Orange Shirt Anti-Canada Protesters Pull Down Queen Victoria Statue

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 2, 2021

As if to prove in one action that the movement to cancel Canada Day in 2021 was not an attempt to unify Canadians and pursue vaguely defined reconciliation, orange shirt clad protesters at the Manitoba Legislature turned riotous when they pulled down and defaced a statue of Queen Victoria, as well as a statue of Queen Elisabeth II. 

There is no evidence either of the queens was involved in the residential school system, so on top of the fact that it is a criminal act to vandalize public property, they are not even targeting symbols that represent the residential school system, which the cancel Canada Day movement was supposedly all about.

This is simply anti-Canadian. Canada in 2021 clearly does not support residential schools today or justify them in the country’s past, but the protesters don’t care, because they are simply standing on the graves of children in order to attack Canada. 

It should also be noted that this riotous and destructive behaviour is tantamount to an endorsement of the recent spree of arson against Catholic churches across the Western provinces. The orange shirts are becoming a symbol not of reconciliation or respect for Indigenous history, but out of hatred for Canada, which is proven by the words and actions of those wearing orange. 


When they shout “decolonization” what they really mean to say is that they want Canada torn down and replaced by radical far-left governance. It is no coincidence that current NDP members of Parliament, and open socialist, Niki Ashton directly endorsed the pulling down of the statue. 

This is also why criticism was leveled at politicians who did not outright say they wanted Canada Day canceled, and rather make it a day of “reflection” because many Canadians know that turning Canada Day from a day of celebration into one of negative reflection on black marks in Canadian history is an attempt to delegitimize the country as a whole.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Michelle Rempel through their virtue signaling about “reflecting” are tacitly endorsing this undermining of Canada by treating the country as a net-negative on the world based only on past wrongdoing. A failure to celebrate a country foreshadows an unwillingness to fight for it, so the words and actions of our elected officals on these issues are not at all trivial.

Unsurprisingly none of the previously mentioned politicians have condemned the pulling down of the statues.

It raises the question of whether all of these politicians lending their support to the orange shirt movement either are naively being duped into believing they have a unifying message, or if they themselves just also actively hate the very fabric of Canada. Singh himself has never shied away from smearing Canadians who disagree with him as, racist, sexist, and anti-gay.

Canada is a good country that should be celebrated because we would never tolerate residential schools again, and anyone who wants to portray Canada as nothing more than black marks like residential schools clearly is not looking to unify. 

The only thing that can be done to battle back this anti-Canadian movement is for patriotic Canadians to be unwavering in their love for the country, and how far we have come since the days of residential schools. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

7 responses to “Orange Shirt Anti-Canada Protesters Pull Down Queen Victoria Statue”

  1. Dan Allison says:

    Gestapo there to help vandalize & assault true Canadian patriots

  2. TedR says:

    Our Government is as corrupt and criminal as the activists who perpetrate this non nonsensical violence.

  3. jack reynolds says:

    Does anyone know where the bodies of the Hurons, who occupied the entire north coast of Lake Ontario, from the Ottawa River to Lake Huron and beyond prior to 1800, were buried ??? JUST ASKIN’.

  4. NancyW says:

    Our CCP’s UN globalist bought out racist politicians, along with the once good RCMP, bought out communist MSM, corrupted propaganda schools and corrupted but once proud Military all appear to hate Canada. Are we Colonial Canadians now just standing back and letting these racist protesters many brought in and paid to do this with our tax dollars and big destructive debt destroying our freedom and once hard fought for proud country?
    I see and read how bad it is becoming around the world for Christians and free democracies, especially now in the strong USA but they are getting ready now to fight it seems, stopping their propaganda hate schools, wanting to stop these giant international tech companies censoring these globalists do not like us to know as many are not bright enough it seems to realize what is going to happen to us all when they have total control. Just look at what these huge money sick mental haters have already done and it will get much worse even sooner once our freedom of speech is gone and the criminal SJW have destroyed our laws, no boarders, no country.

  5. marja says:

    It seems that the police now are against Canada too when they don’t arrest those who destroy Canada but arrest those who are feeding homeless in the dead the winter and hold church services and help those who are depressed and suicidal. It seems that the whole purpose of the masking, lockdowns even after the emergency was over is to reduce the population of Canada and the world and therefore they don’t care how people die as long as the population is decreased be it due to viruses, suicide due to lockdowns, hunger, freezing in the winter, depression due to losing you livelihood their plan has succeeded and the now the police is contributing to that plan. So sad and criminal.

  6. Anne Hooper says:

    What a bunch of idiots–I so loved the movie on PBS about the life of Queen Victoria–and for the police to taser a person against this insane protest is showing that the cops are not for the ‘good guys’. What a shame our country has become. Contrast this to the pro-Canada event in Ottawa–people marching to show their love for our country–that was great compared to these destructive goofs in orange shirts.

  7. Dale Sumislouski says:

    Someone get the name of all the police officers witnessing this act of domestic terrorism – charge them for being accomplices and fire them got not protecting public property! The police there should have done their duty and arrested all orange shirts! What a weak law system we have when domestic terrorism is allowed right in front of police officers! "FIRE ALL OF THEM"!