Calgarians Expected to Toss Out Left-Wing Establishment in the Municipal Election

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 8, 2021

Craig Chandler a councilor candidate for Calgary Ward 12 while door-knocking around the mostly conservative area should be getting a good response from residents, but going towards the 2021 Calgary municipal election the positive response has been more akin to an overwhelming flood not comparable to the previous election years.

Chandler talking to Ward 12 residents is not only benefiting from over 2 decades of political experiences but Calgarians fatigue from the last 12 years of progressive rule under Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Nenshi is not running again for mayor in 2021, he will potentially be running in North Calgary for the federal Liberals, but Nenshi has seemed to have tried to crown a successor on his way out, current Ward 6 Councilor Jeff Davison, who Nenshi implied an endorsement for at a Filipino community event, commemorating Jose Rizal, which caused Davison some shock, unsure whether it was a good or bad thing. Most had previously assumed Nenshi would have endorsed the far more left-wing councilor Jyoti Gondek. 

Ward 6 Councilor Jeff Davison (Photo from CTV News Calgary)

Ward 6 Councilor Jeff Davison (Photo from CTV News Calgary)

Following Chandler during his door-knocking route, you could tell those he talked to at the door ranged in political views, some clearly being dedicated Conservatives and others being more Liberal in their temperament, but everyone connected with Chandler’s own personal frustration with the runaway spending in city hall. At not one answered door did Chandler fail to collect all the voter information he set out for. 

Ward 12 particularly did not like to hear that in the middle of the economic slump, caused in great part by overbearing lockdown orders from the province and city, that city workers were given a roughly 15 percent pay increase despite the obvious glut in actual work to do over the past year. 

Chandler explained the change in the feelings among Calgarians towards Nenshi over his three terms, stating that:

I think Nenshi was a spectacular mayor during the floods, but now he has become a great example of why we need term limits. Nenshi squandered his good reputation post-flood to push for high-spending on bloated government programs and Calgarians overtime grew tired of his irresponsible obsession with ‘new’ and not efficient. Just look at that stupid blue ring, and the Bowfort towers next to COP. Nenshi is an abolute expert at spending taxpayer money and getting no value in return.

(Photo from The Daily Hive)

(Photo from The Daily Hive)

Calgary is a good litmus test that pushes towards hyper-liberal governance, that measures success based on increases in spending and new programs, is a failing brand and Canadians will overtime demand government return to its intended role as a more passive minder that uses taxpayer money sparingly.

Chandler said, regarding the backlash to left-wing governance in Calgary, and Alberta as a whole, that:

People expect to pay taxes but they need value for their dollar. When taxes are at an all time high but the firefighter and police budget are taking a hit you know left-wing values are taking priority over the standard of living of Calgarians.Calgary cannot turn into Portland. We need our police and a council that won’t stab them in the back when crime is on the rise. 

Calgarians are not willing to spend on ideological pet projects, and want a pragmatic government with practical business experience and that’s what I will be bringing in Ward 12. 

Look at the guys running against me in 12. Evan Spencer is campaigning while being paid by the Calgary taxpayer, and was endorsed by left councilors like Druh Farrell, while possessing none of the experience that this city needs to get back on track. 

Although this next municipal election won’t be a walk-over for Conservative candidates, right now the environment is much more activated to take back the city from the increasingly unpopular leftist establishment, and unlike previous elections, in 2021 a strong coalition of Conservatives connected to the Take Back City Hall organization is prepared to fight hard for each individual city ward.

Chandler explained why he started the Take Back City Hall organization, stating that:

The Take Back City Hall movement was a way for Calgary Conservatives to get organized and ensure that vote splitting doesn’t let Nenshi-types sneak back into office again. The project which is now closed was very successful in recruiting successful candidates to run in different wards. 

Current councilor Jeromy Farkas is so far the favourite candidate of the Take Back City Hall crowd who is running for mayor of Calgary, in what is becoming a packed field.

It seems like in 2021 the situation has been completely flipped and the leftist council and mayoral candidates are the ones who are unorganized and poised to deal each other massive damage through vote splitting.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

One response to “Calgarians Expected to Toss Out Left-Wing Establishment in the Municipal Election”

  1. emeuser2 says:

    You had Ralf Cline as a wonderful example of how a government can be fiscally responsible and make a province super strong and the envy of the rest of Canada to what you have now under clowns like Nenshi who was bent on destroying everything the Conservatives and previous city councils from the Kline years had built. Good luck Calgary and good for you if you have finally smartened up.