Trudeau Liberals Likely To Scrap The ArriveCAN Travel App In The Coming Weeks

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on August 22, 2022

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has put itself into a corner when it comes to the ArriveCAN vaccine verification app, as Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra had to come out the other day and claim there was “no evidence” that the app is causing problems for the travel sector. 

It seems like whenever the Liberals have to outright deny an issue exists comes shortly before they reverse themselves on a policy, or at least draw it back for a time to quell the outrage. 

The situation developing with the ArriveCan app is likely no different.

In its fuller context, Alghabra’s ridiculous defense of the ArriveCAN app demonstrated just how desperate the government is to save this piece of glorified tracking technology with a record of what COVID vaccines you have received. 

Alghabra stated:

There is no evidence whatsoever that ArriveCAN is causing any problems…There are those who have a vested interest in embellishing reality and undermining confidence in our airline sector only to score political points, ArriveCAN is actually helping process arrivals much faster and helping reduce congestion.

It should strike anyone as odd that Alghabra went so far as to claim that airport officials and border guards having to look at your ArriveCAN app is somehow speeding up the system and “helping reduce congestion” when clearly not checking for a vaccination that doesn’t even reduce COVID transmission would be endlessly more efficient.

Currently, Pearson and Montreal airports are ranked as the number one and number two worst international airports due to the incredibly long wait times and flight delays. The Liberals are increasingly unable to blame this problem on transient “labour shortages” when they are overburdening the industry with travel restrictions, increasing workload, and making airports seem like far less attractive places to work. 

Members of Parliament from the Conservative Party have been putting pressure on the Liberals to scrap the ArriveCAN app, but worse for the Liberals is the fact that a member of the US Congress is calling on them to get rid of the app, and pointing it out as part of the reason for slow travel between the US and Canada. 

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said in a statement:

We should be working to further develop our partnership, not inhibit its success with misguided burdens such as the Canadian government’s mandated use of the ArriveCAN app. Currently, the Canadian government requires mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app for anyone seeking to enter the country. This requirement disincentivizes travel, harms the flow of commerce, and burdens travelers with the submission of private health information

On top of all this, the biggest negative of ArriveCAN is the fact travelers overall just hate it, and the app has been shown to be frequently glitchy and has issues displaying the information needed to be allowed back into Canada

Seeing as Justin Trudeau looks like he may be ramping up for a fall election to try and win a majority government, it would be inconceivable for him to leave ArriveCAN in place and hand Pierre Poilieve ( the most likely next leader of the Conservative Party)  a political club to beat him with. 

All signs point to it being the smart political move (as well as ethical move) for the Liberals to dump the ArriveCAN app rather than simply keeping it in place and defending it out of a stubborn sense of pride. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

6 responses to “Trudeau Liberals Likely To Scrap The ArriveCAN Travel App In The Coming Weeks”

  1. Duncan McKeeve says:

    I would say the first thing we need is the removal of Trudeau and ALL members of the WEF from our government , including civil servants involved in WEF. Arrive Can is simply a start to the dictatorship of Digital ID and Digital Currency! Once in place your life will be controlled from cradle to grave. Tied to the living wage, you will be totally controlled for medical ( jabbed at government say so), travel mileage, Food (no more meat just grasshoppers), housing employment (even to the point of where you will work). No more give a child pocket money, no more garage sales (without tax), no more gifts (Without tax). Throughout all this the WEF Schwab’s will still have Salmon, Fly Jets, have $400 million boats and all the travel and food they desire. Do Canadians not want to believe. Have they not learned enough from the Covid Plandemic. I’m sure ALL their forefathers and relatives who gave their lives for FREEDOM in 2 great wars, would be ASHAMED of their offspring falling for the TYRANY Trudeau the puppet is inflicting on todays Canadian’s being allowed to implement on Canada

  2. Gut lamore says:

    This Arrivecan is just another step in creating a dictatorship controlled by the WEF and the the so called "elites" that should be called parasites. They’ll remove the Arrivecan and replace to digital id/currency in China style

  3. Kevin says:

    The bright light in this article is that he plans to call a fall election to try and win a majority…I thought he was in bed with Jagmeet Singh for 3 yrs?? Is the honeymoon over already after just 3 months…is Jagmeet not putting out? Hmmm or is Pierre Poilieve spoiling it for them and coming at him like a charging bull…but yes please call a fall election so we can watch that bull Pierre ram one of his horns up your ass and toss you of the field…and into a ditch

  4. D Met says:

    Scrapping ArriveCan to make was for the WEF digital ID program. Stay vigilant!

  5. Jen says:

    Trudeau needs to be "scrapped" along with all his WEF comrades.

    Read into that however you wish…

  6. American Citizen says:

    After driveing through canada Youkon & BC to go to Haines and back i.e. Alaska to Alaska and trying to using the arrivecan app, which will not accept a Alaska addressas a destination, drove through both times in a few hours I still am getting phone calls every day about a 14 day quarantine and a 750,000 fine the recording does not give a contact phone number to straighten out their mistakes 30+ phone calls….stop stop stop. I for one will never go to that country again.