Hundreds show up to Protest at Remand Centre Demanding Freedom for Pastor Tim Stephens

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on June 27, 2021

Several now well known religious and political leaders came out on Saturday to speak at a protest at the Remand Centre for Tim Stephens, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church, who is currently in prison for holding an outdoors Sunday service because the RCMP had seized Fairview Church’s property. 

From looking at the crowd from on the ground it seemed like there were around 500 people that showed up despite being over 30 degrees with little shade. 

The main host of the Liberty Coalition event was Tim Stephens’ brother Trevor Stephens, who is also an associate pastor at Victory Baptist Church. Trevor in his opening speech to the event not only took aim at Alberta Premier Jason Kenney for the illegality of his brother’s arrest, but also the Calgary RCMP for enforcing lockdown orders that violate Canadian’s Charter rights.

At one point Trevor jokingly proposed that the Calgary police should change their motto from “vigilance, courage, pride,” to “cowardice, recklessness, and shame”.

Afterwards, Ontario Pastor Jacob Reaume spoke, who himself is facing over a million dollars in fines from Doug Ford’s Ontario government as well as potentially 10 years in prison for refusing to abide by Ontario’s public health orders, in spite of the lack of evidence that they are useful in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

One of the leaders of the Liberty Coalition, Pastor Michael Thiessen also spoke, who similarly to Reaume, and Trevor Stephens highlighting their issues with the cowardice of many churches and church leaders being unwilling to reopen at all throughout the entirety of the lockdown restrictions.

John Carpay, the president of the Justice Centre for Canadian Freedoms, also spoke at the event to give legal updates on the government of Alberta trying to legally dodge their responsibility to demonstrate that the lockdowns and restrictions were at all necessary or that there was a significant risk to not following the orders that would justify making them mandatory. 

Independent Member of Parliament for Hastings-Lennox and Addington, Derek Sloan, also spoke at the event to speak in favour of the release of Pastor Tim Stephens, as well as federal political issues.

Sloan highlighted the media’s lack of interest in covering anything that challenges their lockdown narrative and how still no legacy media has dared to cover his press conference with censored doctors, despite now having over 610,000 views. 

Finally the last speaker was formerly jailed Pastor James Coates who came out and read a statement given to him by Tim Stephens from prison, before delivering a sermon of his own to the large crowd of Albertans that turned up at the event.

Video of the entire event can be viewed at the link below on Trevor Stephens Twitter posting.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “Hundreds show up to Protest at Remand Centre Demanding Freedom for Pastor Tim Stephens”

  1. Janet says:

    Have all PCR test Samples SEQUENCED, you will not find Covid Sars 2 and the fictitious virus hasnt been isolated and yet the covid theater continues – to take all our rights away from us, destruction country economies to set us up for a globalist reset take over, Justin Trudeau welcomes this ! because he is with the club that runs the planet

  2. WeTheFree-RD says:

    This was a beautiful day to stand with like minded individuals with the goal of freedom.
    We will continue praying for you Pastor Tim, and that justice will be prevail.

    Here is a full live stream, as well as the times for speakers :
    Free Pastor Tim 🙏💙
    (unlawfully & unjustly being held in the Calgary Remand for refusing to defy God, and for standing up for his rights and freedoms)

    Alberta holds the record for the most Christian pastors arrested in Canada.

    Guest Speakers : (and times to find them!)
    Free James Coates :⌚1:29:30
    Derek Sloan, Conservative :⌚1:08:10
    Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms – John Carpay :⌚33:15
    Pastor Jacob Reaume-Ontario: ⌚approx 20min in
    Pastor Michael Thiessen-⌚approx 50min in
    Drew Barnes – wrote in :⌚ 1:02:50
    And more….

  3. Stang says:

    I find it interesting that MSM only shows up at events where people are being arrested and hauled off to prison. Why is that? I’ve heard that many members of the media are very stressed out, so stressed in fact that CBC for example has suspended their comment section. I use to love the comment section on those platforms, it was the only way you could express how you felt about the injustice being done to Canadians. It didn’t matter that nobody read it you got to vent and I for one always felt a little better telling the Trudeau loving liberals or any of the dictator premiers how I felt.
    Now the pm of our once great country along with some of the loser run parties NDP to name one are attempting to take away our right to vent. They are attempting to silence us from expressing how we feel about being robbed of our rights to free speech. They are trying to silence us as they steal our future and that of our children. I have a question for these politicians and the media.
    Do you think we will just let this go? Do you think that just because we have remained passive up to this point and have listened to your directives you are winning the war? I can tell you that you have little to know idea what you will wake up to if this happens again. People know what is happening, they know who the enemy is now. They are ready and willing to take back what is ours. For those that are stressed in the above mention, you should be stressed, you have every right to be stressed, because you are the carrier of miss information and the henchmen for the ones who are attempting to take what is ours, freedom.
    Please pray this is the end of this fakedemic or God help us all