Patrone: Team Tory Video Takes Spotlight Off O’Toole

Written By Marc Patrone, Posted on November 26, 2021

Fresh off the Conservative’s latest election defeat, the party is clearly eager to show Canadians it’s ready to fight hard during this parliamentary session. We see this in the party’s spirited attack on the Trudeau government’s economic record amidst inflationary pressures threatening to make Christmas somewhat less than merry for millions of Canadians.

In its latest anti-Trudeau attack ads, the party rejigged its marketing approach, opting to give its leader Erin O’Toole a lower profile in favour of focussing on ‘Team Tory.’

It’s come months too late but it may have finally dawned on the O’Toole team, making an unappealing leader the ‘face’ of the party is a losing strategy.

Still, the party has come out swinging early in this Parliamentary session. I’m not sure where this scrappy attitude was during the election campaign.

To the dismay of conservatives, O’Toole moved the party to the centre on issues like climate change, flip-flopped on gun control, and talked like a Liberal on fiscal matters including deficits.

His uninspiring performance prompted hundreds of thousands of Tory supporters to stay home rather than bothering to cast a ballot. Thousands of others voted for Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party.

Instead of providing full-throated support for free-market capitalism and smaller government, the insipid O’Toole campaign served up thin liberal gruel. The man who touted himself as the “true blue conservative” in winning the leadership of the party last year seemed tentative, almost apologetic in trying to attract Liberal support.

Despite winning the popular vote, the CPC lost to the Liberals who garnered a record low 32 percent of votes cast. Canadians wanted to change, but O’Toole seemed to be promising more of the same.

Judging by the left-wing media’s defence of O’Toole’s continued leadership, the Liberal Party would love to keep him around for at least one more beating. So now we have a party that’s putting a fresh coat of paint on its marketing strategy by highlighting putting other CPC MPs in the spotlight instead of the leader.

Could it work?

It seems to be a last ditch effort to save O’Toole from being pushed out in a leadership review.

His problem is the same, no credibility. O’Toole sold party members a phoney bill of goods in touting himself as a real conservative and there is still a palpable sense of betrayal amongst many in the party.

Only this week, I referred to him as a eunuch on my Sauga960am radio show but his performance lately suggests he’s finally got a bit of fire in the belly.

Is it too late?

Canadians gave him a chance to prove himself. What they got was a man who appears to stand for nothing but his own desire to have the fancy title and the nice office.

That’s not good enough, nor should it be.

It’s time for an overhaul at the top, not just a fresh marketing campaign that simply de-emphasizes a failed leader.


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Marc Patrone

One response to “Patrone: Team Tory Video Takes Spotlight Off O’Toole”

  1. Mavros Whissell says:

    Sadly, O’Toole is only engaging in this "unified" strategy after he needlessly drove the Conservatives apart. The video is a facade. O’Toole continues to do drive a wedge between social and fiscal conservatives, most recently removing Senator Batters from the caucus for challenging his leadership. It’s a very serious series of mistakes, probably catalyzed by some fantastic polling that told him ditching social conservative values would open him to more Liberal-Conservative swing voters. Maybe it will – in the short run. In the long run, it will tear the party apart. O’Toole is neither ready to fight with his fragmented party, nor is he able to win. His strategy of driving out social conservatism is the death knell of this generation of Conservative voters. When the ship is sinking, he puts on a smiling face. Under his current abandonment of social conservatism, the PPC will continue to grow, despite its serious lack of direction. O’Toole should resign and save himself the utter humiliation of another defeat to one of the most corrupt governments in Canadian history. That’s right, they picked Trudeau over you, O’Toole. We know this because you made the whole election a leadership referendum because you very simplistically followed the Liberals corrupt agenda.