The Specter of Transgender Ideology and the Exploitation of Vulnerable Children

Written By Jenn Smith, Posted on July 20, 2020

An Unlikely Alliance between “SJW Dragonslayer” Derek Sloan and Transgender Activist Jenn Smith in the Call for a National Inquiry

There is a specter haunting Canada and much of the western world, it is the specter of transgender ideology. All the powers of the New World — corporate, public, and private — have for many years formed an unholy alliance to exorcise all opposition to it. But we are beginning to see some cracks in the strange seemingly unassailable monolith that has appeared suddenly on the landscape of our society.

Because of their association with sometimes amazing and almost magical transformations, transgender people have often been associated with unicorns and mermaids; but transgender ideology, on the other hand, might more accurately be associated with another mythical creature, namely, the dragon. When you look at the effect transgender ideology is having on our most vulnerable children, it begins to appear less like a unicorn and more like an insatiable dragon flying over our communities and snapping up our children.

The infamous “Gender Unicorn” which is now in almost all schools, operating like a kind of surreal equid pied piper mesmerizing and confusing our most vulnerable children.

The infamous “Gender Unicorn” which is now in almost all schools, operating like a kind of surreal equid pied piper mesmerizing and confusing our most vulnerable children.

As a transgender identified person myself, I want to be very careful at the outset to distinguish the difference between transgender people, who should be tolerated and not feared, and transgender ideology, which is a quasi-religious reality denying worldview that has been trampling women’s rights and selling dangerous fairy tales to highly vulnerable children. When I refer to transgender ideology in this essay, I am thus not referring to transgender people at all — the same is true when I refer to “the dragon”, in both cases I am referring to the mythological worldview that drives modern transgender activism.

By this point the reader may have guessed, accurately, that as a transgender identified person I do not subscribe to the prevailing ideology/orthodoxy, but instead advocate what I regard as a much healthier form of transgender expression that encourages all parties to accept their biological sex and remain tethered to physical, knowable, testable reality and truth. Express as you like, but do not detach yourself from what we know to be true, for instance, we know (or should know) that boys cannot be girls, men cannot be women. There is no science that can prove the contrary because it’s simply is not true, never has been true, and never will be true no matter how many C16-type laws you pass or how many Women’s Rape Shelter invading policies you put in place, and we certainly should not be teaching our children the contrary. Unfortunately, this is not what is happening in our schools today. Our schools, shockingly, have decided to deny physical reality and teach our children lies. This is extremely dangerous and the consequences are now just beginning to reveal themselves.

Educational brainwashing and pop culture  leading to an Exponentially Increasing Victimization of Our Most Vulnerable Youths, and an Assault on Parental Rights

As a result of what I have called “brainwashing” programs in our schools, such as SOGI 123 in British Columbia (BC), children and adolescents have been rejecting physical reality and identifying as the opposite sex in record numbers. Similar programs are in almost every school curriculum in the Western world. Children, starting as young as 5 and 6 years old, are now being romanced and confused and led astray by the eerie equid pied piper known as the “Gender Unicorn“, and via a saturation of the curriculum with reality stomping materials such as Jazz Jenning’s book I Am Jazz which sells them the scientifically unproven, absurd, but magically hypnotizing notion that you can be born in the “wrong body” (a notion that now is espoused by Oxford “scientists” which shows you just how powerful this ketamine-like ideology has become).

Herthel, Jessica,, Jazz Jennings, and Shelagh McNicholas. I Am Jazz! New York, New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014.

Herthel, Jessica,, Jazz Jennings, and Shelagh McNicholas. I Am Jazz! New York, New York: Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014.

This and myriads of other gender confusing materials are now infused as much as possible into school curriculum. One of the most popular books not just in the SOGI 123 program, but in similar programs around the world is Marc Ewart’s 10,000 Dresses which was written by the underage lover/boytoy of Alan Ginsberg and author of the perverted nightmare Naked Lunch, William S. Burroughs. Female to masculine writer Ivan Coyote, who engaged in compulsive chest-binding for 19 years until she got a double-mastectomy and changed to gender neutral pronouns, is presented as a role model.


Where classroom walls used to feature educational posters, they now also feature the Gender-bread person and drag star Ru Paul. And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg in a resource pool that contains countless such works designed to be infused into every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 9.31.56 AM.png

A banner with a slogan Smith coined is recovered outside the BC Legislature after counter-protesters grabbed and vandalized the banner during a rally organized in 2018 with the help of Canadian Christian Lobby President Chris McCay.

