The Liberals want the Ability to Ban Firearms at Will

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on November 12, 2020

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair during a meeting of the standing committee for Public Safety and National Security stressed that the government needed an “evergreen process” when it comes to the government’s Order in Council “assault-style” rifle ban.

“Evergreen” means that the rifle ban would be able to be automatically updated adding in new rifle models at will. Blair tried to justify this stating that, “because we know that the gun industry is agile and adept at bringing forward new models and variants in order to try to get around the rules,” which is just another way of saying that industries sometimes makes new products which Blair seems to think is an affront to him personally. 


This is on its face ridiculous and dangerous. It’s as if the government passed a tax increase but then built into the tax increase the ability for the government to “evergreen” in new and higher taxes along with the original.

The original OIC ban was already bad with 1,500 models all being banned at once, but at the very least it was somewhat out in the open upon its announcement. Now if you own a model of rifle not currently banned the government under an “evergreen” policy could at any moment decide you are actually in ownership of illegal materials and seize them.

If Prime Minister Trudeau and the Liberals ever felt like they had a bulletproof public approval rating they could use that political capital to then ban all rifles if they wanted, and if Blair got his way with “evergreening” he could make that policy change all in an afternoon. 

If “evergreening” fails to be added to the current gun regulations Blair also wants stricter red flag laws that allow doctors, and psychologists, to break confidentiality with patients in order to report gun owners as somehow unfit to own or operate firearms (family members can already do this).

All of this allows the federal Liberal to circumvent the usual legislative processes and disarm firearms owners with arbitrary rule and backdoor seizures through red flag laws. 

Rod Giltaca the CEO and Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights told The National Telegraph regarding the “evergreening” change that, “The idea that firearms owned for decades by licensed Canadians without incident are now somehow too dangerous to own is absurd. To arbitrarily change the classification of certain firearms that Canadians own is a gross abuse of power.” 


Giltaca added, “If non-gun owning Canadians understood this topic better, there would be little or no support for Trudeau’s gun control policies,” which is obviously true with the example of taxes.

Canadians understand when a law states what its purpose is for that is what its purpose should remain. Nobody would stand for arbitrarily increasing taxes based on the decision of a single minister, and non-gun owners need to understand that is how the federal government is currently trying to railroad gun owners into losing their property rights over legally obtained firearms.

If Blair and Trudeau are ever going to have their radical policies stopped, non-gun owners are the ones who need to lead the effort against the Liberals’ laws showing that this is not just a firearms enthusiasts’ issue.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

19 responses to “The Liberals want the Ability to Ban Firearms at Will”

  1. MIKE SMITH says:


  2. Drew McClure says:

    Yet not a word about stopping Ethnic gangs and Religious zealots from using firearms with nefarious intent . Wouldn’t want to offend Trudeau’s Toronto based supporters .

  3. John Vinczencz says:

    Law abiding citizens haven’t been and never will be the problem with gun violence in Canada. To criminalize innocent Canadian’s goes against the very fabric that our country has been made on. It’s a cowards way out. A wise person once said never trust a man that doesn’t trust you with a gun. That person was an auchwitz survivor. Since the ban of over 1500 firearms since May 1st gun violence has risen over 30% in Quebec and over 20% in Ontario depending upon which stats you believe. Either way it has risen proving once again banning law abiding citizens guns will do nothing to stop gun gangs and smugglers. The real root of the problem. You have heard it many times but it still rings true. Guns don’t kill people but people kill people. Be it a gun or a car , knife etc. Banning these guns makes no more sense than banning cars because we have people who drink and drive. They choose to be criminals and break the law. Stiffen the consequences for doing so. It was my understanding we are all innocent until proven guilty. These gun restrictions are idiotic and hypocritical. We send our young men and women to war but stop trusting them if they manage to make it home. Yet our priminister who has been caught on several occasions lieing and stealing from the people has had his armed entourage tripled for fear of personal attacks and threats against him. So he hates guns unless they are there to protect him. The hypocrisy is real.

