Doug Ford’s Government Passes Extention to “Emergency Orders” Until December

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on May 31, 2021

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party voted to extend Emergency Orders until December, which were first passed last year through Bill 195. This allows Ford’s government to extend lockdowns and put in place public health orders without the approval of the Ontario Provincial Parliament. 

It should be noted that not only did former PC MPPs like Romand Baber, Belinda Karahalios, and Randy Hillier vote against the extension to Ford’s power grab, but even former Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne voted against the draconian powers. 

What should also be noted is that the majority of Ontario MPPs were not willing to vote on the extension, and that would be thanks to MPPs Karahalios and the NDP.

Karahalios led the movement against the extension speaking for 10 minutes straight against the extension on the afternoon of May 20 which spurred other opposition MPPs to keep speaking out until they ran out the clock at 6 pm and then voted ‘no’ in significant enough number on a voice vote that it required an official vote to have to be made after the week-long Parliamentary break.

This meant not only did Ford and the PCs have to have their votes on the record, but that they couldn’t avoid criticisms during a break of the provincial parliament.

So despite it being rather strange for a normal vote, it is no shock that despite actively wanting an extension to his emergency powers, Premier Ford did not have the courage to vote in favour of doing so. Clearly, based on how close a margin the yes vote passed by, the Progressive Conservatives had calculated how many ‘yes’ votes they would need and only had MPPs in safe PC ridings vote for the extension.

It is rather funny that this is how Ford chose to pass this extension in this awkward fashion, refusing to vote in favour of his own motion, while he had removed MPP Karahalios last year from the PC Party or refusing to vote in favour of Bill 195. Under Ford’s own standards from last year, he and the majority of the PC caucus would also have to be thrown out of the party.

No doubt if the Liberals or NDP were running Ontario they would be granting themselves similar powers, but situations like this demonstrate how corruptible politicians are when given great power, and then know what they are doing isn’t exactly ethical, evident in this situation by the majority of the PC caucus not voting for the motion.

It raises the question of why the PCs believe something should be passed when they aren’t even willing to sign their own names next to the passage?

MPP Karahalios and her husband Jim Karahalios recently started the New Blue Party of Ontario because of the way that the PCs have been corrupted immediately upon taking power in the province, continuing massive deficit spending, refusing to move to end corruption in internal party elections, and serve a voice for their parties fiscally and socially conservative base.

Polling is already showing voters walking away from the PCs but unsure of whether to go to the NDP, or the Liberals, indicating a new and principled Conservative alternative like New Blue may be able to make quite the splash during the next provincial election in 2022.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “Doug Ford’s Government Passes Extention to “Emergency Orders” Until December”

  1. Mike Gough says:

    What may not be obvious to many is a State of Emergency must exist consistent while EUA Emergency Use Authorisation (Compassionate motive) vaccines are allowed. As soon as a Public Health emergemcy terminates the FDA and by tradition Health Canada, will not permit use a hail mary category, substandard scrutinized product to be used. All the EUA Fact Sheets for the vaccines and the usa FDA website detail those essentials. The FSs also point out its vaccine that has NOT been approved under the accepted status quo usual approval methodology by the FDA re vaccine. BUT government, public health officials, big pharma, unethical doctors ALL work together with our MSM to veil out that is precisely what is going on. The Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine has not even undergone usa FDA EUA acceptance. However Health Canada assures us its 100% safety vetted product. They were even lax enough to buy 1.5 million dosages of the stuff off Emergent BioSolutions with strong ties to their EBS Baltimore USA facilty. that screwed up immensely over 15 million doses of grosssly inferior, suspect product. The FDA has never accepted any warp speed vaxx made there.

    • NancyW says:

      Not only has it never been approved for use, IT IS NOT A VACCINE anyway. This shot is an RNA shot which changes your DNA somewhat and seems to help with this CCP/globalist/UN plandemic problem they do not know what else it will do to you or your children’s children. They do not yet know how many follow up shots to keep this "protection" going or how often. But the globalist owners of big Pharma are making a fortune from the tax payers of the world. While we the trampled people of the world want out of lock downs and "faux vaccine passports" and bought out politicians.

  2. J. FRANK says:

    Don’t vote for any of them.
    We need new common sense reoresentation for the people. Not dictators or pie in the sky speakers.
    Vote New Blue Ontario.