials have signed an arrest warrant to take me into custody and give me conditions that would make me a criminal if I continued to worship God and exercise the freedoms that God has given to Humanity.

The RCMP I am currently looking for because I’ve continued to exercise my God-given rights and freedoms. I have not followed public health orders specifically when it comes to worship services that they have completely shut down here. In those things, “we must obey God rather than man.”  There is currently a warrant out for my arrest. Police have been to a friend’s house and asked for me, they have also randomly conducted a traffic stop on a friend’s car to see whether I was inside or not. 

There is currently a warrant out for my arrest. Police have been to a friend’s house and asked for me, they have also randomly conducted a traffic stop on a friend’s car to see whether I was inside or not. 

Pastor Tissen now from the months of having to avoid notice from the RCMP so he does get arrested and subjected the massive fines they want to give to him and the Steinbach Church of God, but today regardless of the risks of being made an example of and being arrested, he plans on reopening his church publicly today. 

Tissen explained that:

When this whole covid 19 came up last year we watched carefully what it’s all about and learned very quickly that it’s not much more than the regular flu. I’m not saying that in some cases it hasn’t killed people, but so does the flu. We haven’t seen any outbreak in our congregation and we have gathered in person throughout the summer, fall, winter, spring and summer again. No covid deaths stemming from our gatherings. 

So what I see happening is history repeating itself, and by God’s grace I’m inspired and determined to stand in line without who’ve stood for God and be unmoved by the wicked agenda that’s being perpetrated in this time, and with Daniel we won’t bow down the image that has been set up. 

They don’t want their actions recorded and they know that it looks bad to arrest a preacher at church. Also they’re aware of the criminal code 176 that it’s an arrestable offense to interrupt a religious service. But Canada has proven that officers can break that criminal code and get away with it. 

This can be viewed as a sort of persecution, although it’s not anything intense yet when I look at what the martyrs went through.  But I’m thankful for the opportunity to go through the bit that we’re going through to show this world that there are people that will not bow down, because we are already bowing down before God and cannot nor will not bow and submit to this agenda, and image that is being set up.

Today not only will Pastor Tissen be going up against both the RCMP and MHS, but also the lefty legacy media who will no doubt attempt to paint the Church of God service as some great threat to public health despite the MHS never having tracked a singular case of COVID-19 to their services.

The entire establishment will try and smear the Church of God and Pastor Tobias Tissen as sinister or irresponsible, and it is important that regular Canadians stand in support of the church’s right to open and hold services, especially, like Pastor Tissen points out, when Costco and Walmart are allowed to be packed full of people and never had to shut down to please government bureaucrats.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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  1. Leanne Nyeste says:

    God Bless you Pastor Tobias! 🙏☦

  2. Frank Black says:

    If it’s hard to understand the good pastors sermons each week that’s because he’s got Trumps dick in his mouth.