Facing this barrage of gender confusing, phantasmagorical materials is it any wonder we have seen a massive and unprecedented increase in the numbers of minors medically and pharmaceutically transitioning to the “opposite sex”?

Based on numbers released by Tavistock in the United Kingdom, the website Transgender Trend recently reported that “in less than a decade there has been a 1,460% increase in referrals of boys and a staggering 5,337% increase in girls” that are identifying as the opposite sex or otherwise “gender dysphoric.” Similar numbers have been reported in the United States and around the Western World. Exact numbers in Canada do not exist but the numbers are similarly high.

The BC Children’s Hospital received only 20 referrals for Gender Dysphoric youths in 2013 but by 2019 were at capacity treating 250 kids per year, a 1250% increase in just six years. Other clinics across Canada have reported similarly alarming increases.

Above we see stats showing “gender dysphoria” referrals to the BC Children’s Hospital between 1998 and 2011. Rates began escalating in 2011, which coincided with the rise in popularity of TV Series such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The BCCH rep…

Above we see stats showing “gender dysphoria” referrals to the BC Children’s Hospital between 1998 and 2011. Rates began escalating in 2011, which coincided with the rise in popularity of TV Series such as Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The BCCH reported 32% of their youth patients, some as young as 11, were given puberty blockers and 75% were given cross-sex synthetic hormones, and this was before the recent explosion which has seen the age at which these drugs are given drop from 11 down to 8 or 9 for endocrine gland system interrupting puberty blockers.

Rates of “Gender Dysphoria”, previously almost unknown, began spiking across Canada as shows such as I Am Jazz! appeared in late 2015 as well as new “gender affirmative” school programs such as SOGI 123, which began as a pilot project in B…

Rates of “Gender Dysphoria”, previously almost unknown, began spiking across Canada as shows such as I Am Jazz! appeared in late 2015 as well as new “gender affirmative” school programs such as SOGI 123, which began as a pilot project in BC in 2016, and immediately embraced I Am Jazz as a “teaching” resource. The pilot project for SOGI 123 in Delta also directly and demonstrably contributed to a case discussed below of a father who was forced to facilitate his daughter’s “sex reassignment” via testosterone injections that masculinize the voice and leads to the growth of permanent face and body hair. The girl watched a video in school about a girl that cut off all her hair and declared herself a boy, so after school she went home, she cut off all her hair, and declared herself a boy.

Dr. Wallace Wong, BC’s leading child gender specialist, was recently recorded in a kind of intelligence sting by the group Culture Guard saying that his own clinic had seen referrals increase to a level 125 times higher than when his clinic opened less than a decade ago. While some of this can be attributed to the natural organic growth of this particular clinic and not the market, Wong admits there is no doubt far more children and adolescents are transitioning.

Most so-called “gender dysphoric” youths will go on to begin using highly toxic “puberty blockers”, synthetic hormones, and (once they are 18) possibly get gender affirming genital or chest surgery, all of which permanently alters their bodies and lives. Use of these drugs is justified by reference to “suicidal ideation” studies that based entirely on self-selected self reports and a complete absence of forensic data; in other words, highly unreliable. Nevertheless, terrified parents are told that it is better to have a living daughter than a dead son.  There are instances of chest surgery having been done in Canada at younger ages than 18 and many more are done outside the country, but this is not standard practice in Canada and it’s not even recommended by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

I am unaware of even a single case of gender-affirming genital surgery being done on anybody under the age of 20 in Canada, but when taken in combination, or in some cases even separately, puberty blockers and synthetic hormones can severely stunt genital development to the point of total dysfunction (as reportedly happened with Jazz Jennings), cause irreversible sterility, and lead to serious bone density issues as well as a host of other possible side effects. What are called “puberty blockers” (which essentially disable parts of the endocrine gland system) are also used to chemically castrate sex offenders — and we are giving this to children as young as eight and nine years old in order to possibly make them look more like the opposite sex. There is a term for this: criminal negligence.

The massive increase in the numbers of minors identifying as transgender and being medically “sex reassigned” becomes even more alarming when you begin analyzing just what children are identifying as transgender. According to one study, 52% of “gender dysphoric” youths (minors identifying as the opposite sex) had one or more DSM-listed psychiatric conditions in addition to gender dysphoria. Numerous other studies have made the same basic findings, in other words, these are psychologically troubled youths.

