NDP MP Charlie Angus says Opposition to Mandatory Masks is “white racist extremism”

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on May 10, 2021

As if the NDP Member of Parliament Charlie Angus was attempting to find a sturdy rake to step on he has waded into the mandatory mask debate, coming on the side of people like Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi who said anti mandatory mask protests are “thinly veiled white nationalist” rallies.

Angus somehow pushed the slanderous rhetoric to a new height going on to agree with Mayor Nenshi on Twitter saying that opposing mandatory masking orders, “is white racist extremism using the biggest medical crisis in a century to build a hate movement,” which is a laughably paranoid conspiracy theory at best, but more likely just malicious political rhetoric meant to spread hate against Canadians who disagree with him.

Angus is following in the footsteps of NDP Jagmeet Singh who said to the mainstream media that, “To brazenly not follow public health guidelines puts people at risk and that is something that we’ve seen with extreme right-wing ideology.”

The frustrating thing about what these various public health bullies are saying is the fact that the effectiveness of masks has never been proven for stopping the spread of COVID-19, especially when masks are improperly used and also reused by regular Canadians not trained in proper PPE use.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fiddling with his mask.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fiddling with his mask.

These are also the same people who parrot the talking point that everyone must still continue wearing masks regardless if you have been fully vaccinated, which undermines a major reason to get immunized.

It seems that because the Canadian political establishment has failed to present good arguments for their various health measures and mandates, so they have shifted towards simply smearing their political opponents on this issue as uncaring, racist, and extreme. It is basically a pagan religious belief at this point that masks and lockdowns are helpful, and it is evident in the inquisitory type of way that the various political elites come down on those who disagree, no matter how well reasoned.

You can criticize some of the people behind various protests against lockdowns who attempt to hijack the anti-lockdown movement to push unrelated pet conspiracy theories of theirs, but the vast majority of those protesting, refusing to wear masks, or just advocating for the mandate to be lifted, are simply regular Canadians who do not see the evidence to back up the policies in place.

NDP MP Charlie Angus. (Photo from Twitter).

NDP MP Charlie Angus. (Photo from Twitter).

Angus, Singh, and Nenshi, Trudeau, along with even supposed “Conservatives” like Doug Ford, and Jason Kenney, from their elitist cosmopolitan perch, want to simply wave away criticism they don’t like as somehow out-of-bounds politically so they can pretend the policies they advocate for and put in places have not been proven to be detrimental. 

It is lost on them that the vast majority of states south of the border, and various other countries abroad have proven the economically devastating cycle of lockdowns do not work, yet they instead would rather gaslight Canadians into thinking those advocating for an approach like what worked in Texas or Florida are extreme.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “NDP MP Charlie Angus says Opposition to Mandatory Masks is “white racist extremism””

  1. Dee says:

    Canadians are getting tired of your playground games. You try to turn us against each other, do you not realize we see you for what you are? Enjoy your job while it lasts, people like you will not be elected next time round. Your only goal is to divide our great country and that is not a true Canadian value.

  2. Jacques Hebert says:

    True radical extremists would disregard our charter of rights, but those that Angus paints as extremists simply want the charter of rights to be respected.
    If we allow governments to break the law every time there’s an emergency, whether real or promulgated, radical governments will then manufacture emergencies in order to break the law. This is not new, it happened under Mao in China, under Stalin in Russia, under the National Socialists in Germany before and during WWII. And these "dictatorships" all accused their opposition of being extremists, just like we see them doing now in our own country.

  3. Jacques Hebert says:

    The racism card is a very effective destructive tool in politics, because it combines the power of at least 5 logical fallacies into 1 attack. e.g.
    Ad hominem= attacking the opponents character in an attempt to undermine their argument.
    Strawman = misrepresenting ones motives in order to make them easier to attack.
    Appeal to emotion= manipulation of an emotional response in place of having to come up with a compelling argument.
    Burden of proof= Asserting that the burden of proof lies not with the person making the claim, but with someone else to disprove. i.e. guilty until proven innocent…it’s difficult if not nearly impossible to PROVE something you are not guilty of…It’s why the state must provide the evidence for their accusation.
    Appeal to authority= Implying that if it comes from the mouth of an authority figure, it must therefore be worthy… a bit of the Stanley Milgram experiment thrown in, for good measure. There are also a few other logical fallacies that I could probably stretch into it, but these are enough to point out that the racist card is a very nasty weapon to deal with…too much irrationality will make almost anyone’s head spin and terminate his thinking process.

  4. Jacques hebert says:

    Theresa Tam has a Glory hole fetish, Canadians should not let her/him make glory holes compulsory for all.

  5. Star Campbell says:

    Thank you to @nenshi for calling it as it is.
    These anti-maskers don’t care about your small business.
    Their preachers aren’t worried about your soul.
    This is white racist extremism using the biggest medical crisis in a century to build a hate movement.https://t.co/ShZT6raNjO
    — Charlie Angus NDP (@CharlieAngusNDP) May 9, 2021

    White racist extremism to build a hate movement???

    Mr. Angus, what a very SILLY little man you are!

    One normally sees the racist card being played when someone not very bright and fighting WAY above their weight pulls it out of their empty bag of tricks and hurls it as their final desperate effort to win an argument.

    Which if in fact there WAS an argument you lost the moment you reverted to this comical statement.

    No context, no facts, no basis in reality to make this statement; merely a laughable attempt to virtue signal along with your masters And I suppose, cover yourself with glory as a self-portrayed social justice warrior ready to fight the battle.

    Might I suggest that an easier way of being relevant would be to simply do the job you were elected to do?

    Unless of course (and I admit I can’t be bothered to check such tedium) you ran on a platform of feelings over facts, rhetoric over substance and if none of that kept you and your race baiting comrades in the “woke” news a FIRM commitment to scream racist at anything that you disagreed with.

    In which case, please DO carry on with my apologies if I have finally found a politician who is committed to actually keeping his campaign promises.