Tom Milroy – How Dare You!

Written By Ambrose Ralph, Posted on April 27, 2020

In Canada, the media, foreign-funded pipeline demonstrators and environmentalists such as Trudeau, Elizabeth May, David Suzuki, the Tides Foundation, and others are extremely worried about the low price of oil. 

Why? Because when the price of oil drops, the price of gasoline, diesel, and home heating fuel drops. Basically, it’s cheaper to live and Canadians have more money in their pockets.

No one is buying an electric car or solar panels, no one is paying attention to the false narratives of the environmentalists because the save the planet movement is ultimately driven by the appeal of working-class citizens saving money. No one is spending the extra money to put up solar panels when the cost of electricity is lower than the investment in solar panels.

Environmentalists are in a full-blown panic; they know that they only have an audience when oil is at $ 100 dollars a barrel. So, what does Elizabeth May and the Green Party do this week to get attention? She has one of her minions, failed Green Party Candidate for Ottawa Tom Milroy, post a rude tweet to his twitter account attacking Albertan’s.


Environmentalists like Tom Milroy are dividing this country by spreading lies and hatred towards the working class. Absolute unadulterated bigotry; Mr. Milroy has deliberately targeted a group of people with hatred.

Tom Milroy’s ambitious plan to exterminate conservative people’s lifestyle in Alberta and cover our province, a beautiful green space, with windmills and solar panels riddled with hatred, lies, and inaccuracies.

First, Alberta is Canada’s 3rd largest producer of windmill energy. Our windmills produce enough energy to power nearly a million homes.  This renewable energy source was built with government money from our oil and gas revenue.

In Michael Moore’s new documentary, Planet Of The Humans, he talks about the time he went to a summertime folk festival in his home state of Michigan. The earth festival was running entirely on solar power. Electric guitars, mikes, lights, refrigeration, food service, and even air conditioning was being run on solar power. They had huge panels covering an adjacent field. 

Awesome right? Great idea, right?

Then it rained, there was no power but don’t worry the festival organizers had a plan, they started up the diesel generators and the folk festival continued. Mr. Moore said, “that was the moment he realized that renewable energy can’t exist without oil and gas.” Solar panels are made with two minerals. One being quartz. Quartz is mined in an open-pit mine using diesel-powered excavators, loaders, and trucks. Using diesel fuel to mine quartz to build solar panels seems counterproductive and anti-environmental.

To make a solar panel screen the second mineral required is carbon and the source of carbon is coal. The quartz and coal dust are combined, superheated by burning a fossil fuel until they fuse together and form the glass for solar panels. It seems contradictory to mine coal, a fossil fuel, using diesel fuel, superheat it with fossil fuel to prevent the use and burning of coal.  Alberta recently spent 1.5 million dollars of oil revenue to do a two-year trial on a football field-sized solar farm. The data revealed the solar field could generate enough energy to power 6 homes.

If the 6 homes each paid 300 dollars a month for electricity. That’s the total revenue of $21,600 for the year.  A 1.5-million-dollar investment would take 70 years to get a return on its investment. But the life expectancy of the solar panels is 20 years and the battery’s only last 10 yrs.

Green Party, if you are not business savvy, let’s just say that the city decided to cut their loses and shut down the solar farm. They also concluded that in the 20-year life cycle of the solar panels and given the dimensions of a football field they would do more to help the environment if they just planted trees and vegetation in that space because in 70 years the trees will consume more carbon than the solar panels could save.

The trees were a better investment for the environment than the solar panels. Tom Milroy you and the Green Party should realize that you can’t have an environmental policy in Canada until we stop importing foreign oil. We have 5 provinces and one territory in Canada that produce oil.

That’s over half of our landmass. Why are the 6 non-oil producing provinces importing foreign oil like mad and then dictating to the oil-producing provinces that we are damaging the environment and need to stop producing oil? It’s absolute hypocrisy.


The six oil-producing provinces will not bow down and accept this anti-oil hatred movement until you agree to stop supporting foreign oil. Only then can we build a truly Canadian energy and environmental plan.

We produce oil with the highest environmental standards, the highest human rights standards, and labor standards. We can supply the world’s energy needs. Why do we have to compete with foreign powers who have no human rights, no employment standards, and no environmental policies like in our own country? Why are we fighting ourselves when the solution is obvious?

End foreign oil dependence and build a made in Canada energy and environmental solution.

For Elizabeth May, the Green Party and the Tom Milroy’s of the world if you are going to attack hardworking, honest Albertans talk to your buddy Michael Moore first. Do your research to save yourself some embarrassment when you decide to post such garbage on your twitter account.

Perhaps, Tom, you may be safer pulling a Trudeau and asking Albertan’s what we think of your socks.

Ambrose Ralph

19 responses to “Tom Milroy – How Dare You!”

  1. Ambrose Belanger says:

    Well said…

  2. Derek says:

    Great article. Unfortunately some people lack the common sense to understand.

  3. SANDRA says:

    I know you can’t see me, but I’m on my feet and applauding you for this excellent article!!! So grateful to see someone with the insight to write an article we can all call to mind when the Greta Groupies appear to sneer and throw insults at those of us who support our environmentally-responsible resource-based economy in any Canadian province!

  4. Mike Bendel says:

    Very we’ll expressed.
    Mr. Tom Milroy, a former Green Party candidate has sunk to the lowest level with his hate filled rant against Albertans.
    He talks about “buying” Alberta now that the price for oil has fallen through the floor, a process that he and his fellow comrades in the Green Party helped to contribute to.
    Just another communist shooting off about something he knows very little about.
    On the bright side Mr. Milroy, you have made a tremendous contribution to the Alberta separation movement with your hate speech directed to the people who have contributed hundreds of billions to the economies of Ontario and Quebec through the last few decades.