Findings such as this are not disputed by advocates of child and adolescent “sex reassignment,” but they argue the problems are caused by the gender dysphoria, rather than the gender dysphoria caused by the problems. This thesis, however, breaks down when we begin to analyze the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders among transgender youths and other factors that cannot be banished so easily.

Studies will vary, but researchers testing gender dysphoric youths have reported autism spectrum disorder prevalence at rates ranging from 8% at the low end to a staggering 54.2% at the high end. Dr. Wong himself reported a rate of autism in his patients of 20%. These numbers however do not become alarming until you realize that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder in the general population is estimated by the CDC to be 1.7%. For autism rates in transgender youths to average around 30% or even 8% should be shocking to all thinking adults. No serious person would suggest gender dysphoria causes autism, and the only reasonable answer — an answer relentlessly avoided by researchers and school trustees alike — is that these are psychologically vulnerable children that are falling victim to what is essentially a predatory ideology. But it gets even worse than this.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 9.35.35 AM.png

Referring again to the aforementioned talk given by child and adolescent gender dysphoria specialist Dr. Wallace Wong in 2019 (who, incidentally, also suggested transgender youths should “pull a stunt” and feign suicidality in order to get the treatment they want), Wong seemed to reveal that half of his 1000 minor patients came from the BC Ministry of Child and Family Development, which would suggest they are foster children or youths otherwise in the care of the Ministry. While we will not know how those numbers break down with certainty until we can get the subpoenaing power of a National Inquiry, as a former foster child when I heard this comment I was extraordinarily alarmed.

The Province of British Columbia only has around 6500 youths in its care so there is a distinct possibility that as much as 7.7% of youths in the Ministry’s care are being treated as “gender dysphoric” and under the care of just one doctor. There are many doctors that deal with such youths thus it is reasonable to assume that as many as 1 in 10 youths in government care may be identifying as transgender compared to just over 1 in 200 in the general population. Once again it appears as if a highly traumatized and vulnerable population of youths are falling victim to the predatory dragon of transgender ideology. But it gets even worse when you realize 52% of youths in government care are indigenous, despite the fact indigenous youths account for only (coincidentally) 7.7% of the under 14 population in Canada. Are we now returning to the time when the government/establishment was sterilizing aboriginal youths? I am aware of Two Spirit traditions in indigenous culture but it should be noted indigenous peoples were too connected to the earth to deny their bodies and would have never given two spirit children highly toxic puberty blockers and other pharmaceutical medications.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 9.36.22 AM.png

Furthermore, in the rush to embrace the idea that somebody can be born in the wrong body, parental rights are being completely trampled under foot by the state in the process, as has been best illustrated by the astonishing case of a Delta father who was forced against his will to facilitate his daughter’s pharmaceutical “sex reassignment,” and forbidden from referring to her as a girl. I broke that story and was the first to report on it nationally for the Post-Millennial in 2018 (subsequently scrubbed from their website by administration).

The Delta case is the most startling (although not the only) case of its kind in the world and it should horrify all parents. Not only was the father stripped of his parental rights and forced to facilitate his daughter’s “Sex reassignment,” he was ordered by the court to speak lies, and dragged into a kind of Mordor-like legalistic hell-world where he has had to fight a seemingly endless battle against an army of tree-hating orc lawyers for whom money (and enormous daily stacks of paper printouts) is no object. His experience in the BC Courts makes Dante’s tour of Hell seem like a Caribbean pleasure cruise aboard the infamous Loveboat by comparison. But such is the fate that lies in wait for all parents who dare to question the dragon of transgender ideology.

The Assault on Freedom of Speech

As a transgender political activist, public speaker, and child protection advocate, and as a former foster child of the Province of British Columbia, the above cited startling statistics related to our most vulnerable children and the terrifying accompanying trampling of parental rights has convinced me beyond a doubt that we need an immediate National Inquiry. The exact numbers and demographical characteristics of what is happening will not be known and cannot be known with certainty until we get the subpoenaing power of a National Inquiry, which can also research the causes.

For over three years I, along with Chris McCay and many others, have waged a kind of trenchwar trying to raise awareness to these issues. In that war I have been, demonized, deplatformed, lied about, and even threatened with death. Those who claim to support love and inclusion and to respect identity, have showered me with hatred, rejected me from the community, and denied my identity as transgender. At the 2019 Pride Parade I was chased through the streets by “tolerant” Pride Security staff with a giant black tarp that they attempted to wrap around me, all because I was walking with a sign that read “The Pride Society Lied” (see explanation below).


