Was There A CCP Plot to Undermine Anti-Communist MP Kevin Vuong?

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 28, 2023

Things are starting to heat up in Canada surrounding the issue of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influence in past Canadian elections. Most of the focus has been placed on specific candidates that seemed to have been backed by CCP-connected donors and influencers in Canada, and those candidates that were negatively targeted with smear campaigns. 

Liberal MP from Don Valley North, Han Dong, is currently nervously defending himself from accusations and ongoing investigations into his background and support from pro-CCP individuals and front-group organizations.

Conservative MPs have also gone after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the Trudeau foundation taking millions of dollars from CCP-connected donors and now refusing to investigate the CCP interference in Canada’s democracy.  

The Conservatives are no doubt upset at some of their own MPs, including former MP Kenny Chiu, being targetted in the 2021 federal election for their anti-CCP rhetoric.

Hidden in the background of this story is one specific case of potential CCP interference more Canadians need to pay attention to. It is the case of Spadina Fort-York Independent MP Kevin Vuong.

There is a significant difference between the level of corruption that leads to Justin Trudeau letting CPC candidates get targetted and Liberal candidates uplifted by CCP operatives in Canada, and the level of corruption that cause Trudeau and the Liberals to nuke one of their own candidates for not lining up with Beijing’s agenda. 

This seems like exactly what happened to Kevin Vuong.

Kevin Vuong was a Liberal Party candidate during the 2021 election and had been operating in local Toronto municipal politics since 2018. Political insiders would likely have been able to intuit that Vuong holds anti-communist views, as he is the son of refugees from South Vietnam and a proud Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Navy. 

To a CCP operative Vuong would have been a definitive threat to their influence within the Liberal Party.

Vuong is obviously not someone who would have been open to repeating CCP-talking points in Parliament and may have blown the whistle on colleagues inside the Liberal Party who take directions from CCP influencers.

Some may remember that Vuong never actually ended up sitting in the Liberal Party’s caucus after Justin Trudeau declared shortly before the end of the 2021 federal election that Vuong would not be allowed to sit with the Liberals if he was elected. This was supposedly due to a previously undisclosed sexual assault charge that the Toronto Star launched an attack over without even reaching out to Vuong for comment. 

(As an aside, just think about how strange it is for the extremely pro-Liberal Toronto Star to focus so much of its fire on a Liberal candidate, seemingly to prevent him from being elected.)

Now that may seem like a valid reason to condemn a candidate from your own party, but context matters and the charge against Kevin Vuong was obviously baseless, which is why Toronto prosecutors dropped the charge without going to an actual trial. 

According to Vuong, in an interview with Jonathan Bradley over at the Western Standard, he had been in a relationship with the complainant who had filed a charge but nothing untoward had ever taken place. Vuong explained that on a random innocuous night at the complainant’s apartment, she had suddenly said she had to leave to go help a friend but allowed Vuong to stick around the apartment until the morning. 

Vuong stated that after the complainant left, he was later woken up by a woman he had never met who angrily demanded he leave the apartment, to which he complied. Just a few hours later after Vuong had returned to his own apartment he found that he had received two voicemails from Toronto Police stating had been accused of sexual assault. 

Vuong obtained a lawyer and met with Toronto Police at a police station where they informed him he would be charged with sexual assault. 

After several months of dealing with the charge, a hearing took place about Vuong’s case, Crown prosecutor Louise Collins, in a courtroom with a female judge, requested that the charge against Vuong be withdrawn.

Collins said:

If I can indicate, I met with the complainant in this matter for some time, and the officer in charge, there’s a number of personal issues happening right now…I have reviewed this case again and decided that it would not be in the public interest to proceed any further, and I am asking that this charge be noted withdrawn.

For anyone who is aware of the sorts of ridiculous sexual assault cases that actually go to trial in Toronto, for charges to be dropped you have to be basically 110 percent innocent of what you were accused of. And for anyone who thinks we should never elect a politician who has been charged with a crime, remember that a charge can be filed with literally zero evidence past the fact that an accusation was made. 

Obviously, especially in the safe Liberal riding of Spadina Fort York, Justin Trudeau, and the Liberals could have stuck up for Kevin Vuong. Trudeau has an actual verifiably poor history with women and other social scandals, but for some reason, Vuong was thrown under the bus for effectively not disclosing the fact he was falsely accused of a crime.

Could it be that Trudeau and the Liberal Party brass were aware that the unfair charge record would be leaked about Kevin Vuong?

CCP operatives would have good reason to not want Vuong in the Liberal government, and frankly, Vuong’s story of what proceeded his being charged (which nobody has publicly contradicted) sounds like an entrapment scheme to generate artificial dirt to throw at him if he was in a position to be elected.

Even after Vuong had still won his riding in 2021 after being smeared, Liberals and members of the media still tried to pressure him to not take his seat in Parliament. Obviously, Vuong had become an even bigger liability to the Liberal Party and CCP influencers now that he was entering Parliament with no need to act as a Liberal government loyalist.

Some users on Twitter have noted that fabricated scandals have been used by CCP actors in the past to undermine the reputations of other politicians.

Since Vuong has been sitting in Parliament as an Independent, he has demonstrated he clear unwillingness to try and beg his way back into the Liberal Party. He has been the fieriest MP on the issue of CCP election interference and intimidation within the Chinese-Canadian community.

I believe that as Canadians, we cannot just note that what was done to Kevin Vuong and other anti-CCP politicians is wrong but we have to support them and fight back against agents of foreign countries trying to push them out of elected office.

The Conservative Party should seriously consider inviting Kevin Vuong to sit in their party caucus and push hard to reelect him in the next Canadian federal election.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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  1. Patriot says:

    Wow. So let me get this straight… Justin Trudeau tosses Kevin Vuong who is literally a man who swore an oath to serve and defend this country but keeps Chinese agent Han Ding Dong who CSIS actually warns him about???? Did I get that right????

  2. Patriot says:

    Dan McTeague was a Liberal MP for 18 years back when the Liberals stood for something. He is a man of principle and I believe his judgment that this kevin vuong guy was targeted by the commies like Dan and wyatt suggests

  3. Kompromat says:

    I trust the man who signed a blank cheque to serve his country. Not Trudeau or traitor Han Dong. Suspicious why Justin stands with Han but not Kevin! Is he compromised? Kompromat.

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