AHS Removed 26,255 Staff Members to Achieve 92 Percent Vaccination Rate

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on October 20, 2021

Last week internal reports showed that Alberta Health Service staff were vaccinated at a rate of only 66 percent, with 69,442 employees being confirmed to be vaccinated out of 105,209.

Suddenly just a week later AHS CEO Dr. Verna Yiu is at a COVID-19 update press conference stating that 92 percent of AHS staff have now been confirmed to be vaccinated. This is all supposedly due to the mandatory vaccination policy at AHS being enforced, but there is just one problem with the claim Dr. Yiu is making.

While it is true on its face that 91.14 percent of AHS staff have been vaccinated, according to leaked internal AHS reports, the only reason the rate jumped up so much in a singular week is that the reported total number of employees at AHS shrunk significantly.

It should be noted that the first report with 66 percent confirmations includes “casual” employees and the one with 92 percent does not include them. Considering AHS needs as many staff as they can get, using a stricter definition of AHS employees to get to a 92 percent number seems misguided, and this would also indicates that a lot of “casual” employees are now barred from working in AHS based on the new vaccine mandates.

AHS went from having a total staff of 105,209 employees to 78,954 in a single week, which is a drop of 26,255 AHS employees by refusing to count “casual” employees (part-time or temporary employees). Only 2,513 more regular employees were confirmed to be vaccinated over that same short period of time, which confirms AHS’ increased vaccination rate has little to do with actually getting members of staff to get vaccinated.

Did the AHS suspend or fire 26,255 members of staff just to raise their vaccination rate at a time when the AHS has been claiming that staffing shortages are hurting their ability to operate? If not the numbers the AHS is reporting to Albertans with are either deeply flawed or intentionally cooked.

This is yet another time that Dr. Yiu has been shown to be spreading blatant misinformation, based on AHS’ data. Although it is technically correct that AHS’ confirmed employee vaccination rate rose from 66 percent to 92 percent in just a week, Albertans would want to know that the majority of that rise in confirmed vaccinations was achieved by significantly lowering the number of AHS employees. 

If we take the number of employees confirmed to be vaccinated in this recent week and divide it by the previous week’s total number of employees then AHS would only have a 68.3 percent confirmed vaccination rate.

It makes one wonder whether or not public healthcare is the main priority of AHS these days or if it is just pushing up their own vaccination numbers? 

Protest against vaccinate mandates for front-line workers. (Photo from Calgary Herald)

If 26,255 employees are currently suspended or have been fired, while ICUs are supposedly in need of more staff, then there is no question that Dr. Verna Yiu and the rest of the AHS executives need to be suspended and or fired themselves.

This is not the first time that AHS has been putting out misinformation and bad data, The National Telegraph and David Dickson have been for the past few weeks trying to keep up with retroactive edits of ICU bed data as well as the claims that AHS is struggling to keep up with the influx of new patients to ICUs.

Someone from the Alberta government needs to push for an investigation into the practices of AHS so Albertans can get clearer answers regarding the performance of their healthcare system because right now it is hard to make sense of the actions the AHS is taking.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

22 responses to “AHS Removed 26,255 Staff Members to Achieve 92 Percent Vaccination Rate”

  1. Jeff says:

    If they purged all the vaccinated then why aren’t they reporting 100% compliance? Are administratirs like Vera and Denna subject to the mandate?? I doubt it.

  2. Beverly says:

    Independent organization should be hired to investigate AHS….
    should have been done yrs ago

    If its a vote…I’m in favor of independent organization to fully investigate all this

  3. Vi Fraser says:

    Without the lies, there is no pandemic. Without the pandemic, there are no jabs. Without the jabs, they lose the big $$$$.

  4. Jeff says:

    Very true. Then Henshaw and the government should have to take a pay cut like the rest of us either no pay or cerb like the people they are ruling over. I have talked to a lot of nurses and they say the numbers don’t add up.

  5. Jeff says:

    It is pretty convenient that they can control the the numbers be spinning it a few more times. Also just saying every one is dying of COVID like the 14 year old but got caught in the lie.

  6. Jeff says:

    Always crying about short staff and over worked. But then firing about 25% of your staff for following your dumb mandate and try and force people to put something in your body. It must not be as bad as they say if you afford to lose 25% of staff. Fire all the people at the top they don’t help the citizens anyway. Give it to the people that actually do the work. Instead of the people that thrive on the media atty.

  7. Kelsey says:

    YIU LIED! just conveniently neglecting to offer the additional information that is relevant to this article! Going from 66% to 91% in 7 days! After you quietly ousted 30K AHS workers! What do you think that is going to do to our health care? I hope like hell YIU do not get into a car accident or a family member of yours does not need health care. WHAT A JOKE – another senseless misleading press conference – do as i say not as i do.. THIS IS A CRIME

  8. Erin says:

    Thank you again for being the voice of reason and truth amongst so many tainted reporters out there…….it is unfortunate that others don’t see the main stream media part of the problem!

    People need to open their eyes to the lies, manipulation and plandemic agenda…….

  9. Brian says:

    It’s a crime syndicate. One more lie to cover the last going on 2 years of lies. Wakey Wakey sleepers. You’ve been had, only this time God help you for what you’ve agreed to and gotten yourself into

  10. L S says:

    You are all criminals and need to be arrested for your crimes against humanity

  11. Donald says:

    ahs is a joke

  12. Rob says:

    Or, is this a ploy by the UCP Government to lower costs, considering they first proposed a 3% wage reduction earlier this year to help lower the budget?

  13. Allan L says:

    What do they say about lies and statistics? Here is the perfect example. Politicians and bureaucrats, the most deceitful people in the world.

  14. Bumstead Lyle says:

    Anything government is a joke and the healthcare system should be ashamed

  15. Tony West says:

    I take it this data from AHS also does not include workers under contracted services (such as first responders in some cities) which are so far under this mandate. Not sure the percentage of them that has got the shot, but it would no doubt add to the total number to be terminated.

  16. Kati says:

    Every health care politician (and yes Yui is just that) is lying and controlling a narrative to suit their agenda. Coercion, bullying & threats at every facility in Alberta with no regard to c-vax safety or a persons human rights, is abhorrent behaviour. Shame on everyone of them for caring more about an agenda then the health and well being of front line workers.

  17. Liz is mad says:

    I used to work for AHS and they were always pushing the flu vaccines, holding contests to see who could get the most people to get the flu jab. I was surprised to learn back then, several years ago, that only about 45% of the employees/nurses wanted the vax. I thought they all would have been on board but I guess they had seen what damage it could do, as well as the fact that the shot was based on the previous year’s flu, (so was completely ineffective) since they had no way of knowing what the new flu strain would be for any given year. Can you say giant duping or what? Lots of money in these shots.

    • Liz is mad says:

      Most definitely, these executives should be removed from their jobs, not only for incompetence, but for willfully lying and blaming their mistakes on those not party to their lies.

      "For the first time ever, a medicine’s ineffectiveness is being blamed on those who haven’t taken it.” Meme
      "Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there is hardly a healthy human left.” — Aldous Huxley

  18. Dominic Thompson says:

    Thank you for exposing this misleading statistic.

  19. Doreen W Smith says:


    One of AHS values is transparency. They are not demonstrating that at all! All lies!