Trudeau Labels Canada’s Economic Recession a “She-cession”

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 9, 2021

Yesterday on International Women’s Day rather than addressing the economic downturn Canada is facing with real solutions Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instead turned Canadians’ economic troubles into an opportunity to virtue signal, labeling the economic recession a “she-cession”.

Yes, that is correct Trudeau is actually trying to make the economic pains of Canadians a gendered issue. 

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Trudeau said in a media statement:

This crisis has created a she-cession and has threatened to roll back the hard-fought social and economic progress of all women…To build a fairer and more equal Canada, we must ensure a feminist, intersectional recovery from this crisis.

This is not coming out of nowhere as the current Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland talked openly about the Liberal government having a “feminist agenda”.

To be as fair as possible the Government of Canada has identified that women, especially single mothers have lost the most working hours overall, but identifying that due to certain contexts and circumstances women have been affected more than men by the economic downturn does nothing to solve the actual problem of the recession.


Rather than actually just addressing the fundamental problems holding the economy back, like the ongoing closure of the border with the US, strict regulations of air travel, and rolling lockdowns throughout the country, instead the Liberals have created The Task Force on Women in the Economy (TFWE). 

TFWE will be not advising the government just on how to help get women working again in the aftermath of the recession, or maybe we are supposed to say ‘she-session,’ instead, the task force will tackle such things as gender imbalances.

Freeland in a statement said, “Canada’s future prosperity and competitiveness depend on the ability of women to participate equally and fully in our workforce,” upon the launch of TFWE yesterday.

Nowhere in Canadian law are women discriminated against negatively since the 1985 Canadian Human Rights Act, but Freeland is clearly trying to portray the Canadian workforce as being full of sexism and discrimination that is holding women back in order to push her economic identity politics.


It is truly disgusting that at a time when Canada’s unemployment rate is at 9.4 percent and businesses and families are going bankrupt that the Liberal government cannot stop themselves from engaging in social engineering while everyone regardless of gender just wants to get back to work. Creating new task forces, and trying to create sex-specific economic policy initiatives will only slow Canada’s recovery down with more bureaucracy, and anti-competitive policies made under the guise of helping women.

It is also concerning is how the Conservative Party is not going after the Liberals for playing gender politics and wasting time and taxpayer money investigating phantom equity issues in the economy when it is the government itself both federally and provincially that is causing both men and women to go unemployed at a rate higher than any other G7 country. 

It shows how unserious the politics in Canada have gotten when not only does the Liberals gendering an economic crisis not cause any mainstream media criticism or even critical questioning, but Conservative opposition see it as a losing issue to call them out for being intentionally divisive.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

4 responses to “Trudeau Labels Canada’s Economic Recession a “She-cession””

  1. Randy Martin says:

    Never have I been embarrassed to be Canadian until this knob showed up

  2. William Purcell says:

    This "man" is an idiot.

  3. Ron MacDonald says:

    Just when you thought Canadas idiot couldnt out himself in terms of stupid statements, he proves us wrong.

  4. Jeff J Trail says:

    This is a blatant attempt to by votes, there can be no other reason. He has shown how much he is NOT a feminist, I hope everybody sees through it.