AHS Retroactively Edits ICU Data; Alberta Hospitals were not being Overwhelmed

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on September 26, 2021

Yesterday, The National Telegraph released an article reporting on statements made by Alberta Health Service CEO Dr. Verna Yiu that were out-of-sync with AHS’ own data on the provinces’ ICU capacity. 

After the article was published and was viewed tens of thousands of times the hashtag #ThankYiu was spawned by those supporting Dr. Yiu. Nobody seemed to actually attempt to explain/justify why her statements during the September 23 press conference were contradicted by AHS data. 

This morning, AHS on Twitter even put out a cryptic tweet stating that there have been no leadership changes at AHS. 

No clarifications to Dr. Yiu’s statements have been made since the publication of the TNT article or explanation for why AHS seems to be able to open up new ICU beds as more are needed despite claims that hospitals are at risk of being overwhelmed.

What has been done since the article came out (and was spread widely) is that AHS has retroactively edited their ICU bed data which now puts into question more statements that Dr. Yiu has made over the past week. 

AHS CEO Dr. Verna Yiu.

AHS CEO Dr. Verna Yiu.

Dr. Yiu during the September 23 press conference claimed that the only reason Alberta hospitals were not being overwhelmed by patients in the ICU was due to deaths freeing up more space.

Dr. Yiu specifically said:

It’s tragic that we are only able to keep pace with these sort of numbers because, in part, some of our ICU patients have passed away. And this reality has a deep and lasting impact on our ICU teams.

No doubt some people have been dying, but the claim is that AHS would be overwhelmed if not for deaths, and it just so happens that yesterday (after the publication of the TNT article) AHS’ data was updated showing that ICU beds were in far greater supply than had been previously reported.

AHS’ data on ICU beds now shows the province had significantly more beds over the past two weeks (49 more at the most). This means on Alberta’s worst day between September 6 and 21 when it was reported that ICUs were at 87 percent capacity, they were actually only at 74 percent, according to the retroactively changed data.

Oddly enough only a little more than two weeks of AHS’ data was retroactively changed, which calls into question the accuracy of the data for the period before the edited data. Now the ICU occupancy jumps from 91 percent on September 5 to only 84 percent on September 6, which seems hard to believe without some sort of clarifying evidence.

The top chart shows ICU bed data available on September 24, the one underneath shows ICU bed data available on September 26.The third chart downs shows the change in ICU beds was all due to the addition of empty beds and not occupied beds. This would mean that while the AHS was dealing with the same number of patients that they had more beds available than previously reported.The fourth chart down compares the percentage of occupied and unoccupied beds from the September 24 data and the September 26 updated data. This shows that on days when the AHS was reporting occupancy nearing 90 percent that it was actually only in the 70s and low 80s during that time according to the most recent data.

  • The top chart shows ICU bed data available on September 24, the one underneath shows ICU bed data available on September 26.

  • The third chart downs shows the change in ICU beds was all due to the addition of empty beds and not occupied beds. This would mean that while the AHS was dealing with the same number of patients that they had more beds available than previously reported.

  • The fourth chart down compares the percentage of occupied and unoccupied beds from the September 24 data and the September 26 updated data. This shows that on days when the AHS was reporting occupancy nearing 90 percent that it was actually only in the 70s and low 80s during that time according to the most recent data.

Since The National Telegraph published its article fact-checking Dr. Verna Yiu’s statements, UCP MLA for Lac Ste. Anne-Parkland Shane Clayton Getson started to call out AHS for artificially lowering the number of beds in use right before the 4th wave of COVID-19 infections.


Getson pointed out that the Alberta government has funded AHS to have the ability to increase the amount of ICU beds to over 1,000 yet beds are always said to be in short supply. He also points out that while the general public fights about vaccine passports, nobody is asking why the AHS has failed to increase beds significantly, and instead just been using enough beds to keep up with the rise in hospitalizations.

