Purple Wave: How the PPC Stands to be the Big Winners in this Election

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on September 13, 2021

The Peoples’ Party of Canada may not gain a seat in this election, but they might not need one to achieve a significant victory.  There are multiple scenarios in which the PPC could come away from this vote in a much stronger position to affect Canadian politics going forward.

Of course, if the PPC do gain one or two sears in the legislature they will gain instant credibility in Ottawa, and depending on the strength of the pending Liberal or Conservative minority they might even have some real political power. That is the best-case scenario for the PPC, but still a bit of a longshot at this point.

Many people have seen the EKOS poll that has the party around 12% currently, this seems to be a bit of an outlier on the high end, but their numbers are still relatively good for a party in its infancy.  To use a different poll (and one with clearly no pro-PPC bias) the CBC has the party at 6.5% nationally.  If we take the 6.5% number to be the more accurate number this is still a huge victory for the PPC.

It is no secret that the PPC’s greatest weakness as a party right now is its lack of infrastructure. While the party has been able to draw in candidates, and a healthy amount of volunteers for the election cycle they struggle to fill in those positions after the election cycle and form fully staffed EDAs across the country. However, if they hit the magic number, which is just more than 2% of the vote, a lot of those problems can be solved.

Love it or hate it, Canada has a rule that if a party gains 2% of the vote nationally (or 10% on the riding level) they will qualify for a 50% election expense reimbursement. Right now the PPC is comfortably ahead of that number. With some much-needed funds coming in the PPC could flush out their staff, have a much more cohesive national strategy, and develop a much more potent ground game for the next election which is likely not that far off considering we are headed for a minority.  

If it’s a Liberal minority, Justin Trudeau has already said that he wants another crack at a majority, and if the Conservatives form a minority it is unlikely that Erin O’Toole will last 4 years without any allies in parliament.

The PPC has been able to make these massive gains by applying an almost unheard-of political strategy in Canadian politics: appealing to issues voters actually care about. Combine this with Erin O’Toole’s plan to wage a never-ending war on the Conservative base and the PPC is becoming a lot more than just a protest vote.

Worried about issues like the advance of radical gender ideology in Bill C-6? A bill that would make it criminal for parents of a child who claims to be of the opposite gender to seek professional therapy (other than pure affirmation therapy).  Well the CPC is in full support of C-6, only the PPC opposes it.

(Photo from CTV News)

(Photo from CTV News)

Are you in the West, or just a Canadian that cares about our energy sector and the economic health of our nation? Well, Erin O’Toole has an Elizabeth May approved Carbon Tax for you. If you don’t approve of the Carbon Tax the PPC is the only federal party that shares your opinion.

There are many more wedge issues where the PPC is the lone dissenter. Vaccine passports/mandates, free speech, and interprovincial free trade are just some of the issues where the PPC is your only option.

Right now, the political establishment can turn their noses at the plebs that comprise the PPC and stick their heads in the sand concerning their rapid growth. But a fully staffed, well-funded PPC will be a force that the Conservatives will be unable to ignore. 

If the PPC hit the 2% threshold, which seems very likely, the CPC might have to live out their greatest fear: running on actual conservative policy in a federal election.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

3 responses to “Purple Wave: How the PPC Stands to be the Big Winners in this Election”

  1. Robert Gale says:

    The PPC is the truest most Conservative aligned voice, and while it needs support to stay in the game the Liberals must be defeated and the only chance of that is O’Toole — so do we oust Trudeau and sic the PPC on O’Toole next time around or vote PPC and risk a Conservative loss? — Another of those questions that keep me up at night

  2. Antenor says:

    Biden was elected with far fewer attendees at his rallies than what Max is bringing in. Trudeau will not get his majority, neither will O’Tool, and Max could be the kingmaker or breaker. PPC with two or three seats could be the re-making of this country. There has been a big backlash against both Trudeau and O’Tool that the MSM have failed to report, surprise! Should enough Canadians wake up and vote for the only party that has displayed a modicum of common and economic sense then we could see another election within two years and both the Liberals and Conservatives are in fear of that happening.

  3. Marcopohlo says:

    Which is why, regardless of the chance of a win in my riding, I’ll be first in line at my polling place to vote PPC.