Calgary’s Mayor Jyoti Gondek Wants To Fight “Hatred” But Not Actual Crime

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 14, 2023

Crime is increasing in alarming rats in the City of Calgary, and property taxes were increased at a time when many Calgarians are struggling to pay their bills, but Mayor Jyoti Gondek is focused on the things that matter, all-ages drag shows and electric buses. 

Of course, the more minor issue is the $165 million to buy up a fleet of electric buses, but in the big picture stuff like the forcing of the green agenda on Calgarians and the inability to allow woke left-wing ideas to be criticized, shows Jyoti Gondek’s weakness as a mayor.

One of the most startling actions Gondek has taken since being elected mayor is her announcement that she would be utilizing a street harassment bylaw in order to target the parents who protest all-ages drag events. In council, she claimed this was needed to combat “protests rooted in hated,” which is a qualifier so subjective she may as well have just said ‘protests I don’t like.’

It should be noted just how gross it is for a mayor to smear citizens as “hateful” for exercising their civil rights to oppose a form of entertainment they see as being harmful to children.

This was done in the aftermath of some LGBT events being canceled during the Chinook Blast festival in February due to a large group of Calgarians protesting the inclusion of a drag show at an event that was meant for families.

The vast majority of parents would likely agree that drag performances and their obvious sexualized undertones (overtones in some cases) are not appropriate for children. This is why so often the drag shows advertised specifically for families are still mostly full of adults with a few unfortunate children dragged along (pun!) to act as accessories to the adults’ progressive lifestyles. 

Apparently the “inclusive city” Gondek is wanting to create involves fining people $500 for protests she does not like the target of. 

This is just another instance of Gondek being obsessed with instances of “hate” rather than much more pressing matters facing the City of Calgary.

It is a frustrating focus not only because of her apparent disinterest in dealing with actual everyday crime in the city but also the implication that Calgary is such a “hateful” place we need the council dumping resources into the issue. 

Ward 13 City Councilor Dan McLean caught the city completely neglecting the issue of crime by asking if the city had even inquired into new anti-transit crime grants the province had made available to all cities in Alberta.

In Gondek’s Calgary, it’s as if muggings are just a secondary concern as long as the perpetrator makes it clear the victim got their teeth knocked in and their wallet stolen for non-bigoted reasons. 

As absurd as what I said may have seemed, back in August 2022 after six separate shootings that month, Gondek blamed the raise in violent crime on poverty and mental illness and gave the police no new powers or resources to deal with the issue. She even one time scolded the police for removing an illegal homeless encampment

What made Gondek finally cave and give the police more powers? Calgarians protesting all-ages drag shows…It’s so ridiculous and divisive that you would only believe it actually happened because Gondek was the one who did it.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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