Ontario Woman Arrest For Protesting Drag Queen Event Hosted In A “Church”

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on October 30, 2022

Yesterday, a woman was unjustly arrested by police in Gravenhurst, Ontario, for protesting on the sidewalk outside of a Halloween-themed drag queen event taking place in a “church.”

The “family event” was billed as the “Hallow-Queen & Pump-King Spooktacular” and was hosted at the Gravenhurst Trinity United Chuch by Muskoka Pride, which involved both “drag performances” and “drag storytime.”

(Photo from Muskoka Pride’s Facebook Page)

Chrystal Peters, the woman who was arrested outside of the building, was standing with a couple of other protesters when she was confronted by two police officers who accused her of “trespassing,” and told her that she cannot prove the event was inappropriate for children because she “had not been inside.” At the same time, the officers denied the ability for Peters or any of the other protesters to enter the church’s premises. 

In the face of the officers attempting to shut down the small protest, Peters declared that:

I am protesting grown adults who want to dress in lingerie and dance around children. We have a whole country a whole nation filled with children who do not know whether they are boys or girls because of activities like this and it is up to us adults to stand up and to protect these children. To stand on [Muskoka Pride’s] side is wrong, and for them to hold it in a church is wrong.

After Peters’ stands for basic human decency, one officer accuses her and the other protesters of blocking the entrance to the church which the woman proves to be nonsense by turning her camera towards the church’s entrance, showing a completely clear path into the building. 

The officer then counters with the ridiculous claim that the protesters do not know what is going on in the church, despite public Facebook posts advertising the drag event

Then, after more back and forth between the protesters and the police officers, the officers then walk into the church briefly before walking back and arresting the woman filming for “swearing” which supposedly constitutes a “public disturbance”. 

Clearly, if swearing really amounted to a “public disturbance” pretty much every protest could be arbitrarily shut down.

Peters had been released very shortly afterward, which seems to indicate the officers were well aware that they were only arresting her in order to break up the lawful protest. 

Drag Shows Are Inherently Inappropriate

To anyone with a functioning brain, it should be clear that drag queen shows should be classified as adult entertainment for its sexual nature, and anyone trying to do drag-anything for children is knowingly trying to blur age boundaries.

It is quite telling that the day before the Trinty United drag event there was another Halloween-themed drag event organized by Muskoka Pride hosted at a bar restricted to clientele 19-years-of-age and older. 

So the night before the drag event in the “church” most of the same performers were at a venue inaccessible to children and yet parents are not supposed to notice how obviously inappropriate it is for a drag queen to dance or read books in front of children? 

Personally, I think everyone knows what’s happening at these various drag queen story hours and “family-friendly” drag queen performances are inappropriate, and any attempt to obfuscate the point by pretending that a drag queen dressing as an exaggerated form of a woman is equivalent to any other entertainer for children.

(Photo from Muskoka Pride’s Facebook Page)

You will notice that the adults who host these events, and the parents who bring their children, that they seem to get a giggling satisfaction knowing they are showing children content that is provocative and contains sexual undertones, of which the kids are not fully cognizant. It is the same as adults who for some reason find it hilarious and cute when a young child swears or says other vulgar phrases, the adults find the corrupt language the kid is using in ignorance to be deeply amusing. 

It should be pretty clear to parents now that this new push from the left to normalize drag shows for children and families is a socially destructive movement that needs to be protested and condemned. 

Thankfully people like Chrystal Peters and other Ontario parents are raising awareness of the drag events taking place so more reasonable people can show up in order to register their moral opposition to the sexualization of family events. But more people still need to get involved. 

What Even Is A Church These Days?

Before the closing of this article, it must be noted how truly disgusting it is for any building to call itself a church while blatantly mocking Biblical principles by hosting such obviously transgressive and vulgar events. 

As insane as it is to imagine something calling itself a “church” debasing itself in this fashion, many non-Reformed denominations that have been watering down their teaching of the Bible for quite a while now are increasingly embracing social justice ideals and hosting events like Trinty United did on October 29. 

Hosting events like this is just another gimmick churches (including “Evangelical” churches) increasingly use to bring people in who don’t just have zero interest in God or the Bible, but openly scorn them.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

11 responses to “Ontario Woman Arrest For Protesting Drag Queen Event Hosted In A “Church””

  1. Jh says:

    It seems that the decision to attend is best done by the parents. You don’t want yours to go? Fine. Another family may choose differently. That is the gift we have living in a free society.

  2. Meenu says:

    Jh thinks it is ok to take minor children to drag shows where transgenders are wearing sex toys and dancing provocatively? Where is the Child Protective Services when you need them? I guess they are also part of the degenerate cabal.

  3. Jh says:

    Meenu has no idea what actually happens at these events. Has Meena attended one? They are not about sex toys. You all are the ones getting hung up on that. And what about parents rights that you all yell about?

  4. guest says:

    It would be a United church that hosted this event. The whole United church organization has been slowly withering away in relevance and may I say Godliness. The only thing they have going and are actively milking, are the huge real estate holdings.

  5. Wilma Di Gaetano says:

    Has the Church responded to the protest or the arrest? I looked at the church website and it’s all about inclusivity etc which seems to be code for supporting gender identity ideology. The church FB page showed some photos of the event (did not appear to be a lot of people in attendance) but ability to comment was restricted. I wonder if all members of the church support such events.

  6. Alka says:

    Wow! Is it a catholic church?

  7. marjorie craw says:

    This is indoctrination pure & simple! Trans represent LESS than 3% of the pop. Paedophiles must be happy about this type of grooming! No wonder churches are closing…THIS is NO way to attract a bigger congregation!

  8. L. says:

    This is totally disgusting. NO church should be doing this!!!!

  9. Bob Art says:

    Drag comes from the history of transvestites. It has absolutely no other history. Transvestites use what we call vamping. Vamping is the use of female characteristics to allure men for sexual reasons. They are bringing children to transvestites that are using female characteristics to sexually attract men. Anyone saying otherwise is a disgusting pedophile. They have tried to convolute transsexual and transvestite as if they are the same thing while pushing transvestites on kids

  10. THE Germar Rudolf says:

    *** If anyone would ever spend the time and energy to read TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL by GERARD MENUHIN, they would come to the depth of understanding about what/who we are fighting with all this disgusting garbage and much much much more. Also read THE UNSPOKEN KENNEDY TRUTH by LAURENT GUYENOT. These should get some propagandized heads out of their arses.

  11. Peggy Peterson says:

    Well , we only had 24 hours to get the message out on social media about this event but we did it and thank goodness for people like Chrystal arriving and adding her powerful voice to the effort. I have to let people know the hate and vulgar abuse we have received is shocking everyone . These people are hateful and I might suggest lost … We will not be surprised again and we are monitoring these groups and we have created a source page on FB at Muskoka Childrens Advocacy to keep people informed.