The CBC Ignores the Liberal’s China Scandal

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on December 10, 2020

Last night, December 9, 2020, the CBC’s flagship program The National had absolutely zero coverage of the biggest story in the country, the fact that the Liberals wanted to train the Chinese military in winter combat on Canadian soil.

Despite the fact that the story has already been covered in multiple international media outlets, as of the time I am writing this article there is no coverage of the story on the CBC’s website. Other mainstream Canadian outlets have picked up on the story, but the taxpayer funded CBC has chosen to ignore the story. However, the CBC did manage to find the time to write a hard hitting story on how the pandemic is killing gossip and why that’s bad.


At this point it is very reasonable to assume that the CBC news department is exhibiting political favouritism towards the Liberal party. No one in Canada would believe that the CBC would ignore a story that made international headlines, if it negatively impacted the Conservative party.

Once every month or so the hashtag #DefundCBC will trend in Canada will trend across Canada, and on very rare occasions a Conservative politician will echo the sentiments of Canadian public. 

This is often met with a mix of histrionics and befuddlement from the people inside the Canadian mainstream media.  Canadians are then lectured on why it is “dangerous” to not have the government in control of its own news outlet.  After all, a healthy media is integral to a functioning democracy, and who can hold the government to account better than that very government.

The level of arrogance on display from the CBC here is truly remarkable. It is clear that this story has major international implications, as it has made international headlines, but it will also have a massive effect on Canada.  

By wanting to train our enemies military in winter combat, Trudeau and the Liberals were essentially training our enemy to kill our allies. Outside of Russia, almost every place in the world where the Chinese army would need to be trained in winter combat would be in situations to fight our friends.


Earlier this year the Chinese had a clash in the snowy mountains with the Indian army near the LAC (Line of Actual Control) in Kashmir.  It is very reasonable to assume that India is not very happy to hear this news, neither are the Americans and our other allies.  

Will this development affect trade? Will our allies feel comfortable sharing intelligence with Canada now? How will the morale of the Canadian troops be affected by this development? All of these are very legitimate questions that should be addressed in various opinion articles and investigative pieces, but so far the editorial board at the CBC does not think so.

Despite the fact that Rebel News has been able to provide physical evidence for their story the CBC has yet to pick up on the story. Their excuse might be that they think this is just a bunch of gossip on behalf of Rebel Media (which it isn’t), but as we have seen, random gossip actually does fit comfortably under the CBC’s editorial standard today.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

16 responses to “The CBC Ignores the Liberal’s China Scandal”

  1. Tedr says:

    If it is the truth in News you are after avoid the CBC, they are bought and paid for by the treasonous Liberal Party of Canada.

  2. Gerd Trubenbach says:

    China has enough Winter training areas, I Mongolia or in around Harbin.
    Harbin is the City where they build A City out of River Ice.

  3. raymond abney says:

    Trudeau is a traitor and we the people want him in jail for life.

    • billy bong says:

      At the very least. I’d like to see Trudeau’s neck stretched by the sudden jerk at the end of a rope.

  4. Betty Demarce says:

    Do a search for "Chinese troops in Canada". I was shocked. They are training in large numbers in areas that I used to be very familiar with on our West Coast. It is very frightening to say the least. This is not in our mainstream media that I am aware of.

  5. jim demers says:

    PM Trudeau bought off Canadian media with $600-million taxpayer dollars. His investment is paying him great dividends.

  6. Lori Saunders says:

    Of course Trudeau is trying to suck up to the chinese! He is part communist anyway. We shouldn’t expect anything else considering where America is heading down the socialist/ communist trail with their supposedly new President elect!
    So get ready Canada,,,this is just the beginning of communism creeping in!

    • Guest says:
      China has largest number of BILIONAIRES in the world now
      Plenty of work and low cost housing for everyone
      No homeles or drug adicts either,bc they execute drug pushers
      Go visit or talk to western expats who live in China to see how fantastic it is
      Good luck getin woke

    • Tim Martin says:

      How did we get to this point in 10 months? This has been planned out for a long time.

  7. Ghost Agent says:

    FREEDOM > trudeau

  8. Janos says:

    China is not our enemy simpletons,,it never atacked invaded any foreign country unlike our Overloards usa
    Talk to any expats livin in China and learn how fantastic life and economy is there
    Try Blondie in China YT chanel or Reporterfy media travel or Gweilo60
    Or Daniel Dumbril or Nathan Rich or Numuves or
    Richard Augilar
    Good luck getin woke

  9. Tim Martin says:

    Lots of winter conditions in China, why here? Now you know why Trump said that we could be a security threat!