The Crown Cannot Convict Tamara Lich, So Instead, They Are Legally Torturing Her

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 15, 2022

There is no arguing whether or not what the Crown is doing to Tamara Lich is ethical. We are living in a country where rapists and murderers can get out on bail, under very few conditions, and yet, Lich cannot even go to an awards show and have an interaction with a friend for less than a minute without being thrown back into prison and denied bail. 

It seems like the Crown is being quite aggressive in their legal pursuit of Tamara Lich, by doing things like seeking a Canada-wide warrant against her, to have her arrested at work in Medicine Hat. In reality, everything the Crown is doing is meant only as delay or harassment tactics against Lich.

It is patently absurd to think that the Crown was actually concerned that Lich was going to start planning for a second Freedom Convoy by leaning over and saying something to Tom Marazzo when she got off stage after receiving the George Jonas Freedom award, they really just wanted an excuse to put her through the prison system again. 

Their aim seems to be merely to wear Lich down and hope she takes some sort of plea deal based on how intolerable it is to be constantly in and out of prison with little justification.

And it seems like Ottawa judges are perfectly fine with playing along with the paranoia as Lich has been subject now to two separate judges who have denied her bail because they think she will “re-offend” even though the charges brought against her are borderline misdemeanors, and she has shown no sign of substantially breaking any of her bail conditions.

In the more recent case of bail being denied, Justice Paul Harris said Lich showing up to the awards event and making a passing comment to Marazzo was her “flaunting” her breaking of bail conditions, even though a previous judge had approved of Lich going to that event.

Now Lich is sitting in prison until at least July 25, after her previous court date on July 14 was deferred for eleven days for no clear reason. She has been sitting in custody since June 27, and at this rate, even if she was convicted of committing the incredibly minor, and borderline made-up charge of “counseling mischief” she probably would have already served out her time. 

At the end of the day, everything that both the Crown and various judges are doing to Tamara Lich feels far more like organized legal harassment and torture rather than a real pursuit of “justice.” 

Clearly, all the real scandals stemming from the Freedom Convoy 2022 have far more to do with corruption involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party, than any freedom protester. Not only did they push to have supporters of the Freedom Convoy have their bank accounts frozen using the Emergencies Act, which no law enforcement agency told the Liberals to invoke, but they also pushed dangerous false information about the convoy and its supporters which led to a police riot in Ottawa. 

The actions taken against Tamara Lich are merely an extension of the federal Liberal government and the City of Ottawa’s vengeance campaign against those who disagree with their authoritarian public health measures, By taking a pound of flesh through the legal system from Lich they are trying to make other Canadians less likely to stand up to the government, which is a tactic likely only to further embolden freedom-loving Canadians to protest and organize.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

17 responses to “The Crown Cannot Convict Tamara Lich, So Instead, They Are Legally Torturing Her”

  1. Nichols Alan says:

    This version of a free and inclusive Canada makes me sick to my stomach and so angry with the 32% idiots that somehow managed to elect Justin (king) Trudeau.

    How can all Canadians allow this to happen is beyond me.

    How can judiciary perform these politically motivated acts that are so clearly against habeus corpus?

    CANADA is under the corrupt management of Justin the creep.

  2. Kelly says:

    Canada is not free until Tamara and Justin switch places.

  3. Dawn Laflamme says:

    I wonder if anyone can visit, maybe pray with her???

  4. Terry J says:

    This is persecution, pure and simple

    Free Saint Tamara!!

  5. Alice McCargar says:

    Is it legal?

  6. Jack Reynolds says:

    Politics 422: How to begin a Civil War
    Initially an event like the one described below will trigger widespread Civil Disobedience. That will then gradually increase into a low-level Civil War, where each year a hundred or so people will be assassinated.
    EVENTS – 2022
     An Ontario Justice of the Peace issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Tamara Lich, a very popular political figure.
     The J.P. involved was not a Judge, and in fact he is just a former Parks Canada employee with NO LEGAL EXPERIENCE what-so-ever.
     The Crown Prosecutor in the case is someone who has made substantial donations to the Liberal Party of Canada and has attended ‘Get to Know’ fund raiser events for Trudeau.
     Local police in Medicine Hat Alberta cooperated and arrested Tamara Lich.
     The RCMP then flew two officers across Canada to transport Tamara back to Ottawa.
    Did I mention that the original charge was just a Misdemeanor ???
    The first targets in the Civil War may be those directly involved in creating the original problem. The current situation does have all the characteristics of government funded LAWFARE, so there may be Justice in this some day, but it will not be the sort you might anticipate.
    It is a common Marxist belief that “There can be no evolution without violent revolution”. It is certain that there are some members of the Liberal Party of Canada and NDP who believe that. It will not be Political Prisoner and granny Tamara Lich who responds to this, but it is obvious that there are many others among the Right-of-Centre who are considering what the most appropriate response should be. Freedom is something we will ALWAYS have to fight for to maintain.