  4. Abigail says:

    Statscan says 95% of real guns used in crime in Canada are smuggled from the States. Thugs with smuggled guns are our problem. The liberals need to work on that and stop distracting Canada by chasing duck hunters etc who are not the problem.

  5. Sherry Metivier says:

    Go after the criminals. It’s a disgrace that this is still the strategy that the government is using. Look at the facts. Quit trying to make law abiding citizens the victims of inadequate policing

  6. Dave says:

    This is complete nonsense go after the criminals And gangs
    And get rid of this revolving door how long are criminals to walk out

    • Dale Bishop says:

      This is the beginning of the government testing the waters on broader legislation of confiscation. If they are allowed to do this what is next,banning combustion engines because of carbon emission s and forcing us to buy electric vehicles.When government starts infringing on your basic long held rights without push back where does it all end.

  7. Nadir Turkun says:

    This is all so preposterous. And completely ineffectual with regards to firearm related crimes reduction. If the current govt.was truly concerned with public safety they would put in place proper harsh sentencing for individuals (criminals) who commit crime and not discrimantely punish the firearms/hunting/sportshooting community…which everyone should know by now are the most vetted community in Canada. Statistics also show that the majority of firearm related crime are committed by individuals that are in fact in illegal possession of firearms which are obtained from America. Time to stop pulling the wool over the eyes of those that are unaware if these facts to disguise their true agenda of disarming the citizens of Canada.

  8. Derek Steele says:

    This municipal handgun ban along with the OIC imposed by the Liberals on May. 1st 2020 will do nothing to fortify public safety and will not save a single life. It only further divides Canadians and harasses Law Abiding Tax Paying Canadians; Canadians who have firearms licenses and are background checked by the RCMP every single day. Criminals do not care about the law which already prohibits them from having a firearms yet they carry on with business; that’s why they’re criminals. The billions this would cost would be better spent addressing the root causes of criminality such as poverty and mental illness. It would also be better spent funding the boarder to stop the smuggling of illegal firearms which are the guns used in violent crimes as proven by the tragedy in Nova Scotia. The money would also be better spent funding the police to campaign against violent criminals who intend to harm the public as again proven by the Nova Scotia tragedy; someone with many warning signs who also had a WEAPONS PROHIBITION. My fear is the people who need to read these comments; won’t.

  9. Jack says:

    If anyone in Canada wants to see the Liberal Government of todays true course, all they have to do is read the book by Stephen P. Holbrook; called Gun Control in the Third Reich. Sound familiar Canada? Scary isn`t it?

  10. Perry says:

    Unfortunately, this is not about gun control.
    It’s about disarming all citizens of Canada.
    This about to happen all over the world, because of what they have planned and we are not going to like it.
    We, the people, need to take our government back.
    We need to take our media back so they quit lying to us.

  11. Mark says:

    I think that most gun owners are not going to disarm no matter what the government says. This is all about disarming legal law abiding citizens. The criminals are the problem if they want to do anything effective. Doesn’t make any sense talking guns away from law abiding citizens and not disarming criminals Doesn’t sound like a good situation.

  12. Clifford Erskine says:

    All legal and lawful gun owners are vetted every 5 years for the purchase and ownership, this overreach is totally against all what we stand for in a free society. Even non gun owners have to understand that just because they don’t target shoot competitive or non competition, hunt for sustenance or own guns for back country adventures for protection from dangerous game. None of this is important to the non gun owner. Weather you agree or not is not the issue, the issue is your freedoms and liberties are being stripped away and socialism is slipping in while the governments next move might be one of your freedoms and activities next. Gun crimes are well documented in this country and they are not committed by those that are legal and vetted gun owners. They are the illegal smuggling of guns crossing our borders and get into the hands of non vetted individuals that use them to commit crimes in this county.

  13. Douglas Kuusela says:

    The Liberals during the Chreatian years stated only police and military should have firearms, they are in piece meal working towards that objective. Using gangster violence to achieve that goal through criminalizing law abiding citizens.

