Right Wing Watch “Exposes” The Post Millennial as Right of Communism

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on September 21, 2020

In recent weeks, Right Wing Watch (RRW), a Left-wing activist organization dedicated to discrediting various conservative groups, has taken aim at a Canadian publication The Post Millennial (TPM).

In their most recent article RRW quoted former TPM writers trying to build the narrative that TPM is “far-Right”, laying it at the feet of their Editor at Large, Andy Ngo. The only writer willing to go on the record was Siddak Ahuja, an open Marxist, who lamented the fact that he could no longer write “outright Socialist” op-eds. This was used as “evidence” to build the “Far-Right” case against TPM.

Other than not promoting socialism, TPM being retweeted by Jack Posobiec who RRW described as a “far-right collaborator and disinformer”, and in their words: “publishing attacks on journalists and aligning itself with the far-right movement, issuing a torrent of inflammatory smears against LGBTQ equality, racial justice, and anti-fascism.”  No links where provided to back up these claims.

To recap, the standards for “far-right” according to RRW are: not advocating for Socialism, covering stories involving attacks on journalists, publishing critiques of modern gender theory, disagreeing with the Black Lives Matter movement, negative coverage of ANTIFA, and being retweeted by Jack Posobiec.

Does RWW also consider it “far-right” to publish articles calling white-supremacists like Richard Spencer “depraved filth”? That doesn’t exactly fit in with RWW’s narrative about TPM, so I guess thats why stuff like that was left out of their hit piece.

To be fair to RWW, they do publish other information in their article, like how Ahuja left due to pay cuts and the work environment.  However, that probably serves better as a separate article and has no bearing on the political ideology of the outlet.

RWW has also gone after TPM’s senior staff like Jeff Ballingall, an open Pete Buttigieg supporter, to insinuate that TPM is “far-right rage bait.”


Red tory jeff.png

As a conservative, I had some criticisms of Mayor Pete and his supporters. Them being “far-right” was not anywhere near my list.

Society is facing a crisis of dishonest political discourse, an issue that Right Wing Watch tried to address in their articles, but ironically perpetuated.  TPM is an outlet with a rather transparent centre-right editorial bias, even before Andy Ngo joined.  No one claims otherwise, that is why they are slandered as “far-right”.

The problem comes when outlets and organizations like RWW and Media Matters, with clear Left-wing bias, present themselves as neutral arbitrators and start declaring everything they politically disagree with as “far-right”.  Not only does this desensitize people to the problem of political extremism, but it cheapens the definition by over broadening it.

This is happening far too often where Left-wing attack major public figures like Joe Rogan over small technical errors in an attempt to bully them into silence or smear them to discredit their platforms, and it has to stop.

Criticizing media outlets that have significant reach like TPM, The National Telegraph or any mainstream outlet should be encouraged. But ridiculous smears are counter productive. Yes, TPM will not promote socialism and will cover the riots in a way CNN would not, but this doesn’t warrant the label “far-Right” and RWW should save it for the groups that do.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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