The Green Movement Is Dead

Written By Ambrose Ralph, Posted on May 11, 2020

Oil is alive and well. If it were not, we would be in real trouble, our modern-day comforts and conveniences would have severely regressed. The Green environmental movement in its current form is unachievable and not realistic.

This week we had a strange marriage. A big-boned American woman who, during an intoxicated stupor in 2015, claimed to have two artificial hips that squeaked when she walks, to a short petite French man with an appetite for media dramatics, but in reality, is a very poor tactician and an amateur politician. An odd couple indeed.

The green movement is dying, and these two regional, single purpose-focused politicians were grasping at straws. I say to the five oil-producing provinces and one territory of Canada, we got this. The truth is winning, Oil and Gas is our future for decades to come.

My satire is about Elizabeth May’s strange marriage to separatist Yves-François Blanchet. While their comments made many oil and gas workers from coast to coast angry, it made me laugh, and I honestly felt sad for them both.

Government insiders tell me that there are high-level discussions within the liberal cabinet to provide an aid package for the oil-producing provinces. May and Blanchett’s comments were lame attempts to derail these discussions publicly. With Trudeau’s ownership of a 4.5 billion-dollar Trans Mountain pipeline in construction and the possibility of there being no oil industry to supply the oil for the pipeline, even Trudeau realizes the importance of the oil industry to his coffers.

On CTV’s power play with Evan Solomon, Blanchett said federal funds should be directed at supporting renewable energy sources rather than projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Never coming back, he said.” “Putting any more money in that business is a very bad idea,” he said.

We know the truth about green energy, save yourself some embarrassment, Mr. Blanchett and watch the Michael Moore film.

Strange comments about oil considering Quebec’s love with guzzling sports cars and SUV’s. Guzzling being a reference to gasoline, not to Elizabeth May. Quebec is the 2nd largest user of oil in Canada, and some of that oil is Alberta Oil, even though Quebec opposes the Energy East pipeline and states that Alberta Oil is socially unacceptable in Quebec.

Enbridge’s Main Line goes from Edmonton to Chicago, Illinois, where it connects to Sarnia, Ontario and eventually to the Suncor refinery in Montreal. Yes, the same Alberta Suncor, whose oil is socially unacceptable in Quebec. Alberta has one buyer for our oil, the United States. They grind us down on pricing and then turn around and sell Alberta oil to the very people who oppose our oil for a profit.

I laugh at Blanchett’s hypocrisy. I am shocked at the fact that as a separatist, he does not have Quebec’s best interest in mind. If he did, he would not want Quebecers to be used and laughed at by the Americans. The US makes a massive profit on the backs of Quebecers.

Mr. Blanchett’s sole mission in life is to destroy Canada. His entire motivation is sovereignty. I believe the Frenchmen’s comments were a deliberate attempt to infuriate and insult Albertans so much that they will have no other choice but to leave Canada. His tactic has been to insult Albertans to anger us into leaving Canada since he took office deliberately.

The Bloc is Alberta’s biggest separation movement cheerleaders. He hopes that Quebec will never want to pay into equalization in Alberta’s absence and will inevitably leave Canada. Blanchett’s strategy is to force Alberta to leave first, causing the collapse of western Canada and then his dream of the sovereignty of Quebec. Mr. Blanchett, you sir are a political amateur, and your movement has continuously failed. You are a failure and insignificant.

History has shown and will show in the next election that you are very much the last choice in Quebec. When there is no liberal or conservative, Quebecers have demonstrated that you are the 3rd wheel. My prediction is that in the next election, you will become as insignificant in Quebec as you are today to Canada.

Elizabeth May, well, I think she is willing to be anyone’s friend if it brings a donation, saves her failing political career and keeps the foreign donation money flowing. The green movement is a business; the donation money has to keep flowing. I am not surprised she has found a temporary friend at the Bloc party’s agenda.

By attacking Canadian oil and gas workers, she has supported dictators and foreign oil regimes who have no environmental policies, no human rights policy’s or labour rights. For every Canadian Oil and Gas worker who loses their job, a foreign one is hired.

May has wholly failed to acknowledge any of the data publicly available on solar panels, windmills and that a move to green energy includes oil. The oil will be required even when green energy technology improves enough to make it viable.

This week the financial post said, “People talk about renewables all they want, that’s what you talk about when the world is in a happy place,” “When things get tight as they are now, people go back to the basics.”.

So, what did the May and Blanchett marriage accomplish? Certainly the fact that we miss Don Martin hosting CTV’s power play. He would never have let two amateurs use his platform to air such garbage. CTV has firmly established Evan Solomon as a rookie left winger to be used as politicians, please. A once-respected CTV Power Play has lost its scoring ability with viewers. Remember Evan; it’s the coach that gets fired first when the power play tanks.

Even the Green Party and the list hidden hypocrites in the Bloc will secretly acknowledge that if Canada stopped producing oil today and attempted to go green, we would be heavily dependent on foreign oil for products such as the N95 mask, ventilators and thousands of other critical medical items made from oil products for decades to come.

The truth is Canada needs oil, and Canadians may as well supply it. Made in Canada. Produced in Canada. Purchased in Canada. Make Canadian and buy Canadian. End the dependence on foreign supply chains. End foreign oil imports and build pipelines. We need oil. As Canadian oil is locked in the ground and jobs are lost, a foreign oil worker is hired. The Green movement is dead. We can trust oil to heat our homes and fuel our cars in times of need. Oil is alive and well, gaining strength and is our future for decades to come. Oil is not dead; the green movement is dead.

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Ambrose Ralph

6 responses to “The Green Movement Is Dead”

  1. H says:

    Mr Ralph, with all due respect, if you are going to write such a piece, I believe step one might be the proper spelling of Yves-Francois Blanchet’s name (spelled correctly once, incorrectly eight times). If you can’t get such basic information correct, it does reflect poorly on the credibility of anything else you may have to say…

  2. Robert Coutts says:

    I’m sure glad that ‘H’ isn’t hiding it’s? identity and is constructively on the case … obviously not to read the article but to count and count on missed spellings and dropped commas.

    As for the article, informative but light on the back end like you had to cut off a good ending to make a word count … those two are properly described as wingmen .. er wing people … how’s that ‘H’??

  3. I says:

    When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser.

  4. Dave says:

    Don’t worry about the spelling and grammar police, they know nothing! I’m extremely happy with the content of the article because of it’s relevance. The truth cannot be denied no matter how well read these people think they are. Educated is not the same as having common sense!

  5. Dr Tim Ball - Historical Climatologist says:

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    There is no political will to develop our oil and resources in Canada.

  6. Jonathan Underwood says:

    By giving them a platform, the CTV interviewer seemed to be sympathetic to extremists May and Blanche. It will likely serve to stir ambivalent Canadians to straighten up and screech "Aliens"!