Even if AHS spokespeople and Dr. Verna Yiu is not knowingly spreading misinformation, at the very least there is a significant disconnect between what AHS officials say and what AHS’ own official data indicates. AHS data on ICU beds being retroactively changed overnight shows that something is wrong.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

29 responses to “AHS Retroactively Edits ICU Data; Alberta Hospitals were not being Overwhelmed”

  1. Eric says:

    700 thousand tax dollars a year Yiu gets paid and she lies to us. This defines corruption!

    Send her packing. The are rooms available at the Bowden pen.

    Excellent work Wyatt!

  2. Pat Scherf says:

    Nothing but lies coming from AHS and Deena Hinshaw and Jason Kenney there is no pandemic or virus this is all about control and power and instilling fear in people and using scare tactics to control people until they are so brainwashed that they can’t think for themselves the hospitals have never been overwhelmed with so called covid patients doctors and nurses are starting to speak out on this scamdemic and telling what’s really going on in hospitals and AHS is now threating their own people with forced untested vaccines that are killing people all over the world forced or mandatory vaccines are illegal in Canada and violates the Alberta charter of rights and freedoms and the Nuremberg act and the Canadian constitution. Ahs can and will be sued over this .

  3. Eric says:

    They keep the status in a constant state of emergency so that our normal constitutional protections can be overridden with the justification of an “emergency”.

    The created fear of the “virus“ must be replaced with the real fear of being under a totalitarian regime. Now.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Time for the police across Canada to DO THEIR JOB! Arrest and charge these criminals!

  5. alan mazur says:

    Great write! Indeed not MSM rhetoric! Thanks for this exposure but need more to follow as this Crown Corp & UCP members that support her mantra need to go!

    Thanks Al

  6. Mike Gordon says:

    “No virus!” “No pandemic!” Yup. Every country in the world is in on Kenney’s evil plan. What a joke you people are.

  7. Keira says:

    Notley hired Yiu in 2015. She is currently involved in multiple lawsuits. She should be fired. Along with the Notley-hired Hinshaw. If it looks like the NDP are running AHS, they are.

    "They say corrupt people recognize other corrupt people.

    Would you follow Dr.Verna Yiu into her many legal battles as a defendant in multi-million dollar lawsuits for harming Dr.Nordal’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre patients and my Cross Cancer Institute Cancer Patients?"

  8. R Sharman says:

    Stop twisting the truth. I like so many others have been reassigned to ICU to mostly treat people not vaccinated that are paying the consequences. Who thought at nearly 60 years old and so many years not at the bedside I would need to be here at 2 in the morning. All edmonton ICU’s are between 200 and 250 percent above the patient count they were designed for. It’s not AHS fault, just look in the mirror those 25-30% that can’t accept science and believe joe on utube.

    • Quentin says:

      So tell me how many of these "un vaccinated" people have only had 1 shot or are more than 120 days past their second shot.

    • Scarlet McQuaid says:

      No – CTV said on the evening news last week AB had 160 ICU beds alone.
      This numbers games, matched with your empathetic and burned out response has me shaking my head. At nearly 60 years old, why at 2 in the morning are you not questioning that 20 months into this farce you have been called on and that AHS has done NOTHING to fortify nor look into preventative treatments for?

      Get a grip and start thinking rationally. They did this to you – not Covid patients in a public health system.

    • Craig says:

      Thank you for your work R Sharman, maybe it is time to stop treating the unvaxxed and clean up the backlog since it seems that is what they so desperately want

    • k kenn says:


    • Michael says:

      What evidence can you give to support your claims. What you have here is basically telling us the moon is made of cheese.

    • Wyatt Claypool says:

      The article never spoke about vaccines. No doubt most people in hospitals are unvaccinated. The issue here is that AHS has funding for 1,400 ICU beds yet has consistently used far fewer than they have the funds for. Now that they have retroactively changed their data it shows that the "crisis" scenario that has been the narrative about the recent 4th wave is not true. People who are unvaccinated are the only ones primarily affected and they made the choice to not be vaccinated. The hospitals are not being overwhelmed and AHS has the resources to ensure no surgeries have to be cancelled but AHS officials and UCP/NDP MLAs are pretending we are on the brink.

