The Alberta NDP Dropped Their Labour Base In Favour Of The Woke Whiners

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 16, 2023

The next Alberta provincial election is just months away, and the event is being slated by the media as a faceoff between the Alberta NDP leader Rachel Notley, and UCP Premier Danielle Smith. While Smith herself has been trying to recast the election as a battle between herself and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the reality is Trudeau nor Notley are the real opponents of Smith in 2023. 

Notley and the NDP  were able to pull off an upset victory in 2015, but because the traditional labour establishment of the NDP failed to win reelection in 2019, it seems that the woke faction of the NDP has taken the initiative and is now leading the party by the nose into the 2023 election.

Since 2019, the NDP is no longer the party embodied by Rachel Notley, it’s the party of Janis Irwin and the party’s other woke radicals. Although Notley presented herself in 2015 and somewhat in 2019 as a hard hat-wearing labour politician, she moves in lockstep with whatever happens to be the strongest faction of her party. 

Since the NDP lost in 2019, Notley has suddenly started endorsing race-based hiring in the government, pushed for hate speech laws, and is constantly flexing her progressive credentials.

Notley is a popular face for the NDP since she seems like a more middle-road NDPer, which gives cover for people like Irwin who have a massive amount of power inside the NDP with the activist base. 

There is a reason why NDP MP Blake Desjarlais was able to win in Edmonton-Griesbach against two-term MP Kerry Diotte, despite being the sort of simpleton who attends anti-Israel events alongside Holocaust deniers

Desjarlais would have gotten crushed by Diotte the way the last two NDP opponents of Diotte did (including Janis Irwin in 2015), but since Irwin won her provincial riding of Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in 2019, she has been able to develop an aggressive activist-led political machine. No doubt Erin O’Toole’s terrible leadership of the Conservative Party hurt Diotte, but he would have held onto the seat if Irwin wasn’t doing all the heavy lifting for Desjarlais.

Irwin is the head of the NDP’s Gender & Sexual Diversity Caucus which based on resolutions voted on during the NDP’s 2021 and 2022 AGMs wields massive power. This power also gives people like Janis Irwin free reign to act how they want.

Irwin promotes Drag Queen story hours with incredibly questionable guests, once called it “anti-trans” when an Edmonton resident placed a few “no pedophile” stickers on stops signs around her riding, called Alberta’s social studies curriculum “racist,” attacks politicians for not being enthusiastic supporters of the woke agenda, and publicly mocks Christians.

More recently Irwin attacked Kerry Diotte simply for making a Facebook post asking people what they think about an upcoming “all ages” drag event. This was apparently a horrible transgression in the eyes of Irwin and her activist followers. 

The National Telegraph reached out for comment from Diotte, who confirmed to us that Irwin’s attack on him had come out of seemingly nowhere. 

Diotte told us that:

It’s incredible to me that people who wrongly condemn others for being intolerant are themselves so intolerant of any opinions that aren’t aligned with theirs. Often they’ll attack if they even THINK you’re not aligned with their world views.

A case in point is that NDP MLA Janis Irwin saw fit to attack me on social media, not for an opinion I personally have about drag shows for kids, but rather because I merely highlighted on Facebook an upcoming youth drag show planned to be held at an Edmonton church and asked the following question:

“These drag shows are becoming more and more prevalent. This one is for kids. What’s your opinion on these? Does it teach tolerance as organizers say? Or is it grooming — as detractors allege? Have your say.”

For asking the question above Irwin posted it on her social media for her thousands of followers with a tag line saying: “I almost — almost — feel sorry for this sad man.” 

Bear in mind I didn’t even offer a personal opinion of what I think of children’s drag shows. But here’s a strong opinion of mine: These kinds of attacks by ultra-woke warriors — enthusiastically supported by the NDP — should alarm anyone who truly cares about free speech. I shudder to think of what this radical party will inflict upon Albertans if they win the May provincial election.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t see how Notley and the NDP kowtowing to woke radicals like Janis Irwin or Sarah Hoffman will help to unify Alberta.

It is no wonder that the NDP over the past several years has moved in the direction of being the party for students, teachers, nurses, and government office workers, and away from blue-collar labour. The NDP’s platform under the influence of Irwin and others has become alienating to those who work in more physically-taxing labour jobs.

The constant woke-signaling is not something people who work in jobs traditional manual labour jobs care about so the NDP, like the Labour Party in the UK, has had to expand the definition of labour to include white collar government employees already making good salaries as the “labour” they are championing. 

Really, the NDP only cares about labour if they work in a field that makes them likely to support the woke social views the party has adopted. That is another way of saying they don’t actually support labour unless labour firsts supports the rest of their agenda, no matter how small-minded and superfluous. 

So, like I said before, this next election in 2023 is not about Premier Danielle Smith fighting with Rachel Notley or Justin Trudeau, it’s about Smith and the UCP fighting the new woke variant of the Alberta NDP.

If those running the UCP’s provincial election campaign were smart they would make this election about those behind Notley that will be shaping the most impactful government policies.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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