The Ontario Establishment’s War On Parents And Children

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 12, 2022

The Ontario Progressive Conservative government has been a major disappointment to conservative Ontarians on multiple fronts since they were elected to a majority government back in 2018. Spending has not been brought under control, wasteful green technology programs have not been scrapped, and small businesses and civil rights were trashed due to draconian government lockdowns and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PCs were supposed to be different than the Liberals and the NDP, especially with the assertive leadership Premier Doug Ford promised, but they have barely deviated in a conservative direction on practically any issues.

Sadly, one of the most overlooked issues the PC government has failed on is education and parental rights. 

Probably the only time Ontarians hear about the PC government “harming children” or undermining the education system is when the legacy media reports on the NDP and the Liberals attacking the PCs for trying to do the right thing and scrap former Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s radical sex-ed curriculum. 

(Photo from TVO)

In fact, the political and media pressure on the sex-ed issue even got the PCs to back down and replace the Wynne’ Liberals’ curriculum with one that changed little about the previous curriculum that was over-sexualized and taught children about radical gender theory. The PCs still have yet to pass or amend any legislation to benefit Ontario’s children and protect parental rights. 

The PC, the Liberals, and the NDP have come together to lower the quality of education in Ontario by moving classes online for large periods between 2020-2021, forcing children to wear masks in schools, and vaccinating children without the consent of their parents.

At every turn, the government pushes the interests of activists instead of the interests of children and their parents.

The most recent act by the Ontario government to push politics into the lives of children just trying to learn is Bill 67 the “Racial Equity in the Education System Act” which is a bill proposed by an NDP MPP that effectively embeds Critical Race Theory into the Ontario public school curriculum. 

Only a single MPP present for the vote on Bill 67 voted against it, that being New Blue Party MPP Belinda Karahalios, who rightfully saw the bill as left-wing politics being injected into children’s education. Even MPP Rick Nicholls (who recently changed his affiliation to the Ontario Party) voted for it before apologizing and pretending he didn’t know what was in the bill, after receiving heat from New Blue Ontario. 

This means on issues related to children and parental rights the only reasonable option to vote for is the New Blue Party of Ontario, which despite only having one MPP in the legislature is having an outsized impact on the political conversation in Ontario.

New Blue Party leader Jim Karahalios spoke to The National Telegraph about the party’s prospects in the next Ontario provincial election this summer. 

Karahalios said:

Voting in favour of Infusing Critical Race Theory in our schools with Bill 67 – which seeks to fine students and parents for their subconscious thoughts – is just the most recent of a long line of examples of the progressive establishment all working together through the PC Party in a hostile fashion against Ontarians and their values.

The Ford PCs voted in favour as did the PC’s most recent controlled opposition, in the form of Derek Sloan’s party, when his co-conspirator MPP Rick Nicholls voted for Bill 67. They only apologized for their vote after the New Blue brought to light the dangers of the legislation. 

PC politicians like Doug Ford, and the PCs’ controlled puppets like the Sloan-Nicholls duo, like to hold Bibles in the air when they want votes and donations from conservatives but when they think no one is looking they lie like dogs.  

And many of supposed leading “influencers” on the freedom or conservative side too often let the PCs and their controlled puppets off the hook or provide them cover. These “influencers” either don’t report on these votes (until after the New Blue publicizes it), or they refuse to acknowledge the courage shown by Belinda voting against this legislation (as she did on other votes such as Ford’s lockdown bill). At the same time some “influencers” insincerely wonder why there are no politicians standing up for freedom or conservatism.

The truth is that if the PCs truly cared about the wellbeing of children, their education, and parental rights they would have stayed strong on those issues and not buckled to the Liberals and the NDP, seeing as these are winning issues. 

Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin proved parents are a strong interest group in politics, and even San Francisco parents fought to remove radicals on their school board when they pushed too far, so why do the PCs and Doug Ford think it would be any different in Ontario?

The New Blue Party actually understands parents which is why they are opposing the radical sex-ed curriculum, Critical Race Theory in schools, and preventing children from being vaccinated without parental consent has become a major plank in their platform.

There may be other people trying to form alternative parties in Ontario but the only one that has the infrastructure to act as a real threat to the Ontario political establishment is the New Blue Party. The choice on who parents should be voting for should be clear seeing nobody else standing for their rights and the wellbeing of their children other than Belinda Karahalios and New Blue.

Belinda and Jim Karahalios.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “The Ontario Establishment’s War On Parents And Children”

  1. Judy Kostiuk says:

    So is Jim running in the June election?

  2. Jack McLellan says:

    Thank God somebody has the wisdom to see the madness of the PC’s and their cohorts, the NDP (Nasty Disgusting Party) And the Liberal knuckle-draggers in there like a dirty shirt hoping to one day get control back of Ontarians.
    What will it take for people to open their eyes and see the destruction that is being foisted on us?
    Thank you Belinda, Jim and New Blue for standing for true Freedom.