  9. Jessica Gano says:

    I’m so grateful for folks like you who keep trying to get the truth out. Verna also continually states these vaccine mandates are to prevent spread. An AHS published document states “non of the vaccine studies to date have directly measured whether people who are vaccinated end up testing positive for COVID-19 transmit the virus to fewer people than people who test positive for COVID-19.” “It is not clear yet whether the current COVID-19 vaccines are as effective at reducing transmission as they are at reducing disease.” They use a lot of “may” and “could” but there is no data to back this up. The document is the civid19 scientific advisory group evidence summary and recommendations.

    • RS says:

      Absolutely-absolutely no references just ‘studies show’…which studies? by whom? This is the dialect of AHS and cohorts.

  10. Isabelle Stuart says:

    Please find the truth so our province can start to heal,so much uncertainty and blame but we all want the same thing,for all of our families to be healthy and not live with a constant worry ,Did we do the right thing?

  11. L Minault says:

    and we wonder why no one really knows the whole truth! Statistics is not fact, it can be manipulated as we have seen time and time again. TELL THE TRUTH SO PUBLIC CAN HAVE SOME TRUST! We will never get out of pandemic since we will never know for sure what is going on…only politicians can see and believe me, AHS has a ton of politicians running around in it.

    • Jackie Swainson says:

      How is this for a reply. The number of deaths in the US have surpassed that of the 1918 Spanish Flu, which was the first real world wide pandemic recorded. And what about the Polio outbreaks in the 1950”s? How many of us watched our children die or sit in iron lungs that were powered by electricity and if the power went out, had to be continuously pumped by hand? How about Smallpox, which wiped out so many, or tuberculosis, or diphtheria, or…I could go on. Most of us today were vaccinated as children against these illnesses and have lived with benefit of health. Why do some feel that someone is always trying to put one over on us? If you do not like the politics of this, follow the data, or better yet, fight with the nurses or Dr’s that know you need to be intubated in order to keep living, telling that this is all a hoax. (True story). There is no treatment, no cure, just really a crap shoot if you get sick, or really sick, or die. Even the best of care cannot prevent how you will react to Covid. Your immune system may be strong enough, or not. But the vaccine is not about not getting the virus but about mitigating the severity and need for hospitalization. The concept of managing the curve so we would not be in this crisis of care seems to be lost on so many. It is not about you, but about helping to protect others. Something that has been lost.

  12. Michael says:

    Is there a way to find out if Dr. Yiu is a member of the Chinese Communist Party?

  13. R D says:

    There are no nurses etc to staff the beds, unfortunately

    • Jared says:

      If we forced a bunch of nurses out of their careers for not taking the vax, maybe that would help improve the staffing situation.

  14. Vincent Wansink says:

    If there’s one complaint I have about the way Alberta has handled this pandemic it’s the lack of transparency about what our health care system can handle and how close we truly are to being "overwhelmed". It seems like we can handle a lot more than we were originally told.

  15. Ron Robock says:

    The corruption starts at the top in the province of Alberta. It’s time to start cleaning house and pressing the appropriate charges. What these politicians are doing is criminal

  16. Ralph says:

    According to people I know working at hospitals, the reason not more beds are being used is due to a qualified staff shortage, people trained to use the emergency equipment such as respiratory techs. As well, a new system introduced by AHS called Connect Care has now transferred data entry from unit clerks to nurses and doctors leaving them less time for patient care. On top of all this the forced vaccinations by AHS which must be fully done by the end of October will result in even more staff shortages. So expect all of this to further aggravate an already precarious situation.

  17. Gaius says:

    All AHS would have to do to save hospitals is offer free ivermectin tablets to people who test positive and all their close contacts. We could be walking around like normal right now with zero restrictions. They’ll never do that, so we’ll just have to do it ourselves. That’s why you should email Ivm-Info@pm.me to obtain a stockpile.