Trudeau Belittles Canadians In Response To Liberals’ Polling Nosedive

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 27, 2023

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has never quite been able to learn from his mistakes and take on a more humble attitude in response to the criticisms of the general public, and today is no exception. 

In the aftermath of a cabinet shuffle that saw Trudeau change around 20% of his previous cabinet makeup and a nosedive in the polls for the Liberals in the last few days, Trudeau has decided that Canadians are at fault for disapproving of his government.

In an incredibly belittling statement made in Summerford, Newfoundland, Justin Trudeau said:

The debate right now going on politically seems to be between those who are lying to workers and telling them that the world’s not going to change and everything’s going to stay the way it was versus those of us in government who are saying ‘Yes, the world is changing, but we are incredibly well-positioned to benefit to grow, to create and lead on that change because of the hard work of Canadians, the innovation, the commitment to building better futures for our kids and our grandkids.

You see, it isn’t that Justin Trudeau and his government are performing poorly; exacerbating inflation with high spending and increased taxes, trying to divide Canadians with divisive social rhetoric, and passing legislation that chips away at fundamental freedoms, it’s Canadians’ simplistic minds that are at fault. 

Justin Trudeau in Summerford, Newfoundland. (Screenshot from CPAC livestream)

Canadians are just simpletons being lied to by those nasty Conservatives who are somehow against the concept of “change” itself by not opposing oil and gas development and new left-wing social fads. 

It’s all so tiresome.

But still, Trudeau went on to state:

The choice Canadians are increasingly facing in politics is between a responsible, ambitious, forward-thinking government that is preparing for the opportunities of the future and a party that is stoking anger and fear throwing up its hands saying ‘Everything is broken. I’ll reflect the anxiety everyone’s feeling into anger, won’t provide any solutions but we’ll all get mad as hell together.’ That’s not how you build a country. Europe is not just choosing to get off of Russian oil and gas, they’re trying to accelerate the transition to alternative, lower carbon solutions, Canada can and will be a part of that.

After 8 years of experiencing Justin Trudeau’s “green” political solutions and empty idealism Canadians aren’t buying this nonsense anymore. It’s why Abacus Data found only 29 percent of Canadians still approve of the job Trudeau is doing. 

The Liberals’ deficit spending that was supposed to “invest” in Canada’s future turned out to just fuel inflation and expand government payrolls for no benefit to taxpayers. And yet Trudeau still acts like the only problem is Canadians not believing in Trudeau’s vision enough, as if government programs work like Tinkerbell. 

Regardless, the silver lining here is that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party seem to be out of ideas on how to recover their popularity. The cabinet shuffle represented a big change in faces and names in the cabinet, but no real change in direction. 

Trudeau had gotten too comfortable with the unearned support he garnered through his positive messaging and sycophantic legacy media coverage. Now that his charm has worn off and the media cannot resuscitate his reputation he has no clue what to do.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “Trudeau Belittles Canadians In Response To Liberals’ Polling Nosedive”

  1. Rick Carter-Squire says:


  2. Dirk H says:

    I find it so frustrating that JT blames the opposition party for throwing anger and fear stoking, where I read that he JT is the one doing that and he is such a narcissist and vengeful that anyone that disagrees with him is labelled either as racist, homophobic, far right that we should not tolerate and more, but he does not look at the Canada we had were people were free to disagree without being cancelled or ousted for their views and beliefs.

  3. Linda Pilszak says:

    Europe wants to get off Russian oil and gas because it’s Russia but can’t access Canadian oil and gas because there isn’t any available to them therefore they are pretty much forced to transition to other means. Canada could spend less money supplying the oil and gas than the other alternative and make money on it. No, instead he wants to be a hero and drive us all to bankruptcy with his net 0 dream

  4. Jack Reynolds says:

    The Great Awakening by Mikki Willis
    Psychosis … Mass Hypnosis. This is an American movie with a large amount of Canadian content.
    Backup Copy
    Mattias Desmet – The Psychology of Totalitarianism

  5. marty miles says:

    He is lost in an awakening of Canadian Common Sense. Gone are the days of nice hair and shiny ways, as Canadians wake up to ever increasing inflation and government intrusion into their lives. The great Reset is going to be a massively shrunk government and a back to basics approach to lawmaking. His cowtowing to the WEF has come back to bite him as Canadian voters wake up out of a nine year slumber.