Hundreds and hundreds of protesters have showed up at my events, scaring people away, and trying to get them shut down, and succeeded in doing so in Oak Bay due to a police stand-down that allowed mass chaos to break out. All to prevent the basic message in this article from getting to the public, and the media has been fully complicit in this effort to keep the Canadian people unaware of these statistics.

Our universities and colleges too have abandoned their sacred duty to represent free inquiry and free speech. Six colleges and universities in BC (at the administrative level) have refused to allow me to present this information on campus. Trinity Western University, BC’s top Christian University, canceled my event there and refused to allow me to present a defence of Christian families who oppose SOGI 123 and why their concerns are valid. They chose instead to side with the dragon. My own alma mater, Simon Fraser University, has also refused to allow me to speak these ideas on the campus. Two cities have refused to rent public buildings to me, Postmedia and Black Press (who control almost all of the newspapers in BC) have both refused to publish ads for my events or cover the chaos that has broken out around them (with the brief sole exception of what happened around my talk at UBC last year).

When UBC very reluctantly allowed me to speak on campus (after essentially trying to price me out of speaking by charging an outrageous last minute security fee for a high-paid “expert” security team that then allowed masked Antifa protesters into my talk), the Vancouver Pride Society was so angry about it that they lied about me in public (saying I engage in “hate speech“) and kicked UBC out of the 2019 Vancouver Pride Parade as a penalty.

All of this censorship has been done in the name of “toleration and diversity,” which are good things, supposing that it is what you are actually looking for. I am transgender myself and thus would never tell any adult how they can present to the world or who they can sleep with. I am also a big advocate of supporting the rights of adults in terms of how they wish to live their lives and raise their children, including Christians. Unfortunately, “toleration and inclusion” now means trampling the beliefs and values of Christians and others with more Conservative worldviews (also known as a dedication to the truth). “Toleration” has now crossed the Rubicon of sanity and descended to the level of actively denying physical reality and forcing others to do so too. If a man says he is a woman, you are now required to concede this fallacy or face being branded a bigot or worse. I, for example, as a transgender person, was permanently suspended from Twitter for saying I would not refer to a man as a woman. “Toleration” now means actively supporting the teaching of biological absurdities to our most vulnerable youths, which is confusing them and putting them on a path that can lead to a lifetime on pharmaceutical medications, permanent sterilization, and genital surgery.

For those that still subscribe, not to religion, but to truth and physical reality, they are now demonized, portrayed as relics of the past, and their rights trampled for refusing to feed their children to this quasi-religious mythical beast that demands (like the ancient Canaanite God Moloch) that they stand and watch and even facilitate the sacrifice of their children to this new cult of the dragon.

Enter the Dragonslayer

Candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Derek Sloan, has been metaphorically referred to as a “SJW Dragonslayer,” a term the refers to somebody that confronts extremist and irrational “social justice warriors.”

Candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, Derek Sloan, has been metaphorically referred to as a “SJW Dragonslayer,” a term the refers to somebody that confronts extremist and irrational “social justice warriors.”

Enter into this equation self-styled “SJW Dragonslayer” and candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada Derek Sloan.

As I was languishing behind a media conjured fog of obscurity and a crippling tidal wave of censorship, I observed Sloan’s appearance on the political landscape with some considerable degree of skepticism.

As an extreme political cynic totally disenchanted with both the left and the right side of the political spectrum, I assumed that Sloan’s claims to champion freedom of speech and parental rights, along with his opposition to cancel culture and the radical transgender ideology that is consuming our children, was just the usual political talk that ultimately would have no walk. But after having been ignored by almost every politician in Canada, who all seemed terrified of the menacing power of the transgender ideological dragon, I, without expectation of success, decided to put Derek Sloan’s image as an “SJW dragonslayer” to the test, and made plans to contact him and pitch my call for a National Inquiry.

As a public speaker and political activist, I have spent over three years operating as a kind of duck out of water or as a stranger in a strange land — a politically left-of-center transgender person moving through the deepest regions of the Canadian faith community, almost all of whom are on the political right. During that time I made extensive contacts with what are referred to as “Social Conservatives,” and, ironically, almost immediately after I had decided to target Derek Sloan, some of these people made me aware of and invited me to take part in a webinar/question and answer session with him. Delighted by the seemingly serendipitous opportunity, I accepted the invitation.