  14. Shan da Man says:

    "As we have already banned many legal rifles from legal gun owners, due to a spree shooting where illegal guns were smuggled in from the USA by a person with a firearms prohibition order, we feel we should be able to further punish licensed firearms owners in the future at will without due process. "

  15. Stu Bauman says:

    All you have to do is look at Venezuela to see what the plans are for here. These wear a mask for the good of the cause. Next vaccinate for the good of the people. Look at Manitoba’s lockdown. You wonder why the crime minister is in such a hurry to disarm the public? There is no question in my mind the only reason is to control the masses that he can’t turn into sheeple so he can grab his total control of the country.

  16. Colin says:

    The only reason they want us disarmed is because they are about to do something to us that we would shoot them for. Think about it.

  17. Peter Larsen says:

    These liberals and their crazy ideas haves got to go! Once again the law abiding tax passing Canadian its paying the price for criminals that no matter what laws they put in place will always find a gun and be armed and dangerous no matter what!! Who gets too carry concealed handguns in Canada? The police armed guards and criminals. But not the law abiding citizen that has gonna thru the courses passed the tests been vetted and double checked by the RCMP beforewe can buy a firearm.
    They have the gun laws already so strict that evenif a legal gun owner needed a gun to protect himself or family her could never get to his gun and ammo in time because of the laws already in place.
    Alsothe AR15 that has already been banned because ours so dangerous to society was originally a American big game hunting rifle that’s what is was made for. Then the military got hold of it liked it modified it to become a military rifle.
    Now my main pointi want to make here is Bill Blair gets too decide which gun is dangerous and not dangerous to society right? First thing i wonder is he even a gun owner or hunter? Besides that i can take any gun right of the shelf of any store and kill a man with it. Doesn’t matter if it’s single shot semi auto bolt action or a pump shot gun it will kill a man just as easy as every single gun they have banned.
    Up here in North Western Ontario guns are a big part of life up here for several reasons hunting sport shooting at gun ranges and protection against some wildlife. It is a necessity of life here. It is boot really unusual to hear of a man woman our cold killed by a bear or wildcat or wolf!! But if we we’re allowed to carry concealed some of those lives could have been saved.
    I think if a person has gone they courses been vetted by RCMP and all the other checks they do and passes should be able to get a permit to carry concealed.
    Another wayto think of it is like down in the states or other countries that really let you exercise your freedoms not take them away that if criminals knew that law abiding citizens were also carrying or could be armed they might think twice before they robbed a person or store because now they aren’t the only ones armed and they could be killed. I guarantee that would cut down on violent crime.
    Back many years ago i think it was in Georgia not sure on town that had a high crime rate around 70 percent got tired of the criminals passed a law that every law abiding and legal citizen of that town must carry a firearm concealed. The crime rate dropped to almost zero shortly thereafter. That should prove the point no one was killed robbed raped or anything else because the criminals moved on because most are cowards anyway.
    Canada had to change with the times and start letting people that can legally carry concealed do so if that’s what they want to do. Today’s society you never know what the heck is gonna happenno matter where you go and i would much rather be armed to protect myself and others around me than be a sitting duck. I would much rathergo home to my family than become another statistic of some crazy armed guy walking in and shooting everyone in the store.
    That’s my opinion on thematter!

  18. Larry Pope says:

    Everyone is correct who points out the hypocrisy and futility of fighting crime by taking legal firearms from their owners. The thing is that it’s not about guns. It’s about power. The Lieberals have always craved power above all else, including what’s actually best for the country. When this toady stands up and barfs out his bile and rhetoric, he’s speaking to Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver voters, not us. They know nothing about the Firearms Act or the procedures it requires PAL holders to follow. Moreover, they don’t WANT to know, and are content to be bribed for their vote with false promises. The Turdeau gang simply want power and guns are a marvellous wedge they can use for votes. Same as their blather about climate change; it’s not about the actual progress made but the votes they can reap by sowing fear in the minds of low-information city voters, most of whom don’t even know what causes seasons let alone our climate.