Trudeau’s Power Grab Caused A Bank-Run That Could Destroy Canada

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on February 24, 2022

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrysita Freeland have opened Pandora’s Box.

You are talking to a middle-class Canadian man or woman who is double vaccinated but still gave $50 to the freedom convoy because they wanted to end the mandates and passports. How do you convince them that their money would be safe in a Canadian bank?

This is the biggest problem that the Canadian banking sector has ever faced.  Compound that with the loss of foreign investment since very few businessmen would be willing to take on the risk to put a dime into Canada at the moment.  

At least half of American investors crossed Canada off their list of safe countries to invest in when Canada’s Justice Minister David Lametti went on national television to threaten to freeze the bank accounts of anyone who is “pro-Trump”. Even if you do share the values of the Trudeau government, he won’t be in power forever and the precedent has already been set.

With the Emergencies Act revoked and a lot of personal accounts being unfrozen, it seems that the Liberals and the banks are aware of their massive mistake. However, it needs to be noted that Finance Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has her desire to make some of these authoritarian financial powers within the Emergencies Act permanent

I spoke to Tom Marazzo who had all of his accounts frozen by the major banks at the direction of the Liberal party.  Last night after the Emergencies Act was revoked his money was unfrozen, at least for now.

Tom has no criminal record, served in the Canadian armed forces, was charged with no crime, and had his assets taken without a warrant/court order. It gets worse, as Tom told me that his ex-wife, to whom he has been legally separated for 10 years, also faced financial threats since she still shares his last name. Her accounts were not frozen but she was informed by financial institutions that she was being watched for potential action by the banks. She did not contribute any money to either fundraiser or have involvement in the Freedom Convoy in any capacity.

It is safe to say that for people like Tom Marazzo after what the government and banks did to them they would have to be crazy to keep their money in the hands of the institutions that robbed them.

Tom Marazzo.

It’s not just the Tom Marazzo’s and convoy supporters of Canada that should be worried, this problem is set to metastasize quickly if nothing is done.

The Canadian government has expressed its desire and willingness to crush peaceful dissenters.  Think of all the pro-life Canadians out there. Trudeau has made a career out of vilifying them just as he deemed the Freedom Convoy “unacceptable”. His government has already made it government policy that they are not allowed to receive government funding, Charter Rights to religious liberty be damned.  Is it so crazy to be worried that he will one day take further action against the pro-life community with expanded financial powers he openly covets? 

This brings us to the question of what needs to be done about this because the ongoing economic damage will be much worse than all the border blockades put together by a wide margin.

I am not one of those people that will call for Trudeau to be sent to the International Criminal Court over crimes against humanity or whatever. I think this type of rhetoric is distracting at best and counterproductive at worst, but there do need to be consequences for what transpired these last few weeks to restore confidence in the Canadian financial system long term.

This is still Canada where a good apology can fix a tense situation. First, the banks and the government must unfreeze all the money in the GoFundMe and GiveSendGo that was meant for the convoy. Every second they hold on to money that does not belong to them the more damage is being done. Next, the banks need to apologize for going too far, pay some form of reparations to their victims, and pledge in writing to never do this again.

Finally, both Trudeau and Freeland need to fall on their sword here and resign and if they don’t massive civil litigation must be undertaken or else consumer confidence will erode more and more every day.

The Trudeau Government and their media allies can ignore this all they want, but a critical mass of Canadians will be looking to Bitcoin, Gold, silver, or just holding onto their own cash. If the Liberals and the banks just hope this problem goes away on its own, the country will not survive.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

3 responses to “Trudeau’s Power Grab Caused A Bank-Run That Could Destroy Canada”

  1. fred says:

    We continue to appeal to a compromised judiciary for remedy. Judges in Canada are merely stooges, following orders from a fascist regime. There is no judicial recourse in Chinada.

  2. Der Kosmonaut says:

    Nonsense. Yes some Canadians will withdraw their money from the banks. However most Canadians that are employed rely on direct deposit for their wages and salary. One can’t receive wages in Bitcoin, gold or silver. This is something that only the petit bourgeoisie can do. The banks will be just fine. Neither Trudeau nor Freeland are going anywhere. They can only be removed at the ballot. Both minority and majority governments can only be formed with the support of Toronto and Montreal. The CPC isn’t going to win now that it’s morphed into Trumpism. The Liberal Party Machine will simply air their statements and tweets and the CPC will be shut out of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Every single person in Alberta and Saskatchewan can vote against the Liberals to no avail. Moreover the Right is once again split. The CPC has to compete with the PPC in addition to the Liberals and NDP.

  3. Sonia Dion says:

    Der Kosmonaut, don’t you know that Canadian Banks have had liquidity issues for awhile.
    No wonder Freeland recently issued a statement that some bank accounts with several substantial withdrawals will be frozen in order to prevent banking instability!
    The Canadian economy (not to mention Canadians’ morale) is going through a rough time….and again our drama teacher Prime Minister keeps on making very bad and stupid decisions. One day he will have to give an account for his decisions and actions!