During the webinar question and answer period, I mentioned to Sloan that I have been trying for two years via public talks and presentations to school boards to raise awareness to these issues and get Provincial and/or National Inquiries, but that no politician had had the courage to sponsor this initiative and take it to the floor of the House of Commons. After a brief description of my initiative and a subsequent telephone discussion, I was both shocked and delighted that Sloan, a candidate to be the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, agreed to sponsor my petition and call for an inquiry! I was shocked. Sloan has subsequently said, “When I saw the data not only on the exponential increase in general gender dysphoria but the even more disproportionate numbers for kids in foster care and First Nations settings as well as for autistic children, it was a no brainer that I will table the petition.”

Under no obligation and great political risk, Sloan has understood the importance and severity of this issue, taken the initiative, put on his chain mail, picked up his sword, and descended into the dragon’s lair and begun talking to people across Canada about the call for a national inquiry. On this issue I could not ask for any more from Derek Sloan. Unlike so many politicians, when it came time to walk the walk, he showed up with boots on.

Through subsequent discussions and interactions with Sloan’s team, we have worked in parallel efforts to begin the process of gathering support for a National Inquiry and we gathered almost 4000 validated signatures through the government of Canada’s Petition website in the first week alone (only 500 were required for certification). The numbers continue to grow and various parties are beginning to come on board and join the effort.

While I am not normally on the right side of the political spectrum, I am more inclined towards a left of center position, unfortunately nobody in the center or on the left side of the political spectrum has been willing to address this very serious and urgent issue. Even within the Conservative Party itself only Sloan has offered to support this initiative. So just as social conservatives within the Conservative Party have been forced to turn to Derek Sloan as the best hope to represent social conservative values, I too as a former foster child on a quest for justice, have been forced to turn to Derek Sloan as the only elected politician in Canada willing to face the dragon and defend our most vulnerable children.

A Petition for a National Inquiry

And so two unlikely allies have joined forces to call for a national inquiry into the medical and pharmaceutical transitioning of our most vulnerable children. Similar inquiries have been ordered or called for in the United Kingdom and Australia, and many US States have passed or are considering laws restricting minor transition. It is long overdue that Canada followed suit. All we are asking at this time is for an investigation to get to the truth.

The truth. We live in a very strange time when the truth has been declared “hate speech” and the feeding of our most vulnerable children to an insatiable pharmaceutical beast has been declared a good thing. Men have been declared women and admitted to Women’s Shelters. Male rapists have been put into women’s prisons. How did our world become so inverted and removed from not only justice, but common sense? How have we become so lost? Why have we abandoned truth and begun teaching our children lies? And for these parentless children — like I once was — who now stand alone facing the destructive power of this dragon by themselves, who will stand for them? Who will protect them? Whose children are these? These children are ours. And we have a collective duty to protect them against those who would harm them, and even against themselves if that is necessary. I have chosen to do this. Derek Sloan has chosen to do this. Are there any other politicians in Canada with an ounce of courage willing to join us? And what about you the reader? Will you join us? If you are Canadian, please sign our petition by clicking on the link below, and get your friends and family members to follow suit. It is critically important.

[Please note, the petition was started by citizens of Abbotsford but is open to ALL Canadian residents. This has been confirmed by the House of Commons Clerk of Petitions. You will also receive an email for the House of Commons asking you to confirm your signature by clicking on a link. Thank you for caring.]

[Title art by Jessy Renney]

Jenn Smith

3 responses to “The Specter of Transgender Ideology and the Exploitation of Vulnerable Children”

  1. Crazy Crayon says:

    Jenn Smith has done it again. He has exposed a pharmaceutical and TRA partnership that doesn’t care about kids or their long term health but having them as lifelong customers. Inquiry NOW! Thank you Derek Sloan for listening and acting by endorsing Jenn’s petition.

  2. Wes Dyck says:

    Informative, well written, even entertaining, in this saga that seems to be progressing into a David vs: Goliath epic tale.
    However; this is real life and the unlikely hero’s have to pay their dues, like Jenn has had to and as MP Sloan has had to. The rescued damsels in distress will be the children in foster care 50% of them aboriginal, the autistic kids, the emotionally vulnerable kids. Thankyou Jenn. Thankyou MP Derek Sloan. Godspeed to you both.

    Wes Dyck

  3. Tracey says:

    I have been against the transgender ideology movement for many years. I am so thankful that finally a politician, Derek Sloan, is standing up to the forces behind the ideology . Thank you Jenn Smith for your continued vigilance and getting the important information out to the general public about what is happening to our children.