The Left Can’t Smear Away The “Leave Our Kids Alone” Movement

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on July 19, 2023

Over the past few months, the culture war around Gender Ideology has been forcing itself into the mainstream conversation. The debate is not really new, but there are multiple factors that are pushing the conversation into the homes of Canadians.

First, the sensational framing of the conflict as Muslims vs LGBTQ is bound to garner attention as both groups figure prominently in the Leftist intersectional ideology that has permeated academic and corporate structures. It’s understandable that those on the political Right would be more than happy to jump on a narrative that undermines the ideological foundations of their political adversaries.  

The real conversation is not about Muslims and gays, this is a battle over parental rights and the pushback to the ideological slant that the modern education system has undergone. That being said, it would be inaccurate to state that there isn’t a large, growing, and outspoken Muslim contingent to the ongoing protests against gender ideology in schools. It should also be noted that the Muslim community did not wake up and become political yesterday. Back in 2015 when the Ontario government put forward the foundation for the new radical sex ed curriculum a majority of the protestors were Muslim. The mainstream media just chose to ignore that fact, and independent media had not yet reached the level of influence it enjoys today.

Many of the reactions from radical Leftists learning that the sacred Islamic texts say the same thing about homosexuality as almost every other religion has been quite entertaining. Probably none better than Deana Sherif, best known for making the most deranged Freedom Convoy supporters look sane by comparison, put out a video attacking “so-called Muslims” as, apparently, she identifies as a “Muslim” herself.

Another reason for the virality of the issue is that ultimately none of this is new, and it’s not a minor issue. LGB has never really existed in harmony with TQ+. For years women’s rights activists have been warning about the dangers posed to vulnerable women and children by self-ID based on gender ideology. Insisting Lesbians should have sex with a “woman” with a penis to be progressive or placing violent men in female prisons is something that the legacy media can turn their head away from since it does not affect everyone, but the same ideology has now metastasized to every aspect of our culture. 

There are three major issues for every election: economy, healthcare, and education. What is being taught in schools falls firmly into education, combine that with a major parental rights issue and you have a battle that will not go away until it is resolved. 

Perhaps this issue could be resolved in a calm and reasonable manner in the public sphere, but that would require a functioning impartial media and responsible leadership. Canada has neither. Instead, we are stuck with a system of institutional gaslighting.

When Trudeau finally gave some concerned parents the time of day to address their perfectly reasonable concerns, he acted as if he wasn’t the man that passed Bill C-4 and that any concerns over Gender ideology were just American “Far-Right” propaganda. 

That was Trudeau’s polite version of gaslighting, simply implying that parents are too stupid to understand what they are reading in their own children’s schools. The far more malicious attack is to imply that the slogan “leave our kids alone” is indicative of a sinister mentality that is behind all of the usual “ists” and “isms.”

Global news claimed that the slogan on a shirt constituted “hate shirts” and the media tried to create a frenzy over MP Jasraj Singh Hallen being photographed near two men wearing them. Hallan has so far ignored the media smear campaign, as there is no point in engaging with journalists acting in bad faith.

(MP Jasraj Hallan taking a photo with Muslim parents. The man right of Hallan is Mahmoud Mourra who leads the large Muslim protests against gender theory and invasive LGBT curriculum in schools)

Parents are not going to stop caring about their children anytime soon, and when there are threats that they might lose said children for ideological reasons there is bound to be tension. Canada has a bad history of taking children out of the homes of their parents for having a different outlook on life than the Canadian establishment. Maybe it’s time for the people that claim to always be on the right side of history to start to read some Canadian history.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

5 responses to “The Left Can’t Smear Away The “Leave Our Kids Alone” Movement”

  1. Clifford Rines says:

    Trudeau is out destroy any sense of human decency in this country. He needs to removed now.


    If there were any evidence for the existence of women with penises, it’s Trudeau. Joking aside, I would never insult real women with a serious claim of such.

  3. Scott M says:

    "First, the sensational framing of the conflict as Muslims vs LGBTQ is bound to garner attention as both groups figure prominently in the Leftist intersectional ideology that has permeated academic and corporate structures. " LOL Looks like somebody misses the old days when institutional homophobia was the prominent intersectional ideology that permeated academic and corporate structures.

  4. Bob Snyder says:

    Sorry lady Your ranting is falling on deaf ears. A group that denies the fact that there are just 2 sexes is a group that needs the assistance of many good analysts and an education in decency. Leave the kids alone and go underground where you belong.

  5. SweetDoug says:

    Sherif is and would be considered an apostate in the Islamic religion and certainly does not observe sharia.
    There are no progressive or reformed Muslims as they MUST observe sharia or they are not true Muslims and the sharia does not allow for any deviating from the required beliefs, observations or behaviours stated in the sharia.
    Clearly she hasn’t been reading her Koran regarding homosexuality, either.
    As soon as I heard the ‘Can we talk?’ I was done. She just reeks of that patronizing progressive woman with the purple hair condescending to you with this intro. This is nothing more than codespeak for ‘You’re shutting up and I’m telling you the way it’s going to be.’ The message asking ‘Can we talk?’ insinuating a dialogue is not lost on a monologue Twitter video, either.
    "So-called Muslims". She’s gonna lose her head if she’s not careful, because that’s what Islam does with apostates. Or tosses them off a roof.
    Name calling people "Chirsto-fascists" because people want the alphabets to stop pushing their sexualizing of our children through the captured institutions is rich.