  5. Jack Keĺy says:

    Very well said! Thank You.

  6. robby johnson says:

    BEST article i have read in a very long time Kudos and god bless you.

  7. Duane says:

    Well said!

  8. David Rolls says:

    This article presents more, and or, unknown information, with a fair balanced perspective.

  9. K Johnson says:

    The uneducated spew nonsense,
    The educated remain silent so as not to seem uneducated.
    The masses suffer being continuely insulted by by the uneducated.
    There does not seem to be any issues when Alberta rightfully shares the wealth form oil and gas, as it has for generations even if that money goes to support the uneducated which is basically a defunct political party.
    All that is left here is
    Come on BC you can do much better electing your leaders.
    Ones that will promote unity in Canada and not take every effort to destroy what educated men and women built long before the uneducated masses are claiming today.

  10. Mark says:

    All hypocrite sheep, that truly don t have a clue . All things inside and outside of your house including solar cars are made with petroleum products. Truly hypocrites, that don t have a clue . While there solar power car batteries only last 10 years , and there wind mills maybe ? Maybe ? Last 20 years , with all the fins going into land fills , wind mills are also made with petroleum products and run on grease to make there turbines turn over n over as the fins also use grease to go round and round . I won t even get into the windmills when they break down and leak oil out of them . What a disgrace, 2 words for the Green Party . “hypocrites “ and “stupid”. That truly don t have a clue how there so called green products are made or used . Can t get much dumber than that . My 12 year old isn t even that stupid. The green truly are gonna ruin this great planet of ours . Wake up people! 😡

  11. Bert Gartner says:

    Michael Moore is a environmentalist and I commend him on seeing the light in the sense the oil & gas sectors are not the enemy to the environment. Most people complaining about how oil and gas is destroying our environment, especially in Canada are ignorant of how our Canadian oil & gas industry functions and goes above and beyond to produce a product that is done in the most environmental way possible in comparison to all other oil & gas producing countries. Our current communist party has done nothing but create the most divided country in history by using a divide and conquer approach. The Liberals don’t want people to have independence, as then they can’t control what you do. If they keep majority of Canadians relying on a pay check from the government now they dictate how you live and that’s how Trudeau’s Liberalist think. Instead of helping the West prosper, he wants to take away the independence that made the West and Canada, which is the oil & gas sector and the ripple affect it had on all other industries when it thrived. If we ever have electoral reform and take away half the seats in Ontario and Quebec then see how much ass kissing the current government would do. Trudeau banters on how we need a united Canada, unfortunately it’s just lip service in front of the cameras.

  12. Sandra Kraus says:

    Excellent summary and everyone should watch the documentary. Have never believed in the green energy movement, a total deception for ulterior motives!

  13. Ellen Regnier says:

    Thank you for standing up for Albertans against the hateful comments made by Tom Milroy. Glad to see you that you are writing articles for The National Telegraph. This will enable you to increase your viewing audience, especially in the east.
    Love this article.

  14. Greg Philpott says:

    Thank you for your logical approach to this subject. We Canadians need to do business with Canadians. 41.5% of all oil consumed every day in this country is foreign oil purchased at world price. Make Canada energy independent and realize a increase of 41.5% In royalties and taxes from energy! Just imagine what we as a people could do with this new found revenue stream. How many hospitals. Schools, roads could be paid for! Mind boggling why this is not done. No change to the environment just who gets the money.

  15. Dakarta says:

    Curious about this quote"

    "No one is buying an electric car or solar panels, no one is paying attention to the false narratives of the environmentalists because the save the planet movement is ultimately driven by the appeal of working-class citizens saving money. No one is spending the extra money to put up solar panels when the cost of electricity is lower than the investment in solar panels."

    Could you site your sources for this information?

    • Ross says:

      As a middle class person on the low end. I can attest to his comment. He is right, in the current economic climate no person will waste their money (which they don’t have) on solar panels or geothermal so they can have a payback period of 11-20 yrs. No one lives in their homes that long. Usual turnover for homes are 5-10 years. Now why as a social responsible person would fund green when it takes much more energy to produce and leaves much more toxic footprint than oilsands and refineries. I would rather have my money go to the hard working families of people who actually heat my home, allow transport trucks to deliver my food and allow me to take my family on travel. Don’t be a slimy green hypocritical person with those weasel words "show you sources". Time to back people in Canada who help energize Canadians!

  16. RoC says:

    Thank you for your article and in speaking to the facts instead of the divisive rhetoric that the mediocrity in leadership alludes to. Canada has an abundance of natural resources- wind, solar, electricity, oil, foresty, mining, etc. We are the only country in the world that has such a diverse and rich abundance of natural resources. We need to be UNITED in the control and use of all our resources for the benefit of our nation as a whole. Milroy (and others) seek to divide the country (divide and conquer as they say) so that as he states "we can now buy Alberta for cheap" (who’s we by the way). Eventually the natural resources from BC, Sask, Ontario, etc will also be bought for cheap and controlled by foreign interests instead of Canadians.

  17. Brian Newhook says:

    Tom Milroy, uncross your eyes and perhaps take a look at reality. Can’t believe a public figure as yourself makes statements like the one’s you made. Very unprofessional and juvenile. Go back to school.

  18. Murray Clark says:

    These greenies have not a lick of common sense but do have the biggest mouths. As an Albertan I really don’t see why we should be treated like this. We work hard so that billions can be sent to the east but when we get in trouble the low life greenies treat us like dirt. Is there any doubt why we think we would be better off separated from the rest of Canada.