  7. Jack Reynolds says:

     Justin Trudeau is not recognized by those who know him well as being a Deep Thinker.
     His Father was a Marxist.
     He grew-up hearing his Mother constantly referred to by Old Stock Canadians as a Whore.
     In 2015 Canadians elected this part-time Drama Teacher as its Prime Minister.
     What could possibly go wrong?

  8. NancyW says:

    All UN globalist WEF run countries are holding falsely political prisoners, people who love and care about the countries freedom and prosperity. This world government agenda "scare tactic" instead of talking to legal peaceful protesters, who now our puppet agenda leaders should all be arrested but our now once proud and upstanding holding the laws of Canada up for us the RCMP, OPP and other police forces who Canadians respected and pay for this remarkable service and once so supported them, are they now this antifa/BLM or who, paid for by our WEF puppet government with our tax dollars and more debt, they are no longer Canadian police using Canada’s law and order. We need most of this UN globalist placed puppet agenda government arrested, but we now need police forces for Canada for us not against us. They have stolen our country and replaced our good police with, the now brutal police? lawyers and judges? and now are abusing Canadians, freezing and stealing from us joining in with this corruption.
    Puppet Trudeau and his destroy Canada UN’s WEF agenda for the ultra rich criminals the "globalists" and now themselves? They think their safely in "Utopia" with those kind of people? they are fools too. We need to get ready to destroy all of them before we are way too weakened or wiped out . Let get this stopped as soon as possible and we need Tamarra Lich with us.

  9. Honest Canadian says:

    Trudeau is a tyrant and is a tresonist filthy prick the should be publically hung for the injustesis , theft, lieing, power abuse and locking us all down for his arogant self serving motives. Thousands of our great canadians that biult this country died alone in bed without their family or friends to say good bye to. Trudeau that prick implimented these rules fpr his agenda and he should pay the price.

  10. RedOctober79 says:

    Canadian is my Nationality.

    This is my Country. I want it back.

    I have drawn the line in the sand. I will #HOLDTHELINE









  11. Darlene Stodgell says:

    Trudeau must be making sure judges he knows are dealing with this ,it’s in called for

  12. Srderb51 says:

    Abuse of power & uncontrolled corruption for what they are doing to Ms.Lich. She deserves 2b free to enjoy her family, friends & life. SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. Trudeau is the criminal, a communist dictator & should be imprisoned for his crimes against a human. Hope he burns in hell

  13. Miki says:

    In Romania, the dictator Ceausescu did the same to people as Trudeau does now!!! He ended badly! Trudeau needs to understand that this is not correct, he needs to do mea culpa and back off!!!! He will not get away with this…one day he will and must pay!!!

  14. Johanne says:

    Finally, a deserving group of the word despicable. I no longer have any faith in our justice system. Any rational person can clearly see the perversion of justice here. It’s as though the judges and the Crown have twisted and manipulated this woman’s human and legal rights. Have they? Absolutely! Justin Trudeau is invested in this victim’s demise and we can just imagine how Trudeau might be ever grateful that she’s being treated this cruelly from the start. We’ve witnessed how Trudeau completely destroyed the career of a Canadian Justice Minister because she wouldn’t allow his corruption. Imagine any of these lower-ranked Justice employees were to speak out like Trudeau’s Justice Minister? Not likely! No, I have absolutely no faith in our justice system any more. They are no less terranical as Justin Trudeau who, as I recall, was outed on the world stage as a tyrant himself. This is his shot at making sure Canadians fear him. Don’t tell me he’s not the poster boy for the World Economic Forum and his now close friend Klaus. " You will own nothing and be happy." Like the farmers in the Netherlands right now.

  15. A chinnery says:

    Thats what happens when the government gives the lawyers union a manoploy and sell judgeships via political donations. They all know who butters their bread and demonstrate the approprate loyalty

  16. Bill Billy says:

    Let’s not forget one of the demands was the over throw of the Trudeau government. Trudeau is a sniveling little stooge weasel but the reality is in most countries she was would charged with a treason offense and now residing in a Gitmo style military lockup. She should consider herself darn lucky and put some actual thought into her process for her next round of protest.