Trudeau Travel Restrictions are Too Much, Too Late

Written By Raheel Raza, Posted on February 1, 2021

When all the Kings horses and all the Kings men had vacationed all over (and some got caught) it’s now time for those of us who had ever dreamed of sunshine and warmth to shut up and stay at home. So, you can’t go to the Caribbean or Mexico (or you may through the USA as many are doing) where the variant is very low, but you can actually go to India, the USA, South Africa, the UK, and Europe where the cases of COVID are very high. 

So much for the travel restrictions which have come about a year too late into the virus. 

Mr. Trudeau admits that there are not many cases coming from the Caribbean or Mexico but even one is too many. I’m amazed to hear that one holiday is one too many but the fact that our seniors are falling like dominos due to negligence and incompetence since the first wave seems to have little or no effect on the Federal or Provincial leadership.

All these tactics are Mr. Trudeau’s deflection from the disaster of appointing the domineering Governor-General and the complete fiasco of the purchase and distribution of the vaccine. Who wants to bet that Mr. Trudeau’s promise of getting every Canadian vaccinated by September will be yet another broken promise?


I am fascinated to see firsthand the thriving underground economy that has emerged in Ontario due to the lockdown. Much like the “Speakeasies” during prohibition. Some services are even advertising on social media platforms. If you investigate you can get manicures, pedicures, haircuts, and even massages. On my birthday last month, I was offered a dine-in experience at a 5-Star restaurant!

Also, in Ontario, our fascinating Premier loves to call anyone disobeying his orders “yahoos”. Mr. Ford, you can include me as an ‘ethnic yahoo’. Mr. Ford promised that he will come down like “an 800-pound gorilla” on the ‘big box stores’ if they don’t toe the line.


Well, I think the gorilla must be busy eating bananas because I went to two of these big box stores, and believe me, it was like a flea market with people walking shoulder-to-shoulder, especially on the weekend with everything available to buy and no area cordoned off. From the street, it gives the façade that there are lineups but once you get in, you’re engulfed in the only entertainment in town – much like a circus.

A couple of days ago, the National Post headline reads “Don’t like Canada’s new mandatory quarantine? It’s part of why New Zealand is back to normal”. This is completely ridiculous as the columnist is comparing apples and oranges. What he’s avoided is the comparison in the population, political leadership, and timely actions. 

Canada wants to play with the big boys but has years to catch up due to its infantile current political leadership. 

Raheel Raza

One response to “Trudeau Travel Restrictions are Too Much, Too Late”

  1. larry says:

    our prime minstrel can go to the Caribbean and pretend that he is busy slaving in his office, but the peons need to shutup and obey