Wexit Canada : What We Stand For

Written By Jay Hill, Posted on July 30, 2020

Editors Note: The following is a statement from the WEXIT party of Canada, and does not represent the editorial board of TNT one way or another. We have chosen to publish this in our paper because we feel that growing Western alienation is a real concern and an important aspect of Canadian politics that does not get enough coverage in the media.


It has now been just over a month since I accepted the role of interim leadership of the federal political party, Wexit Canada on June 24th.  While it seems to have been an absolute whirlwind of activity for the seven of us on the board, I know it seems to you in the real world that nothing much has been happening.

Part of the challenge has been that we have quite rightly concentrated on getting our internal house in order.  In fact, we have only just completed our inaugural all day, face-to-face board meeting last Saturday here in Calgary (while social distancing).  Remember, we are all unpaid volunteers and this meeting necessitated board directors traveling from northern Alberta, central Saskatchewan, Manitoba and even northeastern BC.

We’ve had weekly video conference calls since forming our board, however, we found there were too many important details piling up to be handled in a once weekly two hour zoom call.  One of these details was deciding what we stand for.  Please respect that what follows is our first stab at this… it is a living document (as is arguably everything about political parties these days).  Before you tear it apart too voraciously remember it can, and undoubtedly will, be improved upon.  Also, remember this is a statement of principle, not a platform of policies or a substitute for a party constitution.

Wexit Canada Mission Statement

To achieve independence and a brighter future for western Canadians through constitutional reformation, or the creation of an independent nation.

Guiding Principles:  

  1. We believe that every vote in the House of Commons by our MPs must be put to one simple test: Is our support, or opposition, good for the West and our citizens?

  2. We believe the rights, freedoms, and security of all who live in Western Canada must be respected and protected regardless of race, creed, or gender identity.  These rights will include the ownership of property free from confiscation without proper compensation.  Note:  this is not support for firearm confiscation as some have suggested! 

  3. We believe the distinct culture and work ethic of the West must be honoured and preserved while striving to evolve and improve. We are proud of our heritage and will not attempt to rewrite our history.  Or tolerate destruction or vandalism of statues and other heritage sites!

  4. We believe in grassroots, bottom-up democracy. We will be guided by Western common sense and core free market values, and our policies will reflect the will of our people.

  5. We believe that every citizen is entitled to fair and equal access to quality education, timely healthcare and to live free of fear for their personal safety.

  6. We believe in building a party that values personal contributions, and where personal differences are respected.  

  7. We believe the responsibility of a properly functioning justice system is to protect the innocent and ensure adequate deterrence of the guilty.

  8. We believe in establishing a party to best represent westerners by welcoming a broad-based membership. With no affiliation to any provincial party, we encourage our members to join, support and volunteer for whichever provincial party they believe best represents their views.

If you believe this is headed in a direction you can support, join Wexit Canada today.  We invite you to come on aboard, it may just be a ride you will regret having missed.

Jay Hill

2 responses to “Wexit Canada : What We Stand For”

  1. James reid says:


  2. Weyland Yutani says:

    I’m a member of both the PPC and Wexit Canada. I joined the PPC 2 years ago and Wexit last June.

    I’ll likely vote PPC in the next election, assuming they run a candidate in my riding. My reasoning is that Max Bernier is Canada’s last chance to get it right, and the PPC is further along as an organized entity than Wexit. I just can’t see Wexit as a viable party by the next election. Even the PPC is struggling and they’ve had a few years to get ready.

    But in honesty, I doubt the PPC will make a breakthrough, and even assuming they won in a landslide, they would still be unlikely to be able to force the constitutional changes needed to end the East/West power imbalance.

    A lot depends on when the next election is called, and how the 2 parties are doing in the polls, but ultimately I see Wexit as the only possible solution to saving Western Canada before Canada as we know it collapses.

    One thing is crystal clear: under NO circumstances will I vote for the CPC. They aren’t conservative at all, they’re just the blue-tie wearing version of the LPC.

    I was a CPC member for years. Never again.