Goat heads and bird carcasses found in Brampton’s Credit River

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on May 12, 2020

Last week a Brampton resident discovered 4 severed goat heads, as well as other mutilated birds that were bound together, in the credit river while walking their dog.

So far, the police and city council have not discovered anything about the origins of the animal abuse, although the Toronto Star has brought up the possibility of religious rituals being involved.


Councillor Doug Whillians and Micheal Palleschi from Wards 2 and 6 respectively have taken the reports seriously and tabled a successful motion to have the situation and the city bylaws are going to look into the matter.

Councillor Pallechi also inferred that garbage and ashes being dumped into the river has also been a problem as of late, and that the referral motion will be investigated by staff and reported back to council at a later meeting.

It’s unclear whether or not the people who dumped the animal carcasses are connected to garbage being dumped, or simply just connected to general littering issues in Brampton that may be on the rise.

The National Telegraph has emailed Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown’s office for further details on the investigation.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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