The Churches Have to Stop Burning

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on July 7, 2021

Ten years ago if you heard someone talking about the war on Christianity, it was a likely indicator of potential radicalism and or conspiratorial thinking. However, with dozens of churches going up in flames across the country and the tacit acceptance from the political establishment, the message is clear to the Christians of Canada: you are not as important as other groups.

The question every Christian is probably asking privately is “could you imagine the reaction if it were mosques, synagogues or any other kind of temple being set ablaze?”

The question would be mostly rhetorical since everybody knows that after the first non-christian religious institution was set ablaze there would be a mirrored reaction within every newsroom and parliament both provincial and federal. However, when Christian institutions are under attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his close advisor Gerald Butts, described the motivation of the perpetrators as “understandable” and then went on to talk about how all Canadians hold the collective guilt of all of Canada’s past sins.

(Photo from the CBC)

(Photo from the CBC)

This brings up the first major problem with this situation. Even while enabling the arsonists, the Liberals are implicitly putting the blame for these horrible acts on the Indigenous community. Even as various Indigenous leaders across the country are trying to call for an end to this criminal behaviour and disassociate their community from it, their calls fall upon mostly deaf ears as the legacy media would rather ignore the situation or promote minority voices that stick within the approved ideological narratives. 

Essentially, as the establishment pushes this as Indigenous retribution for the history of residential schools the truth is likely that the core of the current attacks is hardline leftists activists that come from upper-middle-class urban backgrounds. However, this is hard to know for certain as it appears that the RCMP has very little interest in solving any of these crimes. 

The problem we are courting here is the growing sentiment of resentment that could be directed towards our Indigenous communities. It is not right, but how exactly do we expect people to act when their place of worship is burned down, their leaders side with the arsonists, and then they feel like they could face further social repercussions for publicly voicing their opinions on the subject? No well. The radical Left is doing what they do best; in their quest to help an ethnic group, they only make matters much worse.

(Photo from CTV News Winnipeg)

(Photo from CTV News Winnipeg)

The other major problem is the concept of reciprocal radicalism. One of the best ways to recruit someone into a radical organization is to make them feel like society is against them, and then present them with a way to defend themselves from their perceived discrimination.  

What better way to push this idea on pliable young men than to show them pictures of their churches on fire and videos of their political leaders enabling it.  

We are playing a very dangerous game with the darker side of human nature here, as we set the new standard that arsons on places of worship are a legitimate means of enforcing collective retribution for wrongs both legitimate and perceived. 

This all leads to a future where some lunatic with poor moral reasoning and moderate intelligence will know the best way to start a political firestorm. If for example the next time there is an Islamically motivated terrorist attack there is a good chance that the aforementioned lunatic will burn down a mosque.  

(Photo from the CBC)

(Photo from the CBC)

This is obviously an irrational and immoral act, as one cannot complain about the evil of the attacks on places of worship and then attack a place of worship.  But there will also be an irrational reaction from the media and politicians as they would do the right thing and strongly condemn these acts and rally public support for a thorough and decisive ration from the authorities to find the attacker, after ignoring the same thing done to Christians on a much larger scale.

Currently, there is not a leader of a major political party or major news outlet that would be able to properly walk this line and appeal to all the legitimate groups involved and that is a recipe for division and chaos.

If Canada wants to avoid dark days in the future, then the churches must stop burning immediately.

(Below is a recent video by Daniel Bordman which talks about the CBC pushing leftist justifications for the church burnings while failing to cover the actual burning down of churches across Canada)

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

2 responses to “The Churches Have to Stop Burning”

  1. Charles says:

    "Ten years ago if you heard someone talking about the war on Christianity, it was a likely indicator of potential radicalism and or conspiratorial thinking. "

    Or that they were right all along and it’s taken you ten years to notice.

  2. Arie Racicot says:

    I’m not in the least bit feeling guilty nor are my ancestors. We’ve all paid enough into the Native coffers to keep them alive without them doing anything for this country or their own well being. Wanting to live in the past but also wanting everything given to them plus for free. Each arsonist should be charged for the crime no matter the reason. Think of the chaos around the world if we had Trudeau’s attitude. The end of society as we know would ensue and we wouldn’t have to worry about climate change for our destruction. Also all who actually caused the criminal acts towards children should be the ones brought to trial, they are the ones who did the crimes, not the church. I have attended many powwows and have never heard or been told of any of the deaths or missing children! Have had many lawyers, a well known senator and a justice minister and attorney general, never once complain or bring up this subject over many years. Shame on all of these for waiting this long. But I guess that the money demanded from this far outlays any moral stance that these same folks could muster.