Will Justin Trudeau Make It To 2025? Disapproval Of PM Hits Record High

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 10, 2023

Although it has been said and written hundreds of times up to this point; people speculating if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be forced to leave office after the parade of scandals his government has generated, there seems to be far more substance to the speculation these days.

While in the past the assumption was just that a prime minister who cause the sort of scandals Trudeau had would inevitably need to step down, often his polling numbers and job approval ratings wouldn’t reflect a politician in crisis. Yes, his approval ratings and Liberal Party polling numbers since 2019 were never very good, but never bad enough to make a change of leadership absolutely necessary. 

The difference today is that not only is Trudeau plagued by more new scandals and policy failures, but it seems to have finally caused a massive public opinion shift against Trudeau over the last year. 

According to Abacus Data, Justin Trudeau’s personal approval rating only sits at 31 percent, and his disapproval rating sits at an all-time high of 52 percent. Back in July of 2021, Trudeau was at 40 percent approval, 42 percent disapproval. 

The only polling firm that ever shows the Liberal Party edging out Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives over the last few months is Leger, and even those polls show the Conservatives underperforming, rather than the Liberals rising. 

And while some people point at the regional numbers of current polls to claim the Liberals could still win the next election, let’s be real, no they cannot. 

The Liberal’s fundraising has been heavily trailing the Conservatives, and there is a reason why everyone always mocks the NDP when they think a poll showing they could win 22 percent of the vote is at all reflective of reality. The NDP always underperforms because they lack the cash to drive out their vote, and the same thing could very well happen to the Liberals if they are overwhelmingly out-spent by the Conservatives ahead of the next election. 

Now this brings us to today, where rumours are swirling around that in 2024 Justin Trudeau could resign as Prime Minister and call for a Liberal Party leadership race.  This is according to currently serving MPs and former Liberal staffers.

Trudeau may want to stay on as prime minister but behind closed doors, Liberal Party bosses know he has no shot of winning another majority, and one of the few ways the Liberal Party could try and catch up to the Conservatives in fundraising would be to hold a leadership contest.

Trudeau may try and push hard to pass more progressive policies before he steps down to have his own “mission accomplished” moment, to pretend he’s stepping down only because he achieved everything he set out to do as prime minister. 

If Trudeau does stay on as the Liberal leader going into the 2025 election it is likely only to try and out due the tenure of his father, to the detriment of his party’s electoral prospects. 

Regardless, the political maneuvering is going to be wild over the next couple of years. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “Will Justin Trudeau Make It To 2025? Disapproval Of PM Hits Record High”

  1. Jack Reynolds says:

    In this video captured on July 8, 2023 an 87-year old man is randomly shot while walking down a street in New York.
    And here are a few recent videos from France …
    During the riots and looting in France, the memorial for a 12-year-old raped and murdered 2 months ago by an Algerian migrant was destroyed. Do you recall the rioting and looting when she was killed? … NEITHER DO I.
    Take a moment to study Toronto’s MOST WANTED LIST for July 2023 …
    Justin Trudeau has increased Canada’s immigration level to one million per annum, or from the traditional 1% to 2.5% per year. That will increase Canada’s population from 40 million to 48 million by 2030. Think of that in terms of fitting about 3 million more people into Toronto within the next 8 years.
     Do you live in Toronto or the GTA?
     While watching these videos did you give some thought to buying a gun?

  2. Marina says:

    In Quebec, his approval rate within Francophones is at less than 4 % and that’s been there for a long time. Lots and lots of polls showing that. The ones that support him are the Anglos and the Immigrants.

    • Geoff Boniface says:

      But that is the problem. Not being racist here, the immigrants/refuges have everything the minute they enter our country. Why wouldn’t they vote for him. Besides, how is there vote count if they are not citizens? or was that another change in the Voting Act he made? To be honest, I am not sure of this last part is correct.

  3. Rob says:

    It isn’t just Trudeau that is disgraced – Freeland, Mendicino, Lametti, Duclos, Guilbault and others are not trusted after their performance in this government. I wouldn’t trust a government that had any of the current cabinet. The thing is that no one resigned over Trudeau’s utter mismanagement of government! All of the above repeated obvious lies in question period. None of these people should ever be elected again, EVER!!!

    My prediction for the Liberal Party is the same thing that happened to the PC party following Brian Mulroney being defeated. It took the conservatives many years to recover from the blatant mishandling of their official positions. I think the party will have to completely change leadership and have to change the name or possibly suffer a breakup before they will have the trust of the Canadian people.

  4. Robert Watson says:

    That is good news its about time that natize muzzie piece of shit got the fuck out cuz hes wastin our money on other countries instead of our own country we need money for health care an more nurces but that Asswipe dont give a shit very very very poor leader no different than his dad im suprised nobody hasent shot the fucker by